2010 FIM Motocross USGP MX2 Results

May 30, 2010
JC Hilderbrand
JC Hilderbrand
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Marvin Musquin of France took the win easily during the qualifier at Glen Helen  taking first by almost 8 seconds over Kawasakis Jeremy van Horebeek.
Marvin Musquin was perfect all day, leading every lap and claiming a 1-1-1 result. He leads the championship handily.

San Bernardino’s notorious wind has wreaked havoc with the FIM World Motocross USGP at Glen Helen this weekend, starting with gusts so gnarly that practice was shortened on Saturday, leaving each group measly 10 minute sessions. That meant the US riders had an advantage with the regular MX2 competitors unable to really learn the track. Unfortunately, riders awoke Sunday morning to another blustery day which would again change the racing format.

Moto 1 saw defending MX2 world champion, Marvin Musquin, blister the Glen Helen track without missing a beat on the long, rough Southern California circuit. Musquin established himself as the frontrunner on Saturday with dominating qualifying results and lap times. His wire-to-wire in Moto 1 proved he’s feeling no ill effects of the travel associated with coming to the United States. Steven Frossard followed him to the checkers on his Kawasaki with young Ken Roczen in third aboard a Suzuki RM-Z250. American Zach Osborne landed in fourth for the Bike-it Cosworth Yamaha team.

Zach Osborne was the top American MX2 racer at the USGP. He finished second overall in the 250 class.
Zach Osborne was the top American in the MX2 division, taking second overall on his Yamaha.

Heading into Moto 2, the 250cc class wasn’t questioning how to beat Musquin so much as how to beat everyone else for second. The French title-holder set out on a repeat showing, gating first and running away from the pack, but at the 26-minute mark, the giant, inflated Red Bull arch blew over, catching Max Anstie and Gautier Paulin, and causing race officials to throw the red flag. At that time Musquin had a 13-second lead over Osborne, followed by KTM-mounted Shaun Simpson another four seconds back. Because the race was in its second half, there was no restart and the results for Moto 2 were taken from the abbreviated 10-lap race.

Musquin led every lap of the day and easily earned the overall and another 50 championship points. Osborne picked up second with a 4-2 score, besting Frenchman Frossard (2-4) by way of tiebreaker. Osborne gets a boost in the overall championship standings and is now seven points behind Simpson. Germany’s Roczen landed in fourth with Simpson fifth OA. Roczen is the closest to Musquin in the title chase and could have used a few extra points had the second moto finished out properly.

American Travis Baker nailed a solid sixth-place in Moto 1, but with the final 10 minutes of Race 2 getting cut, the Yamaha rider was unable to move through the pack as well as he would have liked after failing to find his groove early in the moto. Relegated to 22nd, Baker finished 13th overall – the highest ranking American behind Virginia-born Osborne.

Steven Frossard is currently fourth in the overall series and took ninth in the qualifying race at Glen Helen.
Third overall went to Steven Frossard. The French rider lost a tiebreaker with Osborne for the runner-up spot.

USGP MX2 Overall Results:
1. Marvin Musquin, FRA, KTM (1-1)
2. Zach Osborne, USA, Yamaha (4-2)
3. Steven Frossard, FRA, Kawasaki (2-4)
4. Ken Roczen, GER, Suzuki (3-5)
5. Shaun Simpson, GBR, KTM (9-3)
6. Jeremy van Horebeek, BEL, Kawasaki (5-8)
7. Jake Nicholls, GBR, KTM (10-7)
8. Arnaud Tonus, SUI, Suzuki (7-11)
9. Dennis Verbruggen, BEL, KTM (14-6)
10. Gautier Paulin, FRA, Yamaha (11-9)
11. Joel Roelants, BEL, KTM (13-13)
12. Matiss Karro, LAT, Suzuki (15-12)
13. Travis Baker, USA, Yamaha (6-22)
14. Jeffrey Herlings, NED, KTM (8-27)
15. Harri Kullas, FIN, Yamaha (28-10)

MX2 Overall Point Standings:
1. Marvin Musquin, FRA, 268
2. Ken Roczen, GER, 228
3. Steven Frossard, FRA, 205
4. Jeffrey Herlings, NED, 197
5. Shaun Simpson, GBR, 170
6. Zach Osborne, USA, 163
7. Jeremy van Horebeek, BEL, 157
8. Tonus, Arnaud SUI, 154
9. Joel Roelants, BEL, 134
10. Jake Nicholls, GBR, 129

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