Supercross Interview with Ryan Dungey

March 31, 2010
Justin Dawes
Justin Dawes
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In his first season in the premier AMA Supercross class, Ryan Dungey is leading the points race with four wins under his belt. With a 21-point lead over Kawasaki’s Ryan Villlopoto, the odds of a rookie-year championship for the 2009 West Coast Lites Champ are looking good. MotoUSA caught up with the 22-year-old racer from Minnesota before the Jacksonville Supercross. Read on as Dungey fills us in with what he thinks about his impressive 2010 season.
Ryan, this has been one heck of a season for you so far.

Point leader Ryan Dungey got pushed out on the start and had to work his way up to second.  He still leads Ryan Villopoto by 21 points.
Ryan Dungey is leading the points in the Supercross class over Ryan Villopoto.  Villopoto trails Dungey by 21 points.

“Yeah! Coming into this year, making the jump into the 450s was a challenge I was really looking forward to for quite awhile. When it finally came about, and we started to get ready with testing and everything; it was fun. I really didn’t know where I really stood in the class, but all I know was I was going to go in prepared and ready to go. It’s been a learning experience and been pretty amazing. Being able to win some races has been quite awesome. I always got to keep moving forward, but I’ve got to say it’s not easy. Every day you learn and I try to apply that and move ahead with it.”
So what did you do to get ready for the Supercross class? What did you have to change in you riding style or training to adapt to the bigger bike?
“Very little, as I got on the 450, obviously riding that bike it was going to take time to adjust and build up to it. The bike is a little bit bigger and faster. You’re carrying more of a load, so it’s all around more physically tougher. I think through the testing and the practicing we probably put more time on the bike, so we knew we were ready. But off the bike the training was similar and not too far out of the ordinary.”
Your points lead is pretty substantial at this stage. Does that take any pressure off you to know that you have some padding between you and Villopoto?

Ryan Dungey rode a strong race at Daytona  finishing second.  The Suzuki pilot just couldnt close the gap between him and Ryan Villopoto.
Dungey has a simple and effective strategy for winning the championship – win races and the rest will fall into place.

“I don’t know; it’s hard to say. You go out there just to win every race and to be up there by limiting your mistakes. It’s hard ‘cause I try not to look at it; I just try to take it one race at a time and do the best I can. You can sit here and worry about something that you really don’t have control over. It’s about going out there and doing what you know how to do. I just try to enjoy it. I think it’s at a point where I just have to have fun, and if it happens, then great. We just got to keep our heads down and keep plucking away.”
We are getting to that time of the year where people are starting to think about the outdoor season. Are you looking forward to it, and have you started any testing yet?
“Ah, no. We are getting ready to get up and start testing for that. I know that we only have one weekend (between the Supercross finals and the first AMA Motocross National). So going into this year it is going to be really tight, and things are going to be really fast moving forward. It’s two weekends from Vegas, but the trucks have to leave Wednesday for press. So it is going to be tight, and we’re going to have to squeeze it in. We’ll get some really good stuff, and we’ll be ready.

Ryan Dungey extended his points lead with his fourth win of the 2010 season.
With four wins under his belt, Dungey could possibly win the championship in his rookie year in the Supercross class.

What do you think about Baggett’s win last weekend?
“Blake did really good. He hung in there, and it was pretty crazy off the start. Everybody was going mad, but he did awesome. To be a rookie and to come out to win his first race is something that will carry him a long way just to get that one out of the way. Hard work pays off, and he seems like a hard working kid.”

What do you do in your down time to relax?

“I like to just be mellow, chill out at the house. Whether it’s watching movies or going out to dinner. Just really mellow stuff, stuff that at the end of the day when we’re all hanging out, it’s good to just let it all go and relax, just like anybody else.”

Stay tuned to MotoUSA to see if Dungey can extend his points lead over Ryan Villopoto in Houston after the upcoming weekend off.