KYMCO Scoot 2 TX Ride – Monday

May 25, 2010
Courtesy of KYMCO

Eleven of us rolled out of Spartanburg  SC at 8 am and headed 310 miles southwest along a ribbon of two-lane blacktop stretched out over the red earth and green  rolling hills of South Carolina.
The Kymco scooter group continues their ride to Texas. This leg of the journey takes them through the rural roads of Alabama.

Here we are – Mobile, AL. Nine of us traveled another 300-some miles today, along a string of two-lane county roads that led past ubiquitous Dollar General stores, loan for title businesses and fireworks stands, Baptist churches, logging trucks, thick new growth forests, long-abandoned, kudzu-engulfed farm houses, and rural blight that served as a sad reminder that many people in this region have seen better economic times. 

KYMCO customers Judi McLane and David George, who had joined us for the first leg of the trip, turned around and headed for home this morning. The rest of us left Columbus around 8:30 am and arrived in Mobile around 4 pm, after a couple of fuel stops, a lunch stop, and a stop to satisfy an urging a few people had for an ice cream treat on this 96-degree day.

“Look at this – a moped gang!” a young man exclaimed in a southern drawl as he exited his pick-up truck at the Pantry filling station near the small hamlet of Clio, AL. “Where ya’ll headed?

Rolling in to the big city after some extensive rural riding.Kymco Scoot 2 TX Ride
Rolling in to Mobile, Alabama on the Kymco scooters. Next stop will
be Baton Rouge, LA.

“Texas,” someone responded.

“Texas?! Well, it looks like [the scooters ride] real good.”

KYMCO’s maxi scoots – the Xciting 250 & 500Ri, as well as the soon-to-be-available 2011 Downtown 300i – covered the stretch with ease. In fact, Robert Pandya proved the point to a couple on a Harley-Davidson who passed us waving, evidently amused by the spectacle of our crew cruising in formation atop our laden scoots. The Harley passed us, and a split-second later Robert passed me, reeling the big Milwaukee iron in with ease.

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