Seeley Claims NW 200 Superbike Race 2

May 15, 2010
Bart Madson
By Bart Madson
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TAS/Relentless Suzuki rider
Alastair Suzuki had a very strong 2010 North West 200  with a pair of victories.
Alastair Seeley had a very strong 2010 North West 200, with victory in Superport and another in Superbike.

Alastair Seeley became the only rider to record multiple victories at this year’s North West 200, the GSX-R pilot taking the win in the second Superbike race. The Irish-born racer became the first of his countrymen to win a Superbike main event at the Northwest 200 in 13 years. Seeley took the victory after a race-long battle with another rider of small stature, Swan Honda’s Stuart Easton and the 17-year NW 200 vet John McGuinness.

Easton, who has routinely been the setting the fastest trap time throughout the week, jumped out to the early lead. McGuinness worked his way around, but Easton would continually slipstream past on the long straights. But then Seeley, who had surprised earlier in the day with super fast laps, jumped up into contention. Guy Martin and Ian Hutchinson were also in the mix, at times pushing for the rostrum, with accordion racing down the North West’s very long straights.

In the end it wound down to Seeley up front with Easton pressing hard. While the Honda man continued to apply the heat, there wasn’t enough real estate to catch the Suzuki.

Superbike Race 2 Results:
1. Alastair Seeley (Suzuki)
2. Stuart Easton (Honda)
3. John McGuinness (Honda)
4. Guy Martin (Honda)
5. Ian Hutchinson (Honda)
6. Keith Amor (BMW)
7. Michael Rutter (BMW)
8. Michael Dunlop (Yamaha)
9. Adrian Archibald (Suzuki)
10. Bruce Anstey (Suzuki)

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