Pramac Racing Goes Green with New Livery

March 17, 2010
Courtesy of Pramac Racing

2010 Pramac Racing team with riders Mika Kallio and Aleix Espargaro.
2010 Pramac Racing team with riders Mika Kallio and Aleix Espargaro.

The name does not change, philosophy goes to a new thinking way. The Pramac Racing Team, with a story in the MotoGP World Championship nearly to a decade, change skin approached with great enthusiasm to what is one of the biggest global problem: the preserve of the environment in which we live. In this sense, the team owned by Paolo Campinoti, Pramac Group CEO, will become the first structure that competes in the MotoGP World Championship that also think at the environment and become The Green Energy Team.

It will not be just an image matter, the colors will be visibly different from those of the past seasons, but there will be a series of activities that will try to keep the environment in which we live as “green” as possible. In this sense, the Pramac Racing team will use within their facilities on the MotoGP circuits, products that decrease the production of pollution energy and will organize a series of initiatives for our environment.

An important step toward the world, our world, to help in maintaining its shine.

Paolo Campinoti – Team Principal Pramac Racing Team

“It’s a great honor for us to begin this important project. We hope that this can help to rise up awareness among millions of fans and followers of MotoGP, and not only, to be respectful for the world in which we live. We want and we can make a difference, every one of us, and during this season our Green Energy Team will try to make the difference with various eco-friendly initiatives.”

Question: How this project was born?

Paolo Campinoti: Last year, in terms of sporting success, we were not very satisfied. After the various podiums achieved in the past, last year we didn’t feel like the protagonist, but this year, however the races will go, we want to make the difference. Our riders will give the best on the track, and I am confident that we will reach good results as well as for the Team.

Q: Which are going to be the main eco-friendly activities?

PC: Among the main activities we will use on our paddock properties, trucks, hospitality and pit canopy, Pramac solar panels and the wind turbines designed by Philippe Starck for Pramac that will produce energy for the hospitality and the boxes of Pramac Racing Team. Where possible we will also use some recycled or recyclable materials. We have already scheduled major initiatives for this season.

2010 Pramac Racing Livery showing off Pramac going green.
Pramac racing team change its skin: the green energy team is born

Q: Do you think this can really make a difference? The MotoGP world is perhaps not the most suitable environment to do this kind of initiatives.

PC: I agree that within all motor sports safeguarding the environment is not the primary thing, but this type of initiative was created to demonstrate that any of us, in our day life, can really make a difference. In this regard we will give a live demonstration, on the circuit, through a display, of the renewable energy that we will produce. We, as MotoGP paddock, have to cooperate to give more voice to this initiative.

Q: What do you expect regarding sporting results?

PC: Last year was perhaps one of the worst years of our MotoGP history even though we have won the Rookie of the Year title with Mika Kallio. This year, the Finn rider will have to make the step forward that allows him to always fight among the top eight riders, while his teammate, the young Aleix Espargaro, can be easily near him considering his good results in the last races of the past season.

Q: So the top ten is the minimum target for the Pramac Racing Team riders?

PC: Exactly, but I hope to be able to fight for even better results. Outside of the 3 riders who currently seem to have a gap on the others (Rossi, Stoner and Lorenzo), behind them all can really happen. I am also very confident after seeing the new Ducati on track. They worked very well this winter, giving us a very competitive motorbike.

Q: In the last test, things have not gone well for you.

PC: The two official Ducati were in the top three and this has given me great confidence for this long season, but at the same time I am worried to see our motorbikes far from the top position. I immediately organized a meeting with my riders after Sepang test in order to understand what had happened. Both said that they had some problem that had undermines their work and I have saw in their eyes a great desire to prove their worth. These tests in Qatar will certainly be different.

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