2010 Youngstown Arenacross Results

February 15, 2010
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Melody DeKorte
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Ohio native Zach Ames earned his first-career AMA Arenacross series win on Friday night in Youngstown. Babbitt’s Monster Energy’s Josh Demuth upset the fans on Saturday by taking the win over natives Jeff Gibson and Ames in the premier class.
Josh Demuth and Chad Johnson - Sacramento
Chad Johnson grabbed the early lead in Saturday’s main event, but Josh Demuth got by him and took the win.

Ames was first out of the gate for the main event. The Honda pilot was pressured from Babbitt’s Monster Energy’s Josh Demuth, but managed to hold off the Kawasaki ace. Ames earned his first-ever AX win and broke the hold the Babbitt’s team had on the top-spot of the rostrum. Demuth salvaged some of the Babbitt’s streak by finishing on the podium in second and reigning champ Jeff Gibson rounded out the top-three.

It was all Kawasakis on the podium for the Friday Lites main event. A.J. Catanzaro nabbed the win followed by his GPF teammate, Daniel Aulsaybrook, and House of Kawasaki’s Justin Berry in second and third, respectively.

In the 25-lap main Chad Johnson grabbed the holeshot on his Babbitt’s Monster Energy Kawasaki with Tuf Honda‘s Gibson in second. As the pair fought for the front, Demuth and Spinechillers/Storm Lake Honda teammates Nathan Skaggs and Ames reeled in the leaders. Gibson got the better of the Kawasaki rider and moved to the front with Demuth in tow only to lose the lead to Demuth shortly thereafter. The Kawasaki ace scored his second win of the season. Current points leader Tyler Bowers finished his night in eighth.  

Current points leader Tyler Bright rocketed his Yamaha off the starting line and then never looked back. Reynard Mods Kawasaki’s Cory Green and Suzuki‘s Chad Wages finished in second and third, respectively.

The Alamo Dome will be the site for the next showdown in premier class with the East Lites division taking a break from the racing action. The final East round will take place on March 20th in Dayton, Ohio.

Arenacross Friday Youngstown Results:
1. Zach Ames (Honda)
2. Josh Demuth (Kawasaki)
3. Jeff Gibson (Honda)
4. Nathan Skaggs (Honda)
5. Gray Davenport (Kawasaki)
6. Tyler Bowers (Kawasaki)
7. Chad Johnson (Kawasaki)
8. Kevin Johnson (Kawasaki)
9. Tyler Bright (Yamaha)
10. Cory Green (Kawasaki)

Arenacross Lites Friday Youngstown Results:
1. A.J. Catanzaro (Kawasaki)
2. Daniel Aulsaybrook (Kawasaki)
3. Justin Berry (Kawasaki)
4. Tyler Bright (Yamaha)
5. Jim Neese (Yamaha)
6. Cory Green (Kawasaki)
7. Kyle White (Honda)
8. Chad Wages (Suzuki)
9. Davey Sterritt (Kawasaki)
10. Devon Pilkington (Kawasaki)

Arenacross Youngstown Saturday Results:
1. Josh Demuth (Kawasaki)
2. Jeff Gibson (Honda)
3. Zach Ames (Honda)
4. Chad Johnson (Kawasaki)
5. Kevin Johnson (Kawasaki)
6. Gray Davenport (Kawasaki)
7. Tyler Bright (Yamaha)
8. Tyler Bowers (Kawasaki)
9. Willy Browning (Honda)
10. Cory Green (Kawasaki)

Arenacross Lites Youngstown Saturday Results:
1. Tyler Bright (Yamaha)
2. Cory Green (Kawasaki)
3. Chad Wages (Suzuki)
4. Daniel Aulsaybrook (Kawasaki)
5. A.J. Catanzaro (Kawasaki)
6. Codi Adams (Yamaha)
7. Kyle White (Honda)
8. Justin Berry (Kawasaki)
9. Devon Pilkington (Kawasaki)
10. Patrick Massie (Honda)

Arenacross Overall Standings:
1.Tyler Bowers (Kawasaki) – 209
2. Josh Demuth (Kawasaki) – 194
3. Chad Johnson (Kawasaki) – 193
4. Nathan Skaggs (Honda) – 161
5. Jeff Gibson (Honda) – 158
6. Zach Ames (Honda) – 150
7. Kevin Johnson (Kawasaki) – 122
8. Brock Sellards (Honda) – 119
9. Dave Ginolfi (Suzuki) –113
10. Gray Davenport (Kawasaki) – 110
Arenacross Lites Class Overall Standings: 
1. Tyler Bright (Yamaha) – 142
2. Chad Wages (Suzuki) – 130
3. Daniel Aulsaybrook (Kawasaki) – 126
4. Devon Pilkington (Kawasaki) – 122
5. Taylor Futrell (Honda) – 74
6. Patrick Massie (Honda) – 71
7. Davey Sterritt (Kawasaki) – 64
8. Kurt McCabe (Honda) – 43
9. Kyle White (Honda) – 38
10. Ryan Zimmer (Honda) – 36

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