Fantasy Superbike Valencia Highs & Lows

April 13, 2010
Ken Hutchison
Ken Hutchison
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The ulcers keep piling on for the warden of the MotoUSA asylum. With the inmates running rampant around the globe, Hutch has opted to get in on the madness more these days than in years past and is back in the saddle again.

Max Biaggi - 2010 World Superbike Valencia
Max Biaggi continues to visit the podium with two stops in Valencia and he’s slowly closing the gap on Haslam in points, will 2010 be the Roman Emperor’s title year?

Consistency seems to be the name of the game in Fantasy Superbike this year. There seems to be quite a few riders and teams who look great on paper, perform even better in qualifying, trick you into choosing them and then fail miserably on race day. Will Michel Fabrizio please stand up? Unlike the young Xerox pilot, the grizzled veteran Max Biaggi and the chosen one, Leon Haslam are starting off their season with consistent riding that could have helped propel your team to the top of the standings.


Max Biaggi 2-3 (41 points A-Rider) Oh Max baby, where’ve you been my whole life? Ever since he joined the Superbike ranks, Max has shown flashes of brilliance but eventually caved in. Let’s hope that doesn’t happen when you finally start picking him! For now, those who do pick the former GP-star have been rewarded with some of the best results of the first three rounds of the season. For the second time this year, Mr. Biaggi is the top scoring A-Rider. Wax-On Leon-san.

Leon Haslam 1-4 (38 points A-Rider) Speaking of the kid, Leon has been impressive all season long. His win in the first race set the stage for a shot at the double but things didn’t go so great in Race 2. For anyone else a fourth would be fine but this is fantasy Racing and he really hurt some people with his showing in the aggregate scoring. If you can find it in your heart to forgive him, we are sure he’ll make it up to you someday. If you picked him in the first race and not the second then you did good grasshopper, you did very good.

Xerox Ducatis Noriyuki Haga stands on the podium after winning Race 2 at Valencia.
Everyone picked Haga to win Race 2 right? No? Well get Haga on your radar again because Nitro Nori is back in the game and climbing the points ladder.

Noriyuki Haga 5-1 (36 points A-Rider) For those that followed the Haslam pick in Race 1 by picking Nitro Nori in Race 2 – you are becoming a master. Nice work. If you picked him in Race 1 then you still have a ways to go. As it is though, Haga stepped up while his teammate wallowed in his own squalor. We saw it last year, if Noriyuki gets on a roll here mid-season he could put up good numbers for some intuitive, or better yet, lucky Fantasy Racing players.

One Hit Wonders from the B-Rider pool included Carlos Checa, who followed up his DNF in Race 1 with a 20 point runner-up effort in Race 2. Too bad that crash while leading broke a lot of hearts among those who chose the Spaniard because he was the trendy choice from the B-Riders. Troy Corser was a nice surprise as he earned a career best fourth-place finish on the BMW S1000RR and scraped together 13 points for his effort. He sucked it up in Race 2 though.

Alstare Suzuki Team 1-9-4-6 (55 points) has both fast and consistent riders in its stable. With Haslam battling for the win more often than not and that other guy… Guintoli riding around without crashing, hey he is an Endurance racing stud, the Alstare squad put up a healthy 55-points this weekend. 

James Toseland - 2010 World Superbike Valencia
Toseland saw his first podium since his return to World Superbike and then followed it up with a smooth seventh place.


James Toseland 3-7 (26 points A-Rider) Even though this was a great day for King James he simply must do better than his seventh-place finish in Race 2 before he digs himself out of the low pile. Toseland is an A-Rider and showed he could ride like one in the first race but showed why he is a scary pick in the second.

Jonathan Rea 6-5 (21 points A-Rider) On the positive side he finished both races, so if you took a chance you can at least take solace in that fact. However, like Toseland, this guy has so much potential that its simply painful to see him so far away from the podium. Until he gets consistent it might be good to hold off on him. Unless you’re feeling the luck of the Irish is on your side.

Cal Crutchlow 7-9 (16 points A-Rider) Let’s get this straight. You dominate Superpole, start from the best spot on the grid, only you flounder like a codfish when the light goes green. Hey! You must be defending Supersport champion Cal Crutchlow. Fantasy Superbike A-Rider and member of the disappointing Lows-pile: Sixteen points Cal? That’s just unacceptable.

Aprilia Racing DNF-DNF-2-3 (41 points) & Xerox Ducati Team DNF-DNF-5-1 (36 points) The reason the Aprilia and Xerox Ducati teams earned Low status is because of what was left on the table. While half the team is trying to do their part for you the other half is off, playing in the sand like they’re getting some type of bonus for who can bring back the most highly destroyed superbike to the pit box. From our vantage point it’s a tie so Camier and Fabrizio can both kiss our…oh wait, we’ll talk about them next.

Michel Fabrizio had a horrible weekend in Spain with the Xerox Ducati rider scoring zero points in either race.
Here’s a rare shot of Fabrizio on a bike at Valencia. Sadly he wouldn’t make it to the finish line in either race and your fantasy racing points would pay the price.


Michel Fabrizio DNF-DNF (0 points A-Rider) Nothing makes a Fantasy Racing player happier than to see the competition waste two valuable A-Rider selections on a guy who nets zero points in two races. Oh man, if you didn’t pick Fabrizio you have to be counting your blessings. I can’t imagine the gut-wrenching pain of wasting a selection on someone who let you down like that. If you did pick him, all we can say is, we’re glad it was someone else.

Leon Camier DNF-DNF (0 points B-Rider) Did you see how close Camier’s bike came to collecting Biaggi in Race 1? That would have put the Aprilia team firmly in the Bust pile instead of the Lows! As it was, the youngster did his best to match his rival Fabrizio in the superbike smash-fest. After reviewing the highlights on YouTube we have to say Leon did the most smashing job at Valencia.

Kawasaki WRST (0-points) In what world would you choose to take poor Tom Sykes and the injured Chris Vermeulen over any of the other teams out there? Well, if you look close at the team picks available, eventually everyone will have to choose them. So the trick is doing it when you think it is going to be the least painful. Maybe you want to wait until its Miller time?