American Beta to Distribute Beta Trial Bikes

April 20, 2010
Courtesy of American Beta

2009 Beta Minitrial
American Beta has finally aquired the rights to distribute Beta’s well known trials bikes.

American Beta has acquired the distribution rights for Beta Trials bikes in the US market adding the line to their already popular RR Enduro and RS Dual Sport lineup.

The California based distributor has two separate goals for the trial products, first to further develop the existing trials market through dealer and rider support, and competitive pricing. Secondly, to expose off- road riders and racers to trials riding in the form of a cross-training tool to improve their riding in the tough sections.

“The trials market in the USA is a tight knit community. Most riders have been competing for many years, their passion for the sport runs very deep. These riders expect a quality product that should meet their expectations. We feel Beta exceeds these needs and will continue to develop the brand to stay at the top of its class,” said Tim Pilg, Marketing Manager.

American Beta will be importing the complete trials line starting with the Minitrial, a 50cc automatic designed for riders 5-9 years young. Rounding out the line are the popular Evo models. Starting with the Evo 80 available in both Sr. and Jr.
versions, these 6-speed, liquid-cooled models vary in wheel size and weight to make sure they are just the right size for youth riders starting out. Next are the 125 and 200, these are full-sized models designed for the casual rider or the full-on young competitor. Sharing the same chassis are the 250 and 290, The Evo 290 is Beta’s best selling model boasting an aluminum frame shared with its younger brother Evo 250, a host of other features include hard coating on the fork tubes for less stiction, newly designed rear linkage system, as well as updated ignition settings for a smooth, yet revvy power delivery.

Since 2006, American Beta has imported the Beta line of off-road, dual sport, and supermoto models. The company focuses on simple business practices, working with their dealer base that is now over 50 strong! Pilg continues, “We feel that in today’s tough market, the last thing dealers want is corporate bullying. We feel that our “back to basics” attitude will attract new dealers to help build the Beta name in the states.” The Beta factory in Italy has been family owned and operated since 1904, American Beta is also a family business.

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2010 Prices:
50 Minitrial                  $2899.00
Evo 80 Jr.                    $4499.00
Evo 80 Sr.                   $4999.00
Evo 125                      $6599.00
Evo 200                      $6799.00
Evo 250                      $7199.00
Evo 290                      $7399.00
Evo 250 4-stroke     $8999.00
Evo 300 4- stroke      $9199.00

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