EnduroCross ‘Travel Dollars’ Program

May 25, 2010
Courtesy of Geico Powersports
With travel budgets tight already and the usual summer gas price increase looming, officials at GEICO Powersports have decided to spread the wealth to help riders compete in all six rounds of the 2010 GEICO EnduroCross series, presented by E3 Spark Plugs, season.

Geico Triple Crown of EnduroCross
In addition to over $10,000 in purse money, Geico will now be offering an additional $3,000 in cash prize money for non-podium, non-factory racers in the main event and LCQ.

Gone is the GEICO Triple Crown of EnduroCross – a $50,000 three-race sweep prize that was never claimed in the three-year history of the program. And in its place is the new GEICO Travel Dollars program, which pays cash money all the way down through the standings to the 12th place finisher in the LCQ, which is effectively the 21st position for the event.

“In traveling to the EnduroCross events and meeting the racers, getting a chance to speak with them for a bit, we learned that there’s a definite need for additional support for the non-factory racers,” said Mike Karsting, VP of Events for Source Interlink Media. “So we looked at the prize money structure for GEICO Powersports EnduroCross and decided to make some adjustments – coming up in the end with the GEICO Powersports Travel Dollars.”

So in addition to the already over $10,000 up for grabs in purse money at each event, GEICO is kicking in with an additional $3,000 in cash prize money that goes to the non-podium, no-factory racers in the main event and LCQ.

“Brilliant plan. The riders are going to be pumped,” noted Lance Bryson, Director of Sales and Marketing for Source Interlink Media. “We suggested to spread the purse down a little more in the results column and GEICO Powersports said ‘Heck, yeah! Let’s run it!’”

For a breakdown of the 2010 GEICO EnduroCross purse structure, click here.

2010 GEICO EnduroCross schedule:

Date              Venue                                              City/State

July 17          The Orleans Arena                        Las Vegas, Nev.
Aug. 14         Lazy E Arena                                   Guthrie, Okla.
Aug. 27         Pepsi Coliseum                             Indianapolis, Ind. (Friday night)
Sept. 11       Comcast Arena                               Everett, Wash.
Oct. 30          National Western Complex          Denver, Colo.
Nov. 20        The Orleans Arena                         Las Vegas, Nev.

All six rounds of the 2010 GEICO EnduroCross series, presented by E3 Sparkplugs will air on the Lucas Motorsports Hour on the Versus Network. To confirm the latest schedule, log onto www.motorsportshour.com.