2010 World Superbike Phillip Island Test Day 2

February 21, 2010
JC Hilderbrand
Melody DeKorte
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Ducati Xerox’s Michel Fabrizio led a quartet of Ducati pilots atop the timesheet for the final day of testing at Phillip Island. Fabrizio was followed by satellite riders Shane Byrne (Althea Ducati), Jakub Smrz (PATA B&G Racing) and Day1’s fastest rider, Carlos Checa (Althea Ducati).

Ducati Xeroxs Michel Fabrizio posted the second-fastest time of the day at the Phillip Island test.
Ducati Xerox’s Michel Fabrizio posted the quickest time of all over the two-day test.

HANNspree Ten Kate’s Jonathan Rea was the fastest Honda in fifth, with Noriyuki Haga improving on yesterday’s time of 1’32.518, but dropping two spots on the timesheets to sixth.

Alstare Suzuki rider Leon Haslam was seventh-quickest, with Aprilia Alitalia riders Max Biaggi and Leon Camier a respective seventh and eighth on the timesheet. Rea’s Ten Kate teammate, Max Neukirchner, rounded out the top-ten.
Ruben Xaus led the BMW charge as 11th-fastest with teammate Troy Corser in 13th. Returning two-time WSB champion James Toseland was 12th-fastest.

Other notable results include Kawasaki Racing’s Chris Vermeulen, who clocked the 16th-quickest lap, and Yamaha Sterilgarda’s Cal Crutchlow, who concluded testing 17th-fastest. American Roger Lee Hayden struggled on the Pedercini Kawasaki, a full four seconds off Fabrizio’s pace.

2010 WSB Phillip Island Test – Day 2 Results:
1. Michel Fabrizio (Ducati Xerox) 1’31.650
2. Shane Byrne (Althea Racing) 1’31.662
3. Jakub Smrz (Team PATA B&G Racing) 1’31.680
4. Carlos Checa (Althea Racing) 1’31.959
5. Jonathan Rea (HANNspree Ten Kate) 1’32.175
6. Noriyuki Haga (Ducati Xerox) 1’32.247
7. Leon Haslam (Alstare Suzuki) 1’32.279
8. Max Biaggi (Aprilia Alitalia) 1’32.474
9. Leon Camier (Aprilia Alitalia) 1’32.621
10. Max Neukirchner (HANNspree Ten Kate) 1’32.691
11. Ruben Xaus (BMW Motorrad) 1’32.714
12. James Toseland (Yamaha Sterilgarda) 1’32.781
13. Troy Corser (BMW Motorrad) 1’32.819
14. Lorenzo Lanzi (DFX Corse) 1’32.830
15. Sylvain Guintoli (Alstare Suzuk) 1’32.869
16. Chris Vermeulen (Kawasaki Racing) 1’32.870
17. Cal Crutchlow (Yamaha Sterilgarda) 1’32.880
18. Tom Sykes (Kawasaki Racing) 1’33.202
19. Andrew Pitt (Team Reitwagen BMW) 1’33.699
20. Josh Brookes (ECHO CRS Honda) 1’33.710
21. Roland Resch (Team Reitwagen BMW) 1’33.943
22. Vittorio Iannuzzo (SCI Honda Garvie Image) 1’34.945
23. Matteo Baiocco (Team Pedercini) 1’35.663
24. Roger Lee Hayden (Team Pedercini) 1’35.763

Michel Fabrizio shows a little style at the Phillip Island test.
Ducati Xerox’s Michel Fabrizio showing the Aussies a little World Superbike style.

Rider Quotes:
Michel Fabrizio, Ducati Xerox – 1st:
“I’m satisfied with the lap times because we were consistently fast. I found good race pace with one of the tire compounds in particular and this bodes well for the weekend but the result will very much depend on the weather. There are several fast guys here, so it will undoubtedly be a tough race weekend, as well as a hard-fought championship. It’s a difficult challenge but I’m ready to face it.”

Shane Byrne, Althea Racing – 2nd:
”In general, I’m very happy with this second day of testing even though unfortunately, this afternoon we had some small problems with the bike, and I was forced to use the second one. During the second session we lost time trying to fix the problems and I was able to run only few laps. The guys did a very good job this morning and I’m really satisfied with my first bike. I completed a very fast lap time in the first session, finding a very good pace. The only thing we can do now is rest and wait for the races next weekend.”

Carlos Checa, Althea Racing – 4th:
”I’m pretty satisfied with this second day of testing. This morning I worked hard with my technicians thinking about the subsequent races. In the afternoon, we tested some new components and I was not able to improve my best lap time also because to the strong wind. We used two types of tire, but for the race next week we’ll also use some other different tires already tested by official riders. I’m happy because we almost terminated our planned work schedule and I’m feeling quiet confident for the next two races of the championship.”

