2010 FIM World Enduro Italy Results

May 25, 2010
Matt Davidson
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David Knight took third-place in the first day of competition in Italy.
KTM’s David Knight was able to take a victory during Day 2 and third-place on Day 1. He is currently first in the 2010 World Enduro standings ahead of Christophe Nambotin.

KTM’s David Knight of Britain took a victory at Round 6 of the 2010 World Enduro Championship in Italy. Knight also podiumed Saturday in third-place, and was able to put in a more impressive ride the next day over terrain that included difficult rocks, sand, grass and some classic Italian Enduro track. After Italy the Isle of Man racer now leads the series by six points ahead of his French rival Christophe Nambotin, followed by KTM’s Simone Albergoni in third.
“It’s certainly one of the hardest races I’ve done,” says Knight. “I really gave it everything in the last Enduro test, pushing myself to the limit. It’s a special feeling for me to win here in the Valley of Bergamo, in the Enduro World series stronghold. The atmosphere here is similar to the one that I am familiar with at the Isle of Man TT. I’m really pleased to secure this victory for all of the Fabio Farioli team. “
Making a few timing errors during Day 2 was Gas Gas rider Christophe Nambotin. While he was able to take a victory during Day 1, the French rider was unable to overcome his errors which resulted in Knight taking the victory by 9.18 seconds ahead of Nambotin.
Following his fourth-place result in Day 1, KTM rider Simone Albergoni was the only Italian to take home a podium finish when he finished third during the second day of

Simone Albergoni finished third overall in Italy.
Simone Albergoni was the only Italian rider to take home a podium win for his country.

France’s Sebastien Guillaume was able to take fourth overall for the weekend after finishing second during Day 1 and and fourth during Day 2.
Overall E3 Points after Six Rounds:
1. David Knight, Britain, KTM – 142
2. Christophe Nambotin, France, Gas Gas – 136
3. Simone Albergoni, Italy, KTM – 120
4. Sebastien Guillaume, France – 98
5. Alessandro Botturi, Italy – 86


In the E2 Class Mika Ahola brought an end to Ivan Cervantes’ hopes of a victory on Day 2 when he took the win by only 17 centimeters. Ahola was fastest during the first day of racing but was cautious of Cervantes’ ability to take second round victories. However, the Finnish

Ivan Cervantes had a tense weekend of combat with rival Mika Ahola for a double podium in the E2 Class in Italy.
Ivan Cervantes had a close second-place finish behind Finnish rider Mika Ahola on Day 2 in Italy.  

rider’s speed proved too much to handle and he took an extremely close second-place to Ahola on Day 2.
Taking third was MX3 Champion Tomas Oldrati, who was able to come out ahead of his opponent Pierre- Alexandre Renet of France for the final podium spot.
Juha Salminen was absent from the Italy due to injuring his ankle in the Spanish round of enduro racing, but that didn’t stop his BMW Husqvarna Motorrad team from debuting its new prototype 450cc enduro bike. With two bikes entered BMW chose Marko Tarkkala and Andreas Lettenbichler to operate them, and after two full days of racing the team was able to take home two top-10 finishes in the E2 class.
“It’s been a very positive weekend for me,” said Tarkkala. “I didn’t have much time on the bike before the event, so the set-up wasn’t as developed for race conditions as it could have been. But the bike worked very well and allowed me to improve on my earlier results in the championship. I made some mistakes on one of the hills on the extreme test on day one, which cost me a lot of time. I still managed to finish 10th and without the mistake I would have been around eighth. Day two started really well. I was around fifth during the first lap but I crashed twice on the enduro test. Without that mistake it would have been a really good day.
Overall E2 Points after Six Rounds:
1. Mika Ahola, Finland – 144
2. Ivan Cervantes, Spain – 138
3. Tomas Oldrati, Italy – 104
4. Pierre- Alexandre Renet, France – 99
5. Joakim Ljunggren, Sweeden – 86


In Day 1 KTM’s Johnny Aubert was plagued by vision problems, tremors and headaches which resulted in him having to retire early for the weekend. As a result the race was left to Antoine Meo of France, who went on to take the overall win. Despite his two wins in Italy and current domination of the E1 class standings, Meo remains weary of the season’s unpredictable nature.

E1 class podium Day 1  Italy 2010.
Antoine Meo took a double victory in Italy during Round 6 of the 2010 World Enduro series. 

“The road to the title is still long,” Meo said. “I am not immune to problems such as Johnny has suffered today. When I knew he had abandoned the race, I concentrated on the ‘scratch’ classification in all categories. I am happy to win. It seems that with my Italian heritage, I am popular with the public, because I heard encouragement throughout the course. “
Eero Remes was able to manage a second-place finish after he abandoned the race in Spain. Following Remes was Cristobal Guerrero who was shaken by the rocks in the Cross Test.
On Day 2 Meo was faced with Aubert’s teammate Remes, who was able to exert pressure on the Frenchman. While Meo made many small errors, none proved large enough to prevent him from winning again with a 23.75 second lead. Following Remes was Cristobal Guerrero of Spain who finished in third.
Overall E1 Points after Six Rounds:
1. Antoine Meo, France – 147
2. Cristobal Guerrero, Spain – 118
3. Eero Remes, Finland – 97
4. Matti Seistola, Finland – 95
5. Nicolas Deparrois, France – 94

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