Top Scooter Insurance Questions

May 10, 2010
Courtesy of Foremost Insurance
While you’re getting around town with great gas mileage, there are things you should know about scooter insurance. Here are six questions Foremost Insurance Senior Product Manager Kevin Henry suggests you ask your agent about coverage for your scooter.

Vespa S 150
Scooter Insurance is strongly advised and it should be designed to fit your specific bike and lifestyle.  

1. Do I need insurance for my scooter?

“Some people think that their scooter is adequately covered through an endorsement on an automobile policy,” explains Henry. “Or, worse yet, they disregard coverage altogether. Both are mistakes. You should have an insurance policy that offers the coverages that are important to your specific bike and lifestyle. It’s good to keep in mind that a scooter is a motorized vehicle that is most likely excluded from your homeowner’s policy. You never know what’s going to happen, especially for liability purposes, so it’s better to be prepared and have it insured.”

2. Do I have coverage for my safety apparel?

“Helmets, goggles, gloves and any other clothing designed to minimize injury are considered safety apparel,” says Henry. “Buying these safety equipment items can add up quickly and a good policy will provide some sort of coverage for them.”

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One possible way of receiving a discount is through motorcycle safety courses.

3. What discounts are available?

“Discounts will help you save money on the premium you pay for your policy,” states Henry. “You may qualify for a multi-policy discount if you insure more than just your scooter with the same company. Some other examples you may qualify for include a discount for renewing your policy, taking safety courses or being part of an affinity group.”

4. Is Towing and Roadside Assistance available?

“Optional Towing and Roadside Assistance coverage should be available in case your scooter breaks down,” adds Henry. “This is a great coverage to add to your policy. If you run out of gas, get a flat tire or have other mechanical problems far away from home, you will be thankful you can call someone for help knowing these services can be covered.”

5. Is the type of scooter I have eligible for insurance coverage?

“No two scooters are alike,” explains Henry. “Whether you have a sporty, vintage or three-wheeled model like the new Piaggio MP3, it’s best to make sure the company covers it. Honda, Piaggio, Vespa and Yamaha are just some of the major manufacturers of scooters. However, your insurance company should offer coverage on several other brands – if it doesn’t, ask your agent for a company that does.”

6. Are there any rewards for responsible riders?

“Special rewards are sometimes available for riders with good driving history or who follow certain safety precautions,” Henry provides. “Some companies offer to waive first accidents, increase coverage for using approved helmets or give you a break if you have a stolen vehicle recovery system installed.”

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