2010 NHRA Spring Nationals Results

April 11, 2010
Matt Davidson
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The NHRA Pro Stock Motorcycle Drag Racing final at Houston Raceway was decided at the tree, with Screamin’ Eagle/Vance & Hines rider Andrew Hines taking the victory in the final after Buell‘s Hector Arana jumped the gun by a full -.102 seconds. The victory was instantly handed over to Hines, who went on to post a time of 6.988. It was the19th win of Hines’ career and his first at Houston Raceway Park.

Eddie Krawiec in the Joliet Semifinals.
Andrew Hines defeated teammate Eddie Krawiec in the semi-finals to advance into the final round against Buell’s Hector Anana.

“It was good to get the first win of the year,” said Hines. “We were there for the taking, but it worked out in our favor. I had been working more on the racing program lately than my riding, but I returned to the riding, and I’ve had all greens since Charlotte. We had never won at this track before, so this one is huge. I was also beginning to question myself with no wins so far this year, but today’s win put that to rest.”
Hine’s quest for the victory began with his win over Buell’s Junior Pippin in the first round. Hines then posted the lowest E.T. of 6.938 in the second round against Karen Stoffer, and in the semi-finals he conquered his Harley-Davidson teammate Eddie Krawiec by a narrow margin of 0.08 seconds.
Meanwhile, Arana also appeared well on his way to sweeping the contest up until the final match. He was the fastest rider during the first match-up against Suzuki’s Steve Johnson. In Round 2 he beat Buell’s Jim Underdahl with a time of 6.941, and in the semi-finals Arana again had the top-time after defeating Matt Smith with a 6.888. Despite getting lane choice in the finals against Hines, he proved too eager and went red, ending his weekend in Houston by disqualification.

NHRA Pro Stock Motorcycle Spring National Results:

Round           Win/Loss                Driver                                                                                                       R-Time    E-Time   Speed

Final                   (W)                        Andrew Hines (Harley-Davidson)                                                        0.038    6.998    196.02 
                             (L)                        Hector Arana (Buell)                                                                         -0.102(R)   13.258    58.40

Round 3            (W)                       Hector Arana (Buell)                                                                                  0.07    6.888    195.22 
                            (L)                        Matt Smith (Buell)                                                                                     0.055    7.256    169.42 

                            (W)                       Andrew Hines (Harley-Davidson)                                                          0.012   6.905    195.7 
                            (L)                        Eddie Krawiec (Harley-Davidson)                                                         0.029    6.913    195.87

Round 2            (W)                       Eddie Krawiec (Harley-Davidson)                                                           0.022    6.952    192.6 
                            (L)                        Michael Phillips (Suzuki)                                                                           0.017    6.996    193.8 

                            (W)                       Andrew Hines (Harley-Davidson)                                                         0.016    6.938    193.02 
                            (L)                        Karen Stoffer (Suzuki)                                                                              0.014    6.984     188.6 

                            (W)                       Matt Smith (Buell)                                                                                    0.008    7.004    188.75 
                            (L)                        Craig Treble (Suzuki)                                                                             -0.068(R)7.048    186.1 

                            (W)                       Hector Arana (Buell)                                                                                0.064    6.941    191.02 
                            (L)                        Jim Underdahl (Suzuki)                                                                          0.043    7.004    190.5

Round 1            (W)                      Jim Underdahl (Suzuki)                                                                               0.029  7.009        193 
                            (L)                       Douglas Horne (Buell)                                                                                 0.04    7.028    188.2 

                            (W)                      Michael Phillips (Suzuki)                                                                           0.027    6.989    193.8 
                            (L)                       David Hope (Buell)                                                                                -0.023(R)   7.015    188.8 

                            (W)                     Karen Stoffer (Suzuki)                                                                                 0.027    6.939    192.9 
                            (L)                      LE Tonglet (Suzuki)                                                                               -0.026(R)    6.986   192.2 

                            (W)                     Matt Smith (Buell)                                                                                         0.076    6.956    190.2 
                            (L)                      Angie Smith (Buell)                                                                                      0.042    7.057    180.9 

                            (W)                     Craig Treble (Suzuki)                                                                                  0.072    6.885       193 
                            (L)                      Mike Berry (Buell)                                                                                         0.025    7.034    189.5 

                            (W)                     Andrew Hines (Harley-Davidson)                                                               0.063    6.94    193.4 
                            (L)                      Junior Pippin (Buell)                                                                                      0.05    6.988    188.6 

                            (W)                     Eddie Krawiec (Harley-Davidson)                                                            0.081    6.944    194.6 
                            (L)                      Redell Harris (Buell)                                                                             -0.081(R)   7.107    185.4 

                            (W)                     Hector Arana (Buell)                                                                                    0.048    6.871    194.5 
                            (L)                      Steve Johnson (Suzuki)                                                                               0.025    7.088    190