2010 Scorpion EXO VX-24 AMPT Helmet Review

MotorcycleUSA Staff | April 20, 2010
scorpion vx-24 helmet
The Scorpion EXO VX-24 AMPT helmet has been across the country in our gearbag with testing on motorcycles, ATVs and side-by-sides.

Air pumps were the rage in basketball sneakers 20 years ago, but the technology never went away. I couldn’t help but think about those old Reeboks when the 2010 Scorpion EXO VX-24 AMPT helmet showed up. Scorpion has incorporated its AirFit technology to give dirt bike riders another level of custom fit tailoring.

Two rubber pumps are located on the inside of the chin bar, a large yellow one just below the vent for injecting air, and a smaller red button offset left which releases pressure. Air is forced around the bottom and back of the rider’s ears and into the upper cheek area for an extra-snug feel. I was pretty excited about this feature since my cheeks are somewhat narrow and I’m usually looking for some combination of alternate padding with most dirt bike helmets. Not to mention, my previous Scorpion VX-17 helmet was a positive experience with the brand.

scorpion vx-24 helmet
AirFit technology adds an extra-snug fit to the VX-24, but honestly it fit our tester very well in standard form. The graphics package is attractive for a wide range of riders.
scorpion vx-24 helmet

First off, the size Medium (7 1/8 – 7 1/4) fit very well without ever touching the AirFit controls. Once I started messing with the pump feature, I found that 5-10 pumps were sufficient; any more and I started biting my cheeks. Don’t forget to use the release valve or it’s tough getting the helmet back on again after removing it. There were no pressure points across the forehead and the rear knobs on my head, which are somewhat conic, never hit the Styrofoam beneath the padding.

The QuikWick liner is comfortable, even if I haven’t shaved recently. Custom liners are available for multiple patterns. I like the standard black, especially with the AMPT graphic design. The Silver colorway (gray/white/black) on my test unit grew on me quickly. Despite being somewhat subdued, the large Scorpion badge on each side and piston crossbones on the rear are edgy, but the lines remain clean enough that I wasn’t embarrassed to take it to the motocross track. The clear-coat shows scratches very quickly on the black portions of the paint scheme, and there are detectible lines where the underlying graphics are located. Scorpion’s neutral color combination also goes with most gear and goggles, but the AMPT design is also available in Red or Blue.

Speaking of goggles, the eyeport isn’t particularly large, but I fit Blur and Utopia goggles inside without issue. The hardest part was getting them past the rubber roost guard. It adds more protection on the chin bar but makes the opening a little tight. Fortunately, it comes out easily to give added room for taking goggles on and off, or for riders who simply don’t prefer it, or want a bit more visibility. A rubber strap guide helps keep things in place as well.

The shell is made from composite polycarbonate and passes Snell and DOT certifications, but I haven’t smacked the ground yet for that higher-level evaluation – forgive me. A wide visor offers great protection from roost and with four mounting screws it resists flopping around or moving in the wind. Venting is moderate at best with two forehead vents as the sole intakes. All of my testing has been done in cool

scorpion vx-24 helmet
Because of the venting, this helmet works particularly well for side-by-sides and would make a good snow application with the available conversion kits from Scorpion.

weather over the past few months. I only got one hot day in it so far, but that was sitting inside a Kawasaki Teryx, which takes very little physical effort. Overall it has worked well for me thus far, but I anticipate it being a bit warm once the temps start to climb. Scorpion offers snow adaptation kits which could make this the ultimate snowmobile or snow bike helmet. See www.scorpionusa.com for more information.

At 3 lbs, 11.2 oz, it isn’t the lightest helmet on the market, but the fit is great and anyone can afford it. This helmet retails for about the same as a new set of air-infused b-ball shoes. At $140, the VX-24 isn’t particularly expensive, but the adaptability and AirFit technology are features not usually found on price-point helmets, giving additional value to an already solid helmet.

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