Homegrown Chrome – Luis Martinez’ M109R

April 9, 2010
Bryan Harley
Bryan Harley
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Here we go again. Motorcycle USA kicked off ‘Homegrown Chrome’ last week featuring the custom motorcycles of you, the reader. We realize there’s a lot of hard-working people out there who may not be into the custom bike show scene but are still damn proud of their customized ride. So we’re
Luis Martinezs custom 2006 Suzuki M109R.
This week’s Homegrown Chrome features a custom 2006 Suzuki M109R called ‘Blade Warrior’ that’s owned by Luis Martinez out of Merchantville, New Jersey.
Luis Martinez has taken the beefy 2006 Suzuki M109R power cruiser and given it an even more industrial edge.

offering you 15 minutes of fame with a feature article about that bike you’ve worked so hard to pimp out here on Motorcycle USA. Every week we’ll select a motorcycle from one of our readers to feature here on the site. To get it kicked off, we spread a little love Jay Gillikin’s way for his customized Harley-Davidson Rocker C. This week, we’ve chosen Luis Martinez’s mechanized 2006 Suzuki M109R as the lucky recipient of a spread in our online moto magazine.

Luis has taken the beefy 2006 Suzuki M109R power cruiser and given it an even more industrial edge. He’s added extra gusto to an already formidable engine with Big Air intakes, an FI200 and HardChrome 2-1 Sideburners exhausts. Luis continued to mechanize his ride with some sweet drilled-out 2” Kewl Metal risers, Xoprodox grips and mirror mounts that feature a drilled-out design, too. Anything that could be chromed, has been chromed, with most of the work done by LiquidPain. The chrome job includes the wheels, driveshaft, swingarm, derby covers, front brake reservoir, clutch lever, rear brake mount, switch covers and side engine covers. What hasn’t been chromed has been draped in killer Bushido Blade-style paint courtesy of the guys at Cutting Edge Illusions. If Luis was aiming for an industrial-strength ride, we say “Mission Accomplished.”

Hometown – Merchantville, New Jersey
Builder – Luis Martinez/LiquidPain
Name of bike/project – Blade Warrior
Year/Model – 2006 Suzuki M109R
Frame – Stock
Engine Make/Size – 54-degree liquid-cooled 4-stroke V-Twin (1783cc)
Transmission 5-speed constant mesh with heavy-duty Evo shift kit
Intake/Fuel Delivery – Big Air Intakes. FI2000
Exhaust – HardChrome 2-1 Sideburners
Suspension – Polished front fork by LiquidPain
Brakes – Chromed front and rear calipers, chromed rear rotor by LiquidPain
Wheels – Chromed stock wheels
Controls – Kewl Metal tach and mirror mounts, Xoprodox grips
Paint – Cutting Edge Illusions
Extras – SS throttle, brake and clutch cables, custom upholstered gel seats, GI Pro gear indicator with built-in advanced timing retard eliminator, chrome drive shaft, swingarm, and derby covers, HID headlight kit, Kuryakyn 

Luis was aiming for an industrial look with drilled-out components and matching paint.
Luis industrialized his Suzuki M109R with some sweet drilled-out 2” Kewl Metal risers, Xoprodox grips and mirror mounts that also feature a drilled-out design.
Luis industrialize his M109R with some sweet drilled-out 2 Kewl Metal risers with Xoprodox grips and mirror mounts that also feature a drilled-out design.

front/rear LED turn signals and side-mount license plate with LEDs, Lizzard lights (kit of 14 LED lights), PowerMate electrical box, Kewl Metal 2” risers, Kewl Metal tach and mirror mounts, Xoprodox grips, Powermate electrical box, LiquidPain chromed front brake reservoir, clutch lever, rear brake mount and rotor, Cycle House switch and side engine covers.

Tell us a little about your bike Luis:
I wanted it originally to be some type of mechanical/ Terminator3 theme, but I ended up staying with the mechanical theme instead. I didn’t want it to become too crowded with graphics, so I wanted it to follow the theme that I already had going with the bike with all the holes in the chrome pieces that I was installing on the bike. And I had recently begun learning Wing Chun Kung Fu, and their main weapon of battling is swords. When I noticed the blades theme in Cutting Edge Illusions gallery, that’s what I wanted to incorporate in the theme along with a little twist. Had the holes added to the blades so it continued the pattern already started in the chrome parts added to the controls. If you notice around the risers, grips and so forth, there are plenty of holes in that chrome. All in all, I’m very satisfied the way everything turned out and have a new found love for my bike and am very proud of it. Especially it being my first-ever

Anything that could be chromed on this M109R  is chromed  most of it by LiquidPain.
Luis took Suzuki’s muscle cruiser and made it even brawnier.

motorcycle after taking a riding course approximately 2 1/2 yrs ago. After riding for the first time, I had wished I’d done it many years ago.

So who’s it going to be next week? The process is easy. Copy the info below and throw it into an email. Fill in as many of the questions and specs as you can. Tell us as much as possible about your bike and how it came together. Then send that info along with a handful of photos to mcusa_content2@hotmail.com   Maybe next week you’ll be the one with bragging rights for having your bike featured in a spread on Motorcycle USA.

Name/Builder –
Hometown –
Name of bike/project –
Year/Model –
Frame –
Engine Make/Size – (Also list any modifications)
Transmission –
Exhaust –
Front End –
Rake –
Suspension –
Brakes –
Wheels –
Tires –
Controls –
Paint –
Special features/modifications –

Tell us a little about your bike. How long have you been working on it?
What were some of the greatest obstacles to overcome in customizing the bike?
Tell us a little about yourself. How long have you been riding?
What’s the first motorcycle you ever owned?
Who inspired you to ride or wrench on motorcycles?

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