Lichter’s Eternal Combustion 30 in the Wind

February 15, 2010
Bryan Harley
Bryan Harley
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Eternal Combustion 30 in the Wind by Michael Lichter.
The theme of Michael Lichter’s 10th annual Motorcycles as Art exhibit in Sturgis is titled Eternal Combustion 30 in the Wind.

Famed motorcycle industry photographer Michael Lichter recently announced the title of his yearly Sturgis exhibit at the Opportunity in the Wind seminar during the Cincinnati V-Twin Expo. Lichter’s 10th annual Motorcycles as Art exhibit is titled Eternal Combustion 30 in the Wind and will be on display from August 7-13 at the world-famous Buffalo Chip Campground.
Based on the ‘explosion of interest and the passion for custom motorcycles seen over the last 30 years,’ the show will feature 30 custom motorcycles and a collection of Lichter’s photography. He has been covering The Rally for the past 30 years, so it is only fitting that 30 custom motorcycles, built by 15 pairs of custom bike builders, be featured in the show. Some of the best shots from Lichter’s archive of limited edition prints will also be showcased, including many images making their premier.

“This exhibit has been a total labor of love for me as it has been for nine years,” explains Lichter. “Working with these builders to pair them up, occasionally into a seemingly unlikely pairing at their request, has been great. It will be great to watch their progress in the coming months.”

Paul Yaffe
Custom bike builders like Paul Yaffe (above) and Kevin ‘Teach’ Baas (below) and will have motorcycles on display at Lichter’s Eternal Combustion 30 in the Wind exhibit.
Kevin Teach Baas

The list of custom motorcycle builders who have been paired together include: Arlen Ness & Paul Yaffe, Carl & Matt Olsen, Dave & Jody Perewitz, Donnie Smith & Brian Klock, Eddie Trotta & Todd Silicato, Kevin Baas & his Kennedy High School Chopper Class, Gard Hollinger & Satya Kraus, James & Dave Kaye, Jerry & David Covington, Kirk Taylor & Brian Schimke, Roland Sands & Drake McGillroy, Ron Finch & Ron Maurer, Ron & Hunter Simms, Sugerbear & Count’s Kustoms. The builders have been paired together based on family ties, friendship, apprenticeship and good ol’ mutual respect.

The exhibit will be on display in a 6,500 square foot venue at the Buffalo Chip Campground called the Lichter Exhibition Hall in honor of the famed photographer. Lichter’s artistry behind the lens has graced countless industry mags, books and articles. His work has been featured in numerous galleries and museums, iconic images like the humorous Busted in Daytona or the unforgettable black-and-white shot of the one-legged biker in Sturgis’ City Park called Early Morning.

This is the tenth year that Lichter has been curator of a Sturgis exhibit. His first exhibit, called Biker Generation, featured 54 photos by Lichter and the work of 13 custom bike builders, including Jesse James, who rode his bike into the museum and gallery during the reception. The initial events were held at The Journey Museum before

Michael Lichters Rebel Rousers at the Buffalo Chip  2009.
A picture of Lichter’s 2009 Rebel Rousers’ display at the Buffalo Chip Campground.

moving to Thunder Road for a few years and eventually landing at the Buffalo Chip. Last year’s exhibit, titled Rebel Rousers – Motorcycle Icons that Inspired us to Ride was full of memorable motorcycles, like Billy Lane’s hubless motorcycle called Moneyshot, and vintage memorabilia like Easy Rider posters to a red, white and blue Evel Knievel helmet.
“Last year’s exhibit was phenomenal, thousands of guests came to experience the display,” said Rod Woodruff, owner of the Buffalo Chip. “We’re so enthusiastic for this year’s show. Michael Lichter is truly a gifted artist and photographer and we’re delighted to have his yearly exhibit at the Lichter Exhibition Hall here at the Buffalo Chip.”

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