Noriyuki Haga, Ducati Xerox – 6th:
“Today we concentrated on suspension settings, making various changes during the day, but for some reason I didn’t find the same good feeling that I had yesterday. Having said that the lap times were fairly fast. With regard to tires the difficulties are caused by temperature because an increase of just one or two degrees can make a difference. I can’t really predict how the races will go on Sunday; I’m going to relax for two days and then we’ll start work again on Friday.”

Leon Haslam piloted his Alstare Suzuki to 7th overall during the two-day test.
Leon Haslam, Alstare Suzuki – 7th:
“I am not so happy with the final result, regarding lap times, but overall I am happy with all the work we’ve done and the things we found out and this will help us go in the right direction. Today we started with the two bikes set up differently and I preferred some things on one bike and some things on the other bike, so the mechanics will now try and put the best bits of both on one bike and that’s what I will start with during first practice next Friday. We spent quite a lot of time today trying out race tires, so that we will be in a good position next week, but that meant that we didn’t really go for a very quick lap time. I am not worried about the guys ahead of me today, because I know that things will be very different come the race next weekend. That’s more important than lap times today. I feel good about our prospects – and that’s the main thing.”

Max Biaggi, Aprilia Alitalia – 8th:
“I was hoping for better results. We are still having trouble on the disconnected asphalt where the bike doesn’t behave as it should and it becomes difficult to tighten up on the berm. I’m not particularly happy, I was more confident, even the new tires haven’t given us any particular benefits. Now we will work toward the two races on Sunday, but it will certainly not be an easy competition.”

Leon Camier, Aprilia Alitalia – 9th:
“Today I was much better. I felt more comfortable in Phillip Island’s quick turns. We tried a lot of tires and a lot of material, but we still need to improve the bike’s configuration. There is still a lot of work to do before the race, partly on the bike, but a lot depends on me in that I still haven’t learned the track well, I don’t interpret it as well as I could and that means that I can’t work efficiently.”

James Toseland, Yamaha Sterilgarda – 11th:
“It’s been a solid two days of testing working on the new bike. I still have some chatter problems as does Cal. The guys are going to go through the data and see what they can come up with for us over the next couple of days.”

Troy Corser, BMW Motorrad – 13th:
“I must admit that it has been a bit hard remaining fully focussed these past two days because my grandfather (or ‘Pops’ as he was known) died recently and the funeral service was just before these tests. I would like to thank everybody for their kind thoughts and consideration. I knew that I could’ve got a better lap time if I had pushed harder today, but I wanted to continue to improve the bike and not crash whilst chasing a fast lap. Our bike is very different to what is was when we came here last year and so a lot of the work had to start from scratch. We started pretty much with a set-up we hoped that would give better grip and we did get more grip but the bike became a bit harsh on the bumps. So then we had to try and get rid of the harshness and make the bike more comfortable to ride again. The couple of race tires we were given felt quite stiff and so we had to adjust the bike to fit and then get as much data as possible, ready for next week.”

Chris Vermeulen hopes to put Kawasaki on top during the 2010 World Superbike season.
Chris Vermeulen, Kawasaki Racing – 16th:
“We improved in every session around here, and it was good to be riding at a track I really knew. We tried out some new linkage and shock components and they really helped with weight transfer. Now we are at the stage of trying to dial the bike in and understand the different race tires. We still have work to do on race weekend and the times were so close at this test. Another two-tenths and I would have moved up about six places.”

Sylvain Guintoli, Alstare Suzuki – 15th:
“Today we did a lot of work on getting the bike working well with race rubber and didn’t concentrate of chasing lap times. I had a small get-off at the tight hairpin after Lukey Heights, but there was no damage to me or the bike. It happened when I lost the front end when I pushed a bit too hard on a tire that I didn’t really like – and now I like it less!
I have had no problems with jet-lag or tiredness today, but I felt that I just couldn’t find my good rhythm. This sometimes happens to me when we test for a lot of time, like today when the two sessions lasted two and a half hours each. In a normal race weekend, practice lasts an hour and race is about 45 minutes and I always manage to find a good rhythm without a problem, so maybe the sessions today were a bit too long for me. But, we’ve done a lot of good work and now I am looking forward to next Friday and the start of the race weekend.”

Cal Crutchlow, Yamaha Sterilgarda – 17th:
“We worked through a lot of stuff, unfortunately it’s not all worked yet. If we can get going in the right direction over the next couple of days for both of us then we can move forward. I’m looking forward to race weekend as always and will do the best job I can.”

Tom Sykes, Kawasaki Racing – 18th:
“We tried a lot of things and went back to what we knew worked best. The team were very patient with me going through all the stuff that we had to try. It was very crucial that we did this, because we have a much better idea of where to go with set-up for the race next week. That is the most important thing, and this test was just to help us in the races. I feel we can close the gap a bit and I am looking forward to the races.”

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