WORCS Series 10 Races – 10 Promotions

January 11, 2010
JC Hilderbrand
JC Hilderbrand
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WORCS racing is offering an interesting campaign this year to help celebrate its 10th anniversary of competition. Each of the 10 rounds will feature a promotion, the first being a 10-dollar discount for pre-entries at the opening race in Phoenix, AZ. Pre-registration is open online at www.worcsracing.com and closes the Friday before the event.

Bike and ATV competitors alike have plenty to look forward to for 2010 WORCS racing, including a new venue and updated transponder scoring. Series promoter, Sean Reddish, has this to say about the historic year coming up.

Courtesy of WORCS

Start of WORCS Pro Bikes race - Toutle  Washington
2010 marks 10 years of WORCS racing and to celebrate there will be “Year of Tens” Promotions at each round.

Here we go on our 10th year of WORCS racing, and it is all because of you. WORCS is excited to start the new year off with a bang at Speed World in Surprise, AZ and begin the “Year of Tens” promotions. First and foremost, if your are an amateur you DO NOT need an AMA, WORCS or any other membership card to race WORCS. Pros will still need to obtain a WORCS Pro license. Day passers are welcome to join the fun. This year there will be 10 MC and nine ATV rounds of racing, with 10 different specials to thank each of you and save you some big bucks. Pre-entries, which allow you to save $10 per entry and not wait in any line at registration ($45 adult and $25 youth entries), are now open. This is very important to make sure your weekend starts off great. The first three rounds are especially important to pre-enter. The old transponder system from 2004 is no longer in service, so you will need to either rent or purchase a new unit for 2010. The new system will take us through the next eight years, and will let you see your lap times in the pits while you are racing. Also, people around the world can watch your lap times on the web in real time. If there are multiple family members racing, you can share a transponder as long as you do not race back, unlike the old system.

Round 2 at Buffalo Bill’s Casino/Resort is going to be a blast. This is the first time since 2007 that the MC and ATV programs will see each other and share the spotlight. I think the MC guys will be surprised to see how many ATVs there are now. There will be two different tracks at Round 2, so the MC and ATVs will not share the same track. However, hot pits will be split between the ATV semis and MC semis. It will definitely be a great show of WORCS force. Buffalo Bill’s Casino/Resort is a family-friendly place with roller coasters and plenty of other family activities to do, including a movie theater. Use the WORCS promo code of #SCW0225 to get a great rate at the hotel for the weekend. Also, we will have designated paved parking areas reserved for us, another WORCS first. Once again, let’s get 2010 off to a great start at Speed World MX. Pre-register and save money. Pre-registration closes on Friday the week before the event.

You may have noticed that we are not racing on any major holidays like Easter or Mother’s Day. I know moms need a great day without racing and steering clear of Easter was great. My wife Pepper is going to have our second child sometime in the next month and we are both excited to see baby Morgan for the first time. Family is most important and we will both be back to our extended family as soon as possible. I will see all of you at Speed World.

2010 WORCS Schedules:

Rd 1 Phoenix, AZ
Jan 22-24 ATV
Jan 29-31 Bikes

Rd 2 Primm, NV
Feb 27-28th ATV & Bikes

Rd 3 Lake Havasu, AZ
March 19-21 ATV
March 26-28 Bikes

Rd 4 Adelanto, CA
April 23-25 ATV
April 16-18 Bikes

Rd 5 Milford, CA
May 21-23 ATV
May 14-16 Bikes

Rd 6 Anza, CA
June 4-6 ATV
June 11-13th Bikes

Rd 7 Olympia, WA
July 23-25 ATV
July 30-Aug 1 Bikes

Rd 8 Olympia, WA
Aug 6-8 Bikes

Rd 9 Glen Helen, CA
Sept 24-26 ATV
Sept 17-18 Bikes

Rd 10 Mesquite, NV
Oct 15-17 ATV
October 22-24 Bikes

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