2010 North West 200 Supersport 1 Results

May 15, 2010
Bart Madson
By Bart Madson
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Seeley celebrates the Supersport Race 1 podium - 2010 North West 200
Alastair Seeley celebrates the Supersport Race 1 podium at the 2010 North West 200.

Suzuki’s Alastair Seeley followed up his Superbike podium with a victory in the first Supersport race. Joining the Relentless by TAS rider on the 600 steps were Ian Hutchinson and Michael Dunlop.

The five-lap event started with Hutchinson up front, the Padgett Honda man pacing ahead of Keith Amor and Superbike Race 1 winner, John McGuinness. Kawasaki’s Ryan Farquhar was in the mix as well, along with Guy Martin, as the front five all ran within two seconds of each other.

Hutchinson held the advantage for the majority of the affair, the front five continuing to jockey for position, all within shot of the leader. Then Seeley began his charge. Having set a new lap record in the first race of the day, the Suzuki man steadily moved up and by the time he came to the finish had not only passed Hutchy, he’d opened a healthy gap in what had been a very close race.

Keith Amor  BMW   Ryan Farquhar  KMR Kawasaki   Alistair Seeley  Relentless Suzuki  and Cameron Donald  Relentless Suzuki  in action during todays practice for the Relentless North West 200 today.
Keith Amor (48) and Ryan Farquhar (77) couldn’t match the pace of Alastair Seeley (34) in Supersport Race 1 at the NW 200.

Once again Amor saw a podium slip from his grasp, while McGuinness dropped to fifth in the first SS race. As for Jimmy Moore, the American once again tallied a solid result, finishing 15th out of 56 entries.

Supersport Race 1 Results:
1. Alastair Seeley (Suzuki)
2. Ian Hutchinson (Honda)
3. Michael Dunlop (Yamaha)
4. Keith Amor (Honda)
5. John McGuiness (Honda)
6. Ryan Farquhar (Kawasaki)
7. Cameron Donald (Suzuki)
8. Connor Cummins (Kawasaki)
9. William Dunlop (Yamaha)
10. Dan Keen (Yamaha)
15. Jimmy Moore (Yamaha)

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