Dr. Frazier Retires Global Expeditions

March 25, 2010
Courtesy of Full Earth Motorcycle News

Motorcyle USA readers are familiar with Dr. Gregory Frazier. The world traveler contributes a monthly column describing his latest adventure tale, and adventure touring advice. The good Dr. knows what he’s talking about, with five circumnavigations of the globe and countless border crossings to his credit. Setting out for his sixth round-the-world trek, Dr. G. decided to call it quits. Lucky for us, Frazier is still on the payroll and still planning to keep his world adventures coming, but on a less grander scale. For the full story, read the press announcement below, courtesy of Full Earth Motorcycle News. And remember to keep visiting Motorcycle USA for your monthly dose of Dr. G. – MCUSA Ed

There is still much of the world left for me to see  I have merely decided not to view it while on one long ride. Ill still make motorcycle expeditions.
“There is still much of the world left for me to see, I have merely decided not to view it while on one long ride. I’ll still make motorcycle expeditions.”

After five circumnavigations of the globe, ‘round the world professional adventure motorcyclist Dr. Gregory W. Frazier says, “I’m out!”

Frazier quietly started his sixth attempt to girdle the globe in July, 2009, tagging Nome, Alaska. August found him at the Mexican border, and then to California. By November he had reached Southeast Asia where he mapped out optional routes, paperwork and costs associated with his planned effort to cross Asia. He said, “From my previous adventures in Burma I knew I was not going overland through there. The costs associated with flying or shipping motorcycles in a rapidly changing and politically unstable world, coupled with the complexity of crossing some Middle East borders, caused me to rethink why I wanted to make a sixth ride around the world. The logical conclusion was economic perdition and pure foolishness. I redeployed and reorganized after these tactical and economic setbacks. Declining physical abilities also played a part in the decision to call it quits. I am mentally and physically tired of some of the bureaucratic requirements.”

Known as “America’s #1 extreme motorcycle adventure rider,” Frazier is recognized for promoting the field of adventure motorcycling through his decades of riding to far-away places, writing books and motorcycle magazine adventure travel stories, as well as producing motorcycle travel films. His latest book, MOTOTCYCLE TOURING: Everything You Need To Know (MBI Publishing, ISBN-13:978-0-7603-2035-8) reached “best seller status” and has been sold around the world. His previous ‘round the world motorcycling book, RIDING THE WORLD: The Biker’s Road Map for a Seven-Continent Adventure (Bowtie Press, ISBN -1-931993-24-6) was cited as “an absolute essential guide for the world traveler…”

After a successful motorcycle racing career Frazier began circling the globe on a wide variety of motorcycles ranging from Kawasaki to BMW, with an AMAZONAS, Indian and Harley-Davidson contributing to his astounding accomplishments. His fifth ‘round the world ride was to help a 63 year-old grandmother of six who had been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease live her dream, called the Ultimate Globe Ride. She had never been on a motorcycle before meeting Frazier and convinced him to take her around the world as his pillion. Their adventure lasted 14 months and covered nearly 30,000 miles from tips-to-tips of the earth.

Frazier says of his future motorcycle adventures, “I’m not done tasting the environments, economies and cultures of the world from atop a motorcycle. There are still plans to attempt reach distance places, as well as to return to some I want to see more of, like Colombia and Brazil in South America, as well as more of Eastern Asia and Africa. I merely plan to quit this foolish squandering of travel funds to transport motorcycles over water. 75% of the earth is water and the increasing costs and bureaucratic hassles associated with transporting motorcycles to the remaining 25% have been seriously cutting into my remaining travel years and project budgets.”

Frazier plans to continue to write and produce motorcycle films. He has a new book due out in April depicting the earliest motorcycle adventure riding. He said of his future projects, “I’ve another Alaska motorcycle adventure scheduled as well as time in Europe and another major expedition in Vietnam slated. I will continue to roam around Southeast Asia, having recently finished exploring Java. The 21st BIG DOG ADVETURE RIDE in August will find me joining their fraternity of crazed big motorcycle adventurists ‘Riding the Roof of North America.’ It’s likely I’ll keep logging between 30,000-50,000 miles a year. I simply plan on being more fiscally conservative and responsible during these lean economic times and less of a wastrel merely circling the globe. “

Frazier is famous for his characteristic saying after his book about motorcycles and their relation to Freudian psychology was published: “I hate adventure that has anything to do with snakes or sharks.”

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