2010 Hare and Hound Round 7 Results

May 17, 2010
Courtesy of KTM North America
FMF/KTM rider David Kamo earned 2nd overall at the seventh round of the AMA Hare & Hound Series and remains 2nd

David Kamo
David Kamo maintained second-place throughout the race, coming in behind Kendall Norman by less than five seconds.

in the overall point standings.

Kamo started the race in 2nd position and maintained that place throughout the race. “At the end of the bomb I was 2nd behind Kendall Norman,” reported Kamo. “I stayed on his tail through the first section and figured I would try to make my move after the pits when I knew it was going to be less dusty and easier to plan ahead.”

Coming into the first pit, Kamo had a little bit of trouble and lost about 15 seconds to Norman. “Our pace was very close today and when I lost time in that first pit, I was never able to make up enough time to catch back up and pass him.”

Kamo eventually finished only 5 seconds behind Norman to take 2nd overall for the day. Jacob Argubright finished 3rd. Kamo’s teammate, David Pearson, who suffered a minor mechanical problem near the end of the race finished 5th overall.

The riders now take a four month break before returning to the series for the eighth round in Lucerne, CA on October 10, 2010.

In addition to Norman and Kamo, Jacob Argubright was able to secure the last spot on the podium during the seventh round of the 2010 AMA Hare and Hound Series.

Overall Results:
1. Kendall Norman
2. David Kamo 
3. Jacob Argubright
4. Preston Hannifin
5. David Pearson 

Overall Points:
1. Kendall Norman – 179
2. David Kamo – 158
3. David Pearson – 117
4. Destry Abbott – 116
5. Jacob Argubright – 104

Courtesy of Jacob Argubright

This last weekend basically went as good as anything ever has for me. I got to ride in some of the most amazing conditions I ever have, I got to meet a ton of people who were excited to meet me and talk racing, and I got myself on the podium at a National Hare and Hound!

Jacob at Cherry Creek Hare and hound Round 7 2010
During the first five miles Jacob Argubright was stuck in a thick cloud of dust with David Kamo directly ahead of him.

I really can’t complain about a single thing this weekend. From the drive up, which took about 14 hours, to the drive home, which we did strait through everything was just perfect. Because it was just my Dad, Ed, and Myself we decided to leave the big truck at home. With both Destry and Gary missing this race, there was no reason to bring all of that equipment. On Thursday morning we loaded up the trailer, and for the first time all year Ed joined us in the motorhome for the drive.
As we have done for all of the out of state trips, we picked up Jerry Jones (our friend from NV) and headed north where we eventually stopped in Beaver for the night. The drive was pretty easy and I really just slept a lot of the way, but as we got closer and closer it was exciting to see how bad the weather was!
When I say bad, I really mean good because the wet dirt in Utah is just amazing! When we finally arrived Friday morning, I got on my bike and did a little bit of testing with Ed to make sure that I was good to go. I had spent a lot of time in Gorman up in the trees this last week getting ready for the terrain and I really felt confident putting the bike away for the night on Friday.
It had really poured and hailed and snowed all day, so the conditions in the morning were going to be perfect! Three loops meant that there would be lots of chances for passing, and I had a gut feeling that it was going to be my weekend!
At about 4 O Clock we started the autograph signing and Morgan and I were really busy for what seemed about three hours! I signed so many posters that I actually ran out of what I brought! My dad was busy with Ed discussing bike setup with a few of the locals, and I think he even convinced a few of them to come out to California for our October race later in the year! Jerry cooked dinner for us, and I got to bed about 9 pm ready to ride in the morning.
Race Day
Saturday morning I woke up early and started working on my bomb line. It was pretty good compared to the year before, and I knew that I could really get going with this kind of terrain. Last year we basically went strait up a pretty gnarly hill and there were only one or two lines. For the 50th anniversary of the Cherry Creek race they had pulled out all of the stops and had a wide open field that we could ride for about 3 miles to the end of the bomb! It was just like California, only GREEN!

Jacob at Cherry Creek Hare and hound Round 7 2010
Loop 2 consisted of 35 miles of trees which went by much quicker than Jacob expected.

