Leo Vince X3 Full System Exhaust Review

JC Hilderbrand | May 30, 2010
You can argue that a 450 motocross bike doesn’t need more power, but that doesn’t mean it can’t use an improvement on the type of power it provides. Italian pipe manufacturer, Leo Vince, offers one of the best-looking options around for upgrading your exhaust. Available in multiple variations of stainless steel, aluminum and titanium, we sampled the high-end X3 Titanium full system on a 2010 Honda CRF450R .

Leo Vince X3 Exhaust
The Leo Vince Titanium/Carbon Fiber combination is undeniably a piece of moto art. The performance gains stretched our Honda’s top end.

Quality of construction on the CAD-designed X3 is beautiful. A carbon fiber end cap and heat shield give it a racy look while the metal portions are 1mm-thick, Grade 4 CP-1 titanium. It uses DuraPaq material on the inside which is supposed to last 50 hours before needing repacking, but we haven’t logged enough hours yet to verify that. Even though it’s a motocross bike, LV includes a spark arrestor screen, which is a major bonus in our book. Also, the clamp that connects the header and muffler on the stock unit is replaced with a rubber-coated spring. The header shaves weight, but with the muffler nearly three inches longer than stock, the LV system is virtually identical in weight.

Looking at the dyno charts, the power curve starts to overtake the stock version at 6800 rpm and builds a two-horsepower advantage (50 vs. 48) by the time it hits 8500. Where the stock pipe starts to fall off, the LV hangs on longer until the 11,400-rpm rev limit. Our tester likes to run a gear low, so the additional horsepower in the upper-rpm were a much-needed improvement. The addition is great for outdoor-style tracks and even GP or off-road use.

“I felt the stock Honda was lacking on top and the additional horsepower provided by the X3 is a much-needed improvement,” said MotoUSA tester, Brian Chamberlain. “When I was racing Arenacross, I was a little disappointed, but now that we’re racing outdoor motocross I can rev the motor quite a bit longer while still putting maximum power to the ground. I plan to use the bike for some WORCS races and maybe local hare scrambles too, so I was excited to see the addition of a spark arrestor and a sound reduction without any weight gain.”

Leo Vince X3 Exhaust
The installation process was very simple, though the muffler protrudes a little farther from the bike which pushes the side numberplate out a little. Otherwise, everything bolted up perfectly and we’ve been running it with the spark arrestor insert. 

Honda has created a signature look with the stubby muffler, but the mechanical exhaust is loud and tinny. It blew 101 decibels on a stationary sound test. The X3 protrudes out past the number plate like most exhausts, ditching that shrunken look, but it knocked the output down to 96 dB, which is much more tolerable. The ability to legally expand your riding options and keep a more moderate noise impact is nothing to scoff at. The power is better, but for the price we’d like to see more of an overall improvement in total output. Overall, the biggest gains are definitely the addition of a spark arrestor, a five-decibel sound reduction and the wow-factor of Ti/carbon.

MSRP: $1149
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