2010 British Superbike Oulton Park Results

May 3, 2010
Matt Davidson
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Swan Honda’s Stuart Easton and Suzuki’s Michael Laverty shared impressive wins this weekend at Round 3 of the 2010 British Superbike Championship. Despite soggy weather at Oulton Park both were able to hold back the current championship leader Tommy Hill, and earn some crucial points in the series.
Race 1

Stuart Eastman was able to pull off a win ahead of Tommy Hill at Round 3 of the 2010 British Superbike Championship.
Stuart Easton crossed the finish line just 0.058 seconds ahead of Tommy Hill, who was never further than three-tenths of a second off Easton’s pace.

In the first contest Easton had the holeshot off the line, but Worx Crescent Suzuki’s Hill remained close behind in second waiting for him to slip up. On the opening lap the other Worx Crescent Suzuki bike of Yukio Kagayama crashed out at Island Bend, leaving him unable to participate in both races.
Michael Rutter on board his Ridersmotorcycles.com Ducati also had a great start and was running fourth when he attempted to pass Josh Brookes for third. Rutter ran wide at Lakeside, however, and lost significant ground. Shortly afterward Rutter retired to the pits.
During Lap 2 Ian Lowry of Motorpoint Yamaha and Honda’s Christian Iddon were both forced to end the race early after crashing their bikes out of contention. Tommy Bridewell also had a bad start to the day when his jump start forced him back through pitlane for a penalty.
Meanwhile Easton and Hill led the rest of the pack with Hill never dropping further than three-tenths of a second behind Easton. While Easton and Hill dealt with each other a battle began heating up for the final podium spot. The two Relentless Suzuki bikes of Alastair Seeley and Michael Laverty were taking on Brookes and Kawasaki’s John Laverty. On Lap 16 Michael Laverty went wide in a corner to give his brother, John, a chance to move up to fifth
On the final lap there was some frantic passing which gave John Laverty the final podium spot. Brookes had dropped to sixth while Gary Mason of MSS Colchester Kawasaki held off his teammate’s advances to finish seventh. Despite being penalized for his jump start, Bridewell was able to climb back to tenth.
Race 2
Conditions during Race 2 quickly deteriorated. Showers began dampening the track, which led most of the field to opt for wet tires. HM Plant Honda’s Ryuichi Kiyonari had the holeshot off the starting line ahead of Hill and Michael Laverty. It was clear from the opening lap that Laverty was on the move when he made the pass on Hill.

Michael Laverty was able to make the pass on Tommy Hill during the opening lap at Round 3 of the 2010 BSB series.
Suzuki rider Michael Laverty was able to proudly stand on top of the podium at Oulton Park.

Rutter also appeared to be on the move as he advanced to second by passing Kiyonari at the end of Lap 2. Kiyonari fought back on the next lap, however, and regained second-place. This would only last for another lap though as Rutter and Kiyonari battled intensely with Rutter ultimately claiming second.
By Lap 8 Hill began his advance by passing Kiyo at Lodge. In Lap 10 the Japanese pilot took a turn wide which resulted in him dropping back in the pack, but he recovered well and was able to settle into fourth after a brief battle with John Laverty.
After being penalized in Race 1 for being a little too eager off the starting line, Tommy Bridewell was able to secure a much better start in Race 2 and finish seventh ahead of fellow Honda rider Josh Brookes.

British Superbike Oulton Park Race 1 Results:
1 Stuart Easton (Honda)
2 Tommy Hill (Suzuki) +0.058s
3 John Laverty (Kawasaki) +10.399s
4 Alastair Seeley (Suzuki) +10.843s
5 Michael Laverty (Suzuki) +10.849s
6 Josh Brookes (Honda) +11.073s
7 Gary Mason (Kawasaki) +23.428s
8 Chris Walker (Kawasaki) +27.478s
9 Dan Linfoot (Yamaha) +35.997s
10 Tommy Bridewell (Quay Garage Honda) +36.709s

British Superbike Oulton Park Race 2 Results:
1 Michael Laverty (Suzuki)
2 Michael Rutter (Ducati) +6.000s
3 Tommy Hill (Suzuki) +11.333s
4 Ryuichi Kiyonari (Honda) +16.029s
5 John Laverty (Kawasaki) +23.590s
6 Alastair Seeley (Suzuki) +27.258s
7 Tommy Bridewell (Quay Garage Honda) +30.287s
8 Josh Brookes (Honda) +30.823s
9 Hudson Kennaugh (Kawasaki) +32.463s
10 Adam Jenkinson (Kawasaki) +54.950s
British Superbike Championship Points:
1 Tommy Hill (Worx Suzuki) 126
2 Stuart Easton (Swan Honda) 75
3 Josh Brookes (HM Plant Honda) 74
4 Michael Laverty (Relentless Suzuki) 65
5 Alastair Seeley (Relentless Suzuki) 63