When I had my line selected we put the bike out and came back to the trailer to get ready for the race. During this time there were so many fans out for the event it was hard to concentrate. I was still signing autographs as I was getting ready to go to the start line!
The banner went up and everything went silent. I had a good feeling and could see the smoke bomb way off in the distance. Another cool part was the helicopter overhead filming video! They were just chilling waiting for the start and then bam! The gun shot went off and the banner was dropped.
My bike started first kick, and I was off. About a mile in I could already see Kendall pulling away, and I wasn’t going to let him get far. I made a pass on TJ Hannifin who was also on a Kawi, and set my sights on David Kamo who was ahead.
For the first 5 miles or so I was just stuck in his dust. Even with all of that rain there was still some dust out there, but I held on and felt like I was pretty close. It was fun at this point. The helicopter was right over head and I know that it has some great footage of me following Kamo. We came into this canyon and I swear the helicopter almost hit me. It tightened up a bit and Kamo was able to pull away, but I just concentrated on staying on him and not letting anyone by.
Into the pits for the first time they told me that Kendall was way out front, and David Pearson was about 20 seconds behind me. Be and I have battled at literally every round this year, so that was not what I wanted to hear, especially with 35 miles of trees ahead.
Loop two was just exactly that, and into the trees we went. I held on tight and pushed my bike as hard as it could go, but had no idea that Pearson was having bike troubles. The 35 miles went by much faster than I had expected it would go and I was still sitting in third and exciting for a third and final harder lap. With only 50 miles left, I knew that the podium was close but still reminded myself that anything could happen here.
I made into the alternate gas and Jerry handed me the quick fill. I just took enough to keep moving, and was hot on the trail of the lead bikes. Jerry did tell me that I had a good lead on 4th, so that was a bit of a relief with just 25 miles to go till the end. The trails were just perfect on this loop. Most of it was somewhat virgin, and it reminded me a bit of the trails I had been on all week in Gorman. The wet ground gave awesome traction, and I just rode my race and tried not to think about who was in front or behind.
As we got close to camp, I realized that we still needed to cross Cherry Creek. When I finally got there, it was more then I could even imagine as literally about 100 people were watching as I crossed the water. It was pretty deep, and I later learned that the first bikes took the line to the left where it was much shallower. I made it through and crossed the finish line in third overall! That is my best finish of the year.
It was exciting to be one the podium, because this time I was up there with Roger from Idaho talking about making the podium instead of being one spot shy. Again here there were so many people. I couldn’t believe how big the turnout was for Cherry Creek, it was much more then we have had in California for a long time. Being on the podium with Kendall and David was exactly how I would have wanted it to happen this year. With two rounds left hopefully I can do thing a couple more times!
Thanks to my sponsors Kawasaki of Simi Valley, Kawasaki Team Green, Monster Energy, TBT Racing, BRP, FMF, IMS, Fastway, Pro Moto Billet, Rekluse, Off Road Support, and Allianceoffroad.com. And THANKS TO BRAD BENTLEY FOR ALL OF THE GREAT PHOTOS!!!

Jacob at Cherry Creek Hare and hound Round 7 2010
Jacob crossed Cherry Creek with about 100 other people watching, After making it through he reached the finish line in third-place.

1. Kendall Norman (Hon)
2. David Kamo (KTM)
5. Morgan Crawford (KTM)
6. Justin Imhof (KTM)
7. David Pearson (KTM)
8. Buffdale Peterson (Yam)
9. Shawn Strong (KTM)
Other Notes
This was the 50th anniversary for the Cherry Creek race, and everything about it was over the top! The club did a great job of making this thing as professional as possible, and it was just really cool to be a part of it, and even better to know I made history by being on the podium here! We got awesome belt buckles for finishing, and the trophy was a giant 50-tooth sprocket that said 3rd overall- VERY COOL!!!
Justin Imhof and Morgan Crawford both had great rides today. Morgan had his best National finish to date, and it is exciting for both he and Chris and Patty Blais after all of the work that they have put in here. Justin did great too. It was again his best finish in the National Series, and he is just plain dominating in the 250 class.
One thing that was sad this weekend was that Destry wasn’t able to ride with us. People kept asking if we knew how he was doing, and we kept giving the same answer that he was home doing well and recovering. This might be one of the first National Hare and Hounds that he has missed in a LONG TIME.
My writing hand is killing me after this weekend, I really signed more autographs then I can ever remember. It was cool to share this podium with the people of USRA as they really gave me support even though I wasn’t from their racing organization. After I got off the podium, I signed my goggles, gloves, and jersey for some of the kids. It was pretty cool!
My next race will be the Ruts European Scrambles in Lucerne Valley in June, but until then I will be busy helping my dad and our club with their night race!
Thanks for reading this as always, and I’ll see you in the desert soon!