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May 11, 2010
By MotorcycleUSA Staff

Fantasy Motocross 2010 Launches Out Of The Gate At 

Sign up for your chance to win some dirt gear for your own motocross racing! introduces Fantasy Motocross 2010 – the premier MX fantasy series on the Internet. Fantasy Motocross 2010 allows players to choose both 450 and 250 class racing, read supporting rider bios, create custom leagues and play multiple teams – all for free!

If that weren’t enough, players who sign up for Fantasy Motocross 2010 can enter to win a set of O’Neal motocross gear from Motorcycle Superstore. The winner can choose their favorite combination of helmet, jersey, pants and gloves from O’Neal’s 2011 lineup. Registration is simple, fill out your racing profile and check the box at the bottom.

Registration instantly includes your team in the general league, but there are countless others to choose from. Or, create a new one to suit your needs and send invites to the people you want to challenge head-to-head. It’s the perfect way to settle those bench-racing wars! You’ll also gain access to the rapidly growing My MotoUSA social network and be connected with motorcyclists of all disciplines.

“This is the first year that MotorcycleUSA is offering fantasy racing of any kind,” says Off-Road Editor, JC Hilderbrand. “Now our dirt readers can get in on the action too! Fantasy Motocross 2010 is supported with previews and race results, plus you can catch the highlights each week on MotoUSA TV, so players have all the tools necessary to make smart picks.”

Mike Alessi took the overall win in the 450 class - AMA Motocross  Hangtown
Watch for the Fantasy Motocross Hot Picks before each race to get the lowdown on who’s hot and who’s not. Will MIke Alessi take the season opener? Will Speedy Reedy defend his title? Stay tuned to find out!

Each race allows you to choose your top three in the 450 class and 250 class, and you can’t just pick the superstars every time! Mixing it up with the full pack of racers will be key to success, and don’t forget that bonus points are awarded for the holeshot winners. Be sure to read the complete rules for more information.

The season starts with Round 1 of the AMA National Motocross Championship at Hangtown on May 22nd. With 12 races and 24 individual motos, there’s plenty of time to recover from a bad weekend. Be sure to sign up early and start paying attention to the racing coverage at for previews, injury bulletins, rider interviews, updated bios and race results.

“Fantasy Motocross 2010 is going to be awesome,” adds Hilderbrand. “It’s part of our ongoing effort to deliver complete motorcycle coverage for our readers. Our entire crew at MotorcycleUSA will be on there throwing roost with everyone else. See you on the start gate!”

Don’t miss your chance to bang virtual bars, sign up today!

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