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April 13, 2010
Rocky Robinson
Rocky Robinson
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Having raced everything from Flat Track to Trials, Rocky Robinson now pilots streamliners at the Bonneville Salt Flats and currently holds the ultimate land speed record at 376 mph aboard the Ack Attack streamliner.

Flyer with event and contact information for the Ride Annie Ride benefit run.

A Wish Come True…

Come April 24th, the sleepy foothill town of Grass Valley, California will be alive with the sound of thundering V-Twin engines, stifled touring bikes, and high-revving sportbikes. They’ve all come together to celebrate the life of Annie Goeden, a Yuba City resident whose wish will be fulfilled to ride on the back of a Harley.

Annie, 28, is a single mom. Her son Jake is three years old and almost always sports a perpetual grin. In 2006 Annie was struck with Osteosarcoma, a form of bone cancer. She’s endured numerous surgeries including a hip replacement and the removal of her left leg. She is in Stage 4 of this terrible disease, but insists on living life to the fullest. This ride is our way of showing her she’s appreciated and that people really do care.

It’s rare to see all makes of bikes riding together, but good people pulling together for a good cause trumps the barriers one might associate with this type of event. Members of a Christian motorcycle club will be lining up next to a nearby ironworkers bike club and at least one local HOG chapter.

The ride through Sutter Buttes will offer some of the best views and land scapes that northern california has to offer.
The ride through Sutter Buttes will offer some of the best views and landscapes that Northern California has to offer.

Local business owners, artists, musicians, slowpokes and racers are all planning to attend. The two-wheeled rolling thunder will wander the rolling hills of Grass Valley on Highway 20, meeting up with more local bikers from the Yuba City area at Sam Brannan Park. We will then respectfully “invade” Annie’s neighborhood to greet the unsuspecting guest of honor. She’s sure to be surprised…

From there we take the backroads to the nearby Sutter Buttes – the world’s smallest mountain range. With Annie riding shotgun, we’ll meander through the Buttes at a leisurely pace, stopping for photos and leg stretching along the way. Bench racing will be kept to a minimum as there’s a schedule to keep.

Bikes of all shapes and sizes make their way through the rolling hills of northern Ca.
Bikes of all shapes and sizes will make their way through the rolling hills of Northern California for the Ride Annie Ride Benefit.

Once we’ve rounded the mountain range, we’ll follow our noses back to the park where barbecue, sandwiches and cool beverages will be waiting, thanks to those who’ve volunteered their time to feed the hungry lot. Donations will be presented and I’m sure a few tears will be wept.

Motorcyclists are a great bunch and generous to a fault. I’m proud to be among them. If you wish to attend the Ride Annie Ride benefit run, or wish to make a contribution, please see the attached flyer for contact information.

Enjoy the ride…