Custom Chrome Euro Show Crowns AMD Champ

April 2, 2010
Courtesy of RevComm
Custom Chromes European Dealer Show and the AMD Championships
Custom Chrome held its 12th Annual Dealer Show in Mainz, Germany in conjunction with the AMD European Championships which showcased the incredible talent of custom bike builders from around the world.

In conjunction with the 40th Anniversary of Custom Chrome and the 12th Annual Custom Chrome Dealer Show, bike builders from across Europe and as far away as the USA and Japan competed in one of the largest custom motorcycle competitions in Europe, the AMD Championships. Held during the annual Custom Chrome Europe Dealer Show with over 125 motorcycles being brought to Mainz to compete, the Show has become a definite highlight in the European calendar, breaking attendance records in terms of attending dealers, visitors and competitors.

There were 88 entrants in the Freestyle Class, seven in the Custom Chrome Class, and 31 competitors in the Modified Harley-Davidson class motorcycles.

“The creativity and ingenuity in these bikes is just incredible,” stated Custom Chrome CEO Holger Mohr, “You always think you’ve seen it all, until the last weekend in March when you walk into the bike show hall at Mainz.”

Each of the three top bikes entered in 2010 were international in origin. Garage 65’s Marco Cinquini and his team underlined the team’s previous victories at shows during their “European Tour 2010” with a prestigious European Champion 2010 title. More than six months of work went into Garage 65’s award-winning “Kosmo Drive“ – a radical hub-steered, handcrafted custom that rolls on racing rubbers from a MotoGP motorcycle. Garage 65 is still refining the bike step-by-step and is now aiming for the next step: The World Championship.

Second place in the Freestyle Class was Luciano Andreoli – a familiar face in the Championship series. His one-off handcrafted “Knucklehead” racer featuring a unique chassis is almost entirely handcrafted and has two-spoke wheels. Completing the Freestyle Top 3 Freestyle is Kenji Nagai from Japan with his extraordinary “One Eyed King.”

Italys Garage 65  AMD European Champions
The crew at Garage 65 poses with the European Champion 2010 trophy for their radical handcrafted custom motorcycle with hub-steering and wheels ripped from a MotoGP bike.

The Jammer Award winners were selected by CCE’s “Special Guests” Cole Foster and Kirk Taylor, a couple of guys who know a thing or two about “Old School” motorcycles. The RevTech award, a “Newcomer” pick at this year’s show who was awarded a RevTech engine, was Spain’s Sergio Bayarri of Sbay Motorcycles and his radical RevTech-powered Streetfighter, which has been ridden to 260 km/h at the MotoGP circuit at Jerez/Spain.

Last but certainly not least, Harley-Davidson Europe’s HOG and Event’s Manager, Jeremy Pick, presented the prize to “FL ´48”created by Abnormal Cycles of Italy, the winner of the top prize in the Harley-Davidson sponsored Modified Harley-Davidson Class.

“The sponsoring is a win-win situation for both sides,” says CCE General Manager Andreas Scholz, “every Harley-Davidson sold is a potential customer of Custom Chrome and we wish Harley-Davidson all the best to increase their sales both in Europe and their home market.”

At the show, 40 years of CCI history was highlighted by selected collectibles, advertisements and images in a “Special Exhibition” in the show hall. Also presented were the two 40th Anniversary Bikes designed by Cole Foster and Kirk Taylor, plus Holger Mohr’s own Fred Kodlin built “Wotan,” the first-ever European custom bike to grace the cover of an international aftermarket distributor catalog.

AMD European Champions
Meet the motley cast of 2010 European AMD Champions!

This year’s “Special Guests” included legendary bike builders Cory Ness, Cole Foster, Kirk Taylor, Fred Kodlin, Marcus Walz and on his first ever trip outside the USA, Jim Thiessen of Jim’s Performance. World renowned bike photographer Michael Lichter reported for the US magazines.

The 12th Annual CCE Dealer Show was attended by more brand names than ever before with some 60 world class manufacturers exhibiting their new items to some 300-plus Custom Chrome Europe dealers on Saturday and the general public on Sunday

“2009 was a great year for us, despite the wildest speculations about the state of the market. We are looking forward to the year 2010 with great confidence and from the response to this show, we have a very solid base of loyal customers,” said Holger Mohr ” the ‘Bolt on and Ride’ theme of 2009 continues, and our new promotion bikes will do more miles than ever before.”

“The event was a huge success for both Custom Chrome Europe and the custom motorcycle market in general,” says Director of Marketing, Axel Scherer, “We have endured a very long and hard winter this year, both in Europe and the USA, and as much as I am looking forward to riding again, so are custom bike and Harley-Davidson riders all over the planet! See you on the road…”

Freestyle Class

1. KOSMO DRIVE, Garage 65 (Italy),
2. Morning Sunrise, Headbanger Motorcycles/Luciano Andreoli, (Italy)
3. One Eyed King, Cycle Kraft (Japan)
4. Energicer, Speed Dept.GmbH, (Switzerland)
5. Walton, Blech & Drüber, (Austria)
6. Simson, Müce Choppers, (Hungary),
7. Moscow, Fine Custom Mechanics, (Russia)
8. X-Rod, Odyssey Motorcycles, (France)
9. Mad Man´s Blower, Hogtech Sweden AB & Paul Funk, (Sweden)
10. Osmane, A.T. American Cycles (Germany)

Custom Chrome Motorcycles
1. Coppster 36 , Kraftwerk Customs Gmbh, (Germany)
2. Gold Nugget, Deathfield Chopper, (Germany)
3. Vitus Motorcycle, TGS Motorcycles, (Germany),

Modified Harley Class
1. FL ´48 , Abnormal Cycles, (Italy)
2. Forsaken, Unique Custom Cycles, (Sweden)
3. Skull Racer, Sasse van Essen, (Germany)

Jammer Old School Award
1. Arno Schmitz (Private Builder (Germany)
2. Sacro Chopper, B.C.C: Venezia, (Italy)
3. Mamma´s Big Flat, Oskar’s Chopper, (Germany)

Revtech-Award by Custom Chrome Europe
1. Flying Sbay, Sergio Bayarri, Sbay Motorcycles, (Spain)
2. Ghost in the Night, Waka´s Bikes (Italy)
3. Anti Hero, Marcus Walz, (Germany)

Custom Chrome Europe Public Choice Award
1. Skull Racer, Sasse van Essen, Germany

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