2010 Superbike Smackdown VII Street FMM

Adam Waheed | May 17, 2010
2010 Superbike Smackdown VII Street Conclusion
For My Money:

Adam would buy the R1 because “it does good wheelies.”

Adam WaheedYamaha YZF-R1:
All of these bikes shred and I’d be happy with any of them. But if I had to fork out my cash I would buy the R1. Sure it’s not the fastest, it doesn’t handle the best and it gets pretty bad gas mileage. But I don’t care because it sounds so awesome—especially with a set of GYTR pipes. I also really dig the way it looks and when you pull up to a stop sign people think you’re on some kind of space ship. People also always mistake a white R1 for a cop bike so they get out of your way as if you were Moses crossing the Red Sea. The R1 is like an all-access pass to do whatever you want on the road.

Ray Gauger Suzuki GSX-R1000:
Considering I don’t have a whole lot of experience riding 1000s I’d buy the Suzuki. Not only is it the least expensive, it’s easy to ride and comfortable. I also really dig the S-DMS A-B-C engine power mode feature as it allows me to ride the bike without having to loop out backwards when I’m practicing my Waheed-style wheelies.
Francesco QuinnAprilia RSV4R:

The Aprilias  15 999 MSRP is plenty reasonable for the amount of performance and exclusivity you get.
The Aprilia RSV4R: Made by Italians, for Italians.

Keep in mind the word ‘superbike,’ because that’s what we’re talking about here. The modern-day lone horseman on his steed of steel, his weapon of choice. The defining platform of what kind of man you are. The fastest and most powerful. “Take your pick sire” says my squire to a stable of 150-plus horses per bike!
So after riding them all on the street, it’s obviously not about the numbers or the lap times, it’s about seat-of-the-pants and as much as I am an every-day-of-the-week motorcyclist, I’m not predictable. I like to spend, but not through the nose. I’m old school, but not slow and I like a good, strong Twin, but need the reliability of a Four. I must reach my destination and when I’ve found it, I have to feel proud of my ride.

The Japanese Four are all good, as usual. The Kawi was uncomfortable. All are powerful, with the Suzuki giving me the most pleasurable, secure ride. The Yamaha had a great sound and…okay, that’s it. The Honda was great at everything. I guess, since I don’t have anything to complain about, yet nothing to be excited about either. Same with the BMW and all its gadgetry. Would it be as good if I didn’t push its limits? Would I even notice if I didn’t try to engage the electronics? Can anybody stop and notice how much rattling plastics are on this thing?! Everyone is too busy pushing buttons, I guess.

The RSV4R is one stunning motorcycle.
Tim says he’d pay $15,999 to listen to the hum of the Aprilia’s V-Four.

The Ducati is a WOW! A gold watch for your Sunday brunch at the club. Too much for the street and never enough for the guys who can really afford it. The KTM is plain ugly. Out of all the superbikes I would pick the Aprilia. It does everything well. It’s cool without gadgetry. It’s new and it’s Italian.

Tim CollinsAprilia RSV4R:
What’s not to love about the Aprilia RSV4R? The moment you throw a leg over the bike you feel as if you’ve just strapped into the cockpit of a stealth fighter. Ergonomically the bike feels amazing. The bars are at the perfect angle to give you that sense of ultimate control over the motorcycle, without sacrificing a surprisingly comfortable ride. Then, as you turn on the key and start the ignition, you’ll fall in love all over again. The rumble of the V-Four is a sound unlike any other. The hum of 160 horses begs to be ridden like a true racebike. Yet, with three modes to choose from, you can customize that power for any type of adventure. With sleek styling, amazing control and seemingly endless power, the RSV4 takes the gold.

Steve Atlas
BMW S1000RR:

With 183-horsepower available its hard not to have fun at the controls of the BMW S1000RR.
Cranked over on the of the tire is right where the BMW S1000RR likes to be.
Wind protection aboard the BMW S1000RR feels like its a cross between the Honda and Suzuki.
Atlas, Hensley and Ali would buy the BMW if they were in the market for a brand-new 1000cc sportbike.

For me it all comes down to what performs the best for the least amount of cash-money. And that would be the BMW. It’s a rocket, it handles well, it’s comfortable and you could race it straight out of the crate. Sure it doesn’t look that good but hey when you’re flying down the road with one wheel in the sky who cares what you look like? M Power for life!

John HensleyBMW S1000RR:
Here’s the thing, it’s damn hard to beat the CBR1000RR on any level. It’s just that good of a motorcycle. That being said, I have to say that when it comes to the street, if I were going to plunk down the cash, I think I’d go for the bells and whistles of the BMW S1000RR. Every modification that I’d make to the CBR for the track, I don’t think I would even bother with on the street. I mean, why? Last time I checked any interested lady at a stop light didn’t really care what kind of slipper clutch I was running. Anyway, I digress. The fact is that I could go out and buy a motorcycle already loaded with every extra someone might want on the street, a beautiful being that is more technologically advanced than anything I’ve seen available to the consumer looking to get on board a 1000. And, for the street, and not to mention for around $15,000, that’s an unbeatable equation. I’m glad BMW put this motorcycle out, because my suspicion is that it will provoke a noticeable response from every other manufacturer out there. I’m looking forward to it.
Bobby AliBMW S1000RR:
After riding all the bikes and ranking my preferences the winner is the BMW. This bike was not my preference in the styling department as it has a styling that is love it or hate it, and I did not love it. I did not have high expectations for this bike either; it was actually lower than the other bikes I was testing being this is a somewhat new venture for BMW. But I was amazed at how the BMW rode on all road types, the engine, brakes, and suspension were all amazing! I have never ridden a bike that ensured and encouraged such confidence and sheer enjoyment. Simply stated I could always feel myself smiling from ear-to-ear as I rode this bike. So who cares if the styling is not as cool as the KTM, Aprilia, or Ducati? The BMW is such an amazing bike to ride that this is what I would someday hope to have in my stable of bikes!

2010 Superbike Smackdown VII Street Score Card


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