2010 Toronto AMA Supercross Results

March 13, 2010
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Don’t hold the fact that he’s from Middle America against him. “Okie” Shan Moore can beam himself to any Supercross venue in the country in the time it takes to download Kanye West to your iPod.

Ryan Villopoto claimed his second win in a row and his fifth of the season at Toronto’s Rogers Centre tonight. The Monster Energy Kawasaki rider quickly passed holeshotter Trey Canard and then rode a fast and steady pace to take a
Ryan Villopoto claimed his second win in a row in Toronto. 
Ryan Villopoto took the victory in Toronto and picked up another three points in the championship.

four-second margin of victory over series points leader Ryan Dungey.

The win moved Villopoto another three points closer to the Rockstar Makita Suzuki-backed Dungey in the Monster Energy AMA Supercross Series points chase and gave him a big head of steam heading into next week’s race in Cowboys Stadium in Dallas, Texas.

“This was a good win,” said Villopoto. “I knew I needed to get by Canard as quick as possible. Trey’s riding really well and it makes it hard to pass him so I knew I had to do it right away.”

Villopoto did, indeed, get by Canard quickly, passing the Red Bull Honda rider on the second lap of the 20-lap final. Once in the lead, Villopoto immediately started pulling a gap while Dungey started pushing Canard for second. On lap six, Dungey dropped Canard to third and the top three were set for the rest of the race.

“The last couple weeks we’ve been on it and it’s what we need to do,” added Villopoto. “The racing is close and it’s been tough. I need to make up ground and I need to keep getting good starts.”

At the finish, Villopoto took the win while Dungey led Canard across the line with almost 27 seconds to spare.

A crowd of 42,083 attended the Toronto race.

“I took too long getting into second and Villopoto got away,” said Dungey, who gained considerable time on Villopoto during the final five laps. “But this is something we can improve on and carry into the next race.”

With seven races to go in the series, Dungey still holds a 17-point lead over Villopoto.

Canard’s third marked his third-straight podium. He credited his great start for putting him in position to get on the podium.

“My start was awesome,” said Canard. “That was a huge key to my success. I tried my best to stay with those guys, but I can’t be bummed with third.”

Valli Motosports Yamaha’s Ivan Tedesco finished fourth, taking advantage of a crash on Lap 14 by Honda’s Davi MIllsaps. Meanwhile, GEICO Powersports Honda’s Kevin Windham finished fifth. San Manuel Yamaha’s Josh Hill took six, with TiLube/Kawasaki’s Nick Wey in seventh and Rockstar Energy Suzuki’s Tommy Hahn in eighth.

Supercross Results:
1. Ryan Villopoto, Kawasaki
2. Ryan Dungey, Suzuki
3. Trey Canard, Honda
4. Ivan Tedesco, Yamaha
5. Kevin Windham, Honda

Ryan Dungey possed Trey Canard on lap six to take over second. Ryan Dungey passed Trey Canard on Lap 6 to finish third.

6. Josh Hill, Yamaha
7. Nick Wey, Kawasaki
8. Tommy Hahn, Suzuki
9. Justin Brayton, Yamaha
10. Matt Boni, Honda
11. Kyle Chisholm, Yamaha
12. Michael Byrne, Yamaha
13. Chris Blose, Honda
14. Jason Thomas, Suzuki
15. Weston Peick, Yamaha
16. Teddy Parks, Kawasaki
17. Justin Keeney, Kawasaki
18. Casey Hinson, Honda
19. Davi Millsaps, Honda
20. Jarred Browne, Kawasaki
21. Jake Oswald, Honda
22. Adam Martin, Kawasaki
23. Ryan Morais, Suzuki

Supercross Overall Standings:
1. Ryan Dungey, 214
2. Ryan Villopoto, 197
3. Josh Hill, 177
4. Davi Millsaps, 152
5. Kevin Windham, 147
6. Justin Brayton, 136
7. Ivan Tedesco, 135
8. Nick Wey, 113
9. Kyle Chisholm, 92
10. Tommy Hahn, 89

Supercross Lites

The East Region Lites division had a new winner in Toronto when GEICO Powersports Honda’s Justin Barcia led the final event from start to finish after grabbing the holeshot. Rockstar/Makita Suzuki’s Austin Stroupe stayed within striking distance of Barcia but could never get close

Christophe Pourcel finished third. Christophe Pourcel finished third,

enough to make a serious pass attempt, allowing Barcia to claim his first-ever Supercross Lites win.

“This means everything to me,” said Barcia. “All these fans here were cheering me on and that helped motivate me. It’s an incredible feeling, I’ve been trying so hard all year. This definitely ranks at the top of my list as far as accomplishments and I feel to lucky to have such a great team behind me.”

Series points leader Christophe Pourcel struggled all day, crashing hard in his heat race and then getting a mediocre start in the main event. Pourcel’s Monster Energy Kawasaki teammate Dean Wilson challenged Pourcel for third, but came up short in the end.

“I just need to get good starts and keep riding like I’m riding and it will work out,” said a disappointed Pourcel. “I am riding well, and I just need to get a good start.”

Pourcel leads Stroupe by seven points in the series standings with Wilson in third, another 17 points back.

Supercross Lites Results:
1. Justin Barcia, Honda

Justin Barcia got his first SX win in Toronto.
Justin Barcia picked up his first career Supercross Lites win. Here he leads Austin Stroupe on the opening lap of the race.

2. Austin Stroupe, Suzuki
3. Christophe Pourcel, Kawasaki
4. Dean Wilson, Kawasaki
5. Ryan Sipes, Yamaha
6. Brett Metcalfe, Honda
7. Kyle Cunningham, Yamaha
8. Troy Adams, Suzuki
9. Michael Willard, Honda
10. Nico Izzi, Yamaha
11. Vince Friese, Yamaha
12. Adam Chatfield, Kawasaki
13. Taylor Futrell, KTM
14. Levi Kilbarger, Honda
15. Martin Davalos, Yamaha
16. James Decotis, Honda
17. Steven Clarke, Suzuki
18. Jake Moss, Suzuki
19. Blake Baggett, Suzuki
20. Matt Lemoine, Suzuki

Supercross Lites Overall Standings:
1. Christophe Pourcel, 95
2. Austin Stroupe, 88
3. Dean Wilson, 71
4. Brett Metcalfe, 65
5. Justin Barcia, 64
6. Ryan Sipes, 55
7. Blake Baggett, 46
8. Nico Izzi, 41
9. Kyle Cunningham, 40
10. Vince Friese, 39

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