BAKER’s Smoke-Down Showdown at Sturgis

May 21, 2010
Bryan Harley
Bryan Harley
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BAKER Burnouts at the Buffalo Chip 2009
Kevin ‘Teach’ Baas gets ready to light ’em up in last years BAKER Burnout competition at the Buffalo Chip.

Summer is almost here and before you know it, it’s going to be time for Sturgis again. Which means the BAKER Burnout competition will be right around the corner, too! Last year’s event at the Buffalo Chip Campground before the Buckcherry show was insane. Smoke and rubber was flying everywhere, the crowd hovered over the burnout pit like it was an old-time prize fight, and Bert was bouncing all over the place having a blast. This year should be twice as fun as BAKER Drivetrain is planning not one, but two different nights of tire-melting fun.

The first showdown will take place on Monday, August 9th at the Broken Spoke County Line. It will be the same format as last year as 12 of your favorite custom bike builders will go head-to-head in a drag-style burnout contest. First person to do a 5th gear burnout wins – simple as that. Last year the final between Bill Dodge of Blings Cycles and Ken Wolfe of S&S Cycle was so close, they had to run three heats before ‘Wolfey’ was declared the winner. We were there and even watching it live, it was difficult to tell who won.

The second round of competition is something new that ol’ Bert and his BAKER Drivetrain crew have devised and again will take place at the Broken Spoke County Line on Friday, August 13th. This time, eight lucky BAKER fans will go head-to-head with a sweet prize package going to the victor. They’ll also get to run against a yet-to-be-announced special guest. Contestants will be chosen from the crowd at the Monday event.

BAKER has hosted the ‘original burnout drag competition – for three years running.’ As the BAKER Drivetrain website states, “No entry fee and no cover means that there is no excuse for missing this kind of party that only BAKER and our buddy Jay Allen know how to throw!”

Allen and Bert are also offering a deal on camping at the Broken Spoke County Line. Check out the insane action then stumble back to your own campsite with the smell of smoke still fresh in your nostrils. All you need to do is enter or mention discount code ‘baker’ when you’re booking reservations to receive a 10% discount off of camping or RV sites at the Broken Spoke Campground. This can be done online at or call their toll-free number 877-653-6679.

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