2010 Salt Lake City Supercross Preview

April 30, 2010
Justin Dawes
Justin Dawes
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Yes that is the Salt Lake City Supercoss Track underneath all that white stuff.  Snow is in the forecast until Friday night  with a possibility of snow on Saturday.
The Dirt Wurx crew busted their butts to get the SLC track built before the snow began to fall in Salt Lake City.

Just as we thought the 2010 AMA Supercross Season could get any wackier we took a look at the weather forecast for this weekend’s race in Salt Lake City. It’s friggin’ snowing. Yep, frozen droplets of water are falling from the sky onto Rice Eccles Stadium right now, and the fluffy stuff is forecasted to fall until at least Friday night. One forecast online even calls for snow Saturday night; talk about a wild main event!

Luckily for SLC racing fans the Dirt Wurx crew watches the weather a little better than we do. Soon as the guys finished tearing down the Seattle track, they pinned it to Utah to build the track before the snow. Just after they got the plastic over the dirt snow started falling. It remains to be seen if the plastic will keep the moisture out of the dirt. We could be looking at another rutted course like last week or, even worse, a mud race if it rains after the plastic is pulled. 

Last weekend Kevin Windham won his first race in two years on one of the gnarliest tracks we’ve seen in quite a while. The veteran racer plans to finish out the year with more than one win, and if the track falls apart in SLC his chances go up with every drop of rain that hits the dirt. K-Dub has always excelled when the conditions turn sour; could he be the only rider hoping for rain and snow? It wouldn’t surprise us, but he has been fast on perfectly prepped tracks as well this year. Any which way the dirt goes this weekend look for Windham to be pushing it.

GEICO Powersports Kevin Windham took his first win of the 2010 season after nailing the holeshot.
If the conditions turn bad in SLC, Kevin Windham could grab his second win of 2010.

Although Suzuki’s Ryan Dungey wrapped up the championship last weekend, don’t expect him to take it easy on the rest of the field. Last weekend a crash in the main knocked him back to fourth. After that it was survival mode, as it was for everyone else, except for fellow Suzuki rider Tommy Hahn who rode like a man possessed. Many are expecting the new champ to take it easy, but taking it easing didn’t get Dungey to where he is now. Look for Dungey to be racing like the champ he is, rain or shine. 

Chad Reed has been out of it a bit since his return to racing, posting results that are lower than expected by fans and insiders. The season was pretty much over before it really started for the Kawasaki factory racer when he suffered a broken hand on Phoenix. Without the possibility of a championship it seems like his heart isn’t in it. That coupled with the waiting for his baby boy to arrive has perhaps distracted him a bit. Most likely he will preserve his health and stamina for his upcoming defense of his outdoor title. Then again maybe he’ll snap out of his racing funk and smoke everyone.

There’s still one champion left to crown, and it has come down to the final race. Many expected to see Honda’s Trey Canard to be battling it out with point leader Jake Weimer for the championship in Salt Lake City, but that battle disappeared in the second turn of the main event in Seattle. Canard’s teammate Blake Wharton knocked him over while cutting inside of him going for the lead. With an 11th-place finish, Canard has dropped 24 points back from Weimer and five behind Wil Hahn. His only mathematical chance of winning the number one plate would be for Weimer to not make the main event while he scored a first place.

Pro Circuits Jake Weimer was the fastest Lites rider during the shortened qualifying practice.
Kawasaki’s Jake Weimer has a 19-point lead heading into the final race of the West Coast Lites Season.

Weimer has to cross the finish line in fifteenth position or better to clinch the West Coast Lites Championship. The Pro Circuit rider has finished on the podium six out of seven races, so it is more likely than not that he will be running the 1W plate for the shootout in Las Vegas. The way this season has surprised us at every turn, nothing is for sure, and with the less than favorable weather forecasted Weimer could falter handing the plate to Hahn. It will be an exciting night for the Lites class either way.

Stay tuned to MotoUSA for updates and race coverage from Salk Lake City this weekend. 


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