2010 Yavapai Downs Flat Track Results

May 3, 2010
Matt Davidson
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Last weekend at Yavapai Downs it was Joe Kopp who was able to give his team – Lloyd Brothers Motorsports – their first AMA Pro Flat Track Grand National Championship win. Not only was it a first for the Lloyd Brothers Team, it was also the first win for Ducati.
Joe Kopp  3  and Sammy Halbert  7  - 2010 AMA Flat Track Daytona
Joe Kopp (3) was able to sneak up behind Sammy Halbert (7) on the last lap for the win at Yavapai Downs.   

All day the favorite had been the Halbert Family/Kings Kustom’s Sammy Halbert, who set the fastest time in qualifying, and won the fastest heat and the five-point $1000 Dash for Cash on his Harley-Davidson. While Kopp was fast, he wasn’t giving Halbert too much trouble in the heat race, finishing a distant second-place on board his Latus Harley-Davidson/ENI R&M Ducati.
When the race started Kopp quickly shot toward the front ahead of Halbert, who seemed to be struggling.
“I realized I had to pick up the pace, I was afraid Joe was going to get away,” said Halbert.
After Lap 8 Halbert pushed to the front and seemed to be cruising. Kopp trailed in second with Chris Carr in third, but by Lap 13 Carr was under tremendous pressure from the defending champion Jared Mees attempting to take over the final podium spot. On Lap 15 Carr succumbed, and Mees darted past for third-place.
On Lap 17 Kenny Coolbeth pushed his Harley-Davidson around both Carr and Mees for third.
On the last lap Kopp considered overtaking Halbert on the back straight, but reconsidered in favor of passing him on the front. As they came around, Kopp was barely able to drift past at the finish line. Halbert, thoroughly disappointed with second, felt he should have won.
“I let this one get away. It’s a learning experience for me and I’ll not let that happen again,” said Halbert. “I should have won this.”

2010 Yavapai Downs Flat Track Results:

Sammy Halbert - 2010 AMA Flat Track Daytona
Harley-Davidson’s Sammy Halbert was upset about his loss to Joe Kopp. He felt that he had the win and let it slip through his fingers.

1. Joe Kopp (Duc)
2. Sammy Halbert (H-D)
3. Kenny Coolbeth (H-D)
4. Jared Mees (H-D)
5. Chris Carr (H-D)
6. Jake Johnson (H-D)
7. JR Schnabel (H-D)
8. Rob Pearson (H-D)
9. Don Taylor (H-D)
10. Luke Gough (Suz)
11. Henry Wiles (H-D)
12. Aaron King (Rot)
13. Brandon Robinson (H-D)
14. Mick Kirkness (H-D)
15. Chad Cose (Suz)

Pro Singles
Earlier that day, Rod Lake/Mike Velasco/ Brothers Powersport’s Brad Baker was able to capture the Pro Singles Main Event as he led the entire race. Yamaha‘s Corp’s Jeffery Carver struggled his way into second, finishing over four seconds behind Barker. The race for third-place was heated as Chaz Springsteen and Corey Crawford battled back and forth. Crawford, who had been the fastest in qualifying, was able to come out with the win. 

2010 Yavapai Downs Pro Singles Results:
1. Brad Baker (Hon)
2. Jeffery Carver (Yam)
3. Corey Crawford (Hon)
4. Chaz Springsteen (Kaw)
5. Mike Avila (Hon)
6. Jeremy Hamilton (Hon)
7. Mike LaBelle (Hon)
8. Wyatt Maguire (Yam)
9. Tony Davila (Hon)
10. Jake Cunningham (Suz)
11. Russ Wikle (Hon)
12. Harley Dunn (Hon)
13. Shayna Texter (Hon)
14. Michael Toon (Hon)
15. Mike Martin (Hon)

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