My New Suzuki GS500F – Fan Report

May 11, 2010
By Rebecca Morrow

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Suzuki GS500F
The Suzuki GS500F (left) sits next to the Honda CBR (right) before the weekend ride.

I was out looking for a new bike because someone had run over mine (fortunately, I wasn’t on it). The insurance company totaled my bike and handed me a check. (NOTE – ALWAYS GET FULL COVERAGE INSURANCE ON YOUR BIKE!) Boo! I hadn’t been able to ride for almost a year due to injuries and cold weather.

A friend of mine was out looking for bikes for me. He thought that I could just stay with the Ninja 250, and I thought maybe I could move up. After looking around, I decided not to get one at all since I had some extra bills that I needed to take care of.

That is, until April 20th. I walked into a dealer, saw a longtime friend who works there and “bam,” he showed me this brand new bike. A ’09 Suzuki GS500F. God, it was gorgeous, and black. I thought about it, a friend of mine was in the area and looked at it, my instructor said it’s a great bike, and, well, on April 22 I went in and bought the bike.

They weren’t able to deliver my Suzuki until the following Monday due to inclement weather. But, that Thursday, April 29, I got to go ride my bike for the first time. I rode to work and I rode to my Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu class, both of which are nearby.

Suzuki GS500F
With the sun shining it was the perfect time to take the new Suzuki out and break it in with a few twisties.

Then the weekend rolled around, it’s perfect weather and a friend of mine comes down to ride with me. We started out with three bikes, a Honda CBR600CBR1000 and my Suzuki GS500F. (And all of our bikes have personalized plates, mind you.) The 600 had to leave us early, so my friend on the 1000 and I took off from The Summit in Birmingham to ride out towards Barber’s and then to 29 Dreams. I have been riding for just over a year and have not yet had the courage to get on the freeway. But, I trusted my friend, we hopped on the 459 to the 20 and took the backroads to 29 Dreams. Hairpin turns, curves going up- and downhill, cars zooming by me – all while trying to control my breathing (especially on the freeway).

It was an amazing ride. I’m not nearly as experienced as my friend is (he does amateur racing in the advanced arena), but I followed his lead and got in 66 miles on my brand new bike that day. The weather was perfect, the roads were great and I made sure that I kept my eyes peeled for silt and pebbles in the curves.

With out incident, I completed a successful full day’s ride on my new bike, even with 25 MPH wind gusts. Cars may whoosh by me and my friend might be working on his wheelies, but I made sure that I kept my ride in my comfort zone – and it was amazing.

Suzuki GS500F
Returning safe and sound. The bike performed very well even through the wind gusts, making the new owner comfortable right away.

I love to ride and have been a fan of it since I could remember. I’m lucky enough to enjoy the open road and never would have thought that in less than a year I would be riding a 500cc bike. But, with great instruction and friends that ride, I have the courage that I need and experience that I’m gaining to continue outstanding rides such as this weekend.

As for the Suzuki GS500F. People have said great things about the bike. From my point of view and being reasonably new, I have to say that they are right in everything that they say. It’s a sturdy bike, corners amazingly well, has fabulous balance, sounds great, looks awesome and even my very advanced friend was quite impressed with the handling. The much larger fairings (obviously larger than my last bike) really cut down on the wind on my legs, and even though I did get broadsided by 25-30 MPH winds, the bike easily kept its balance.

All-in-all – great bike, great ride and I can’t wait to do it all over again!

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