2010 AMA Pro Motocross High Point Results

June 12, 2010
Matt Davidson
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Danger, adrenaline and competition are what fuel this moto enthusiast. Driven by a spirit for sportsmanship, our racing guru here at MotoUSA can be spotted at finish lines the world over as he delivers the latest battles from the two-wheeled realm.

450 Motocross

Ryan Dungey went 1-1 for the second weekend in a row and left High Point with the red number plate reserved for the points leader.
Makita Suzuki’s Ryan Dungey took another double win at High Point after an impressive Moto 2 ride.

Out of the gate it was Suzuki’s Ryan Dungey taking the holeshot in the opening 450 moto at High Point Raceway with riders Chad Reed, Grant Langston and Tommy Hahn all near the front of the pack. After things settled down Yamaha’s Josh Grant held the lead with Dungey trailing in second. Andrew Short, Mike Alessi and Ben Townley rounded out the top-five at the end of the opening lap.
The terrific battle setup between Dungey and Grant quickly faded when Grant’s back end washed out and he fell on Lap 13, leaving the door wide open for the current Supercross champ. Although he was quickly able to get up, Grant’s spill created a more than seven-second gap for Dungey to capitalize on. In the end it was Dungey by 10 seconds over Grant and Short.
In Moto 2 Honda’s Andrew Short snared the holeshot ahead of Alessi, Grant, Ryan Sipes, and Dungey. After taking first-place in Moto 1, Dungey began applying tremendous pressure early on and was able to surpass Yamaha’s Sipes by the end of Lap 2.
Meanwhile Grant was able to dart past Alessi for the number two spot, but it was short-lived as the KTM 350 of Alessi quickly regained his second-place position. But it was Dungey who was on the move and able to overcome both

Andrew Short rode to a 3-2 finish at High Point which was good enough for second overall.
Despite having an enormous lead over Dungey in the second moto, Andrew Short had to settle for second.

Grant and Alessi to settle in second by the halfway point.
With over eight seconds separating Dungey from Short, the Suzuki rider began the task of making up time on the leader.
After taking 13th-place in Moto 1, current national champion Chad Reed suffered a front brake issue in the middle of Moto 2 and was pushed to the back of the pack.
By Lap 8 Short’s lead was beginning to be erased as Dungey poured on the throttle. Behind the two frontrunners, Geico Powersports Honda rider Brett Metcalfe made it around Hahn for third while Matt Moss crashed out of his ninth-place position.
Dungey put the squeeze on Short in the last few laps, and with just two laps to go the Makita Suzuki rider managed to take a triple to jump ahead of Short for the lead and eventual win. With his double win at High Point, along with Reed’s poor results, Dungey shot to the top of the Championship standings ahead of Reed.
450 Motocross

Josh Grant had a great first moto leading for the for nine laps and finishing second. The second moto was a disaster. A flat tire knock Grant down to 24th.
Josh Grant had a good start to the day at High Point with a second place in Moto One.

High Point Results:
1. Ryan Dungey (Suzuki) 1-1
2. Andrew Short (Honda) 3-2
3. Brett Metcalfe (Honda) 6-3
4. Ben Townley (Honda) 4-6
5. Mike Alessi (KTM) 7-5
6. Matthew Goerke (Yamaha) 5-7
7. Thomas Hahn (Suzuki) 11-4
8. Josh Grant (Yamaha) 2-24
9. Ryan Sipes (Yamaha) 10-11
10. Kyle Cunningham (Yamaha) 9-12
11. David Millsaps (Honda) 8-13
12. Justin Brayton (Yamaha) 14-8
13. Kyle Chisholm (Yamaha) 12-10
14. Nicholas Wey (Kawasaki) 15-9
15. Daniel Reardon (Yamaha) 16-14

450 Motocross Championship Points:
1. Ryan Dungey, 126
2. Brett Metcalfe, 101
3. Mike Alessi, 98
4. Chad Reed, 95
5. Ben Townley, 87
6. Josh Grant, 82
7. Andrew Short, 79
8. Davi Millsaps, 76
9. Tommy Hahn, 71
10. Kyle Chisholm, 55
250 Class
Clenching first in Moto 1 for the 250s was Geico Honda’s Justin Barcia aboard his CRF250R. Taking the checkers by nearly eight seconds ahead of Pro Circuit rider Tyla Rattray, Barcia proved his speed early and was able to lead for the

The Wild Child Justin Barcia flogged his GEICO Honda to a first moto win at High Point.
Geico Honda’s Justin Barcia took the checkers in Moto 1 ahead of Kawasaki’s Tyla Rattray.

majority of the moto with little competition. Meanwhile, Rattray rode a consistent race and fended off his Kawasaki teammate Christophe Pourcel, who was running third until Rockstar Energy Suzuki rider Blake Baggett swooped in during the final laps for the final podium position. Jake Weimer suffered a late crash while in fifth, but managed to recover a seventh-place finish.
In Moto 2 Pourcel led the charge for the holeshot followed by Kawasaki’s Dean Wilson and Yamaha’s Martin Davalos. While Pourcel began to separate himself from the rest of the pack, Rattray advanced to third ahead of Davalos at the beginning of Lap 2. Meanwhile, Barcia suffered a bad start from ninth and was struggling in the middle of the pack.

By Lap 3 Rattray had set his sights on the number 108 bike of Wilson and overtook him for second-place. With Rattray rapidly approaching Pourcel began to increase his pace, and for awhile it appeared as though he was breaking away. But Rattray kept his pace and stayed right with Pourcel.
Midway through the race Barcia had dropped down to 14th after almost making it into the top-10. Yamaha’s Nico Izzi was in fifth and putting down the second-fastest time on the track behind Pourcel, with the running order being Pourcel, Rattray, Davalos, Blake Wharton and Izzi.

Pro Circuits Tyla Rattray went 2-2  which was good enough for his first ever overall win in a National Mx.
Pro Circuit’s Tyle Rattray took the overall win at High Point, his first in the U.S.

After getting a horrible start from the back Trey Canard rode aggressively to advance into the top-10 by Lap 7. As Canard charged through the pack Rattray was in the process of closing the gap on Pourcel. By Lap 9 less than a second and a half separated them as they went into the final leg of the race.
Meanwhile Canard charged through most of the pack to sixth-place, while Wharton made the pass on Davalos for the final podium position.
Izzi crashed with just a few laps to go while running fifth. Also having difficulties in Moto 2 was Barcia, who fell back even further to 21st.
Pourcel had increased his lead to over seven seconds by the final lap and took an easy Moto 2 victory and second-place overall at High Point. Following Pourcel in the final moto, but taking the overall victory was teammate Rattray. Wharton managed a third-place finish in the second moto and was third overall for the day.
250 Motocross High Point Results: 
1. Tyla Rattray (Kawasaki) 2-2

Christophe Pourcel won the second moto to put him up on the podium with a second overall.
Christophe Pourcel took the victory in Moto 2 but was denied the overall win by his teammate Rattray. 

2. Christophe Pourcel (Kawasaki) 4-1
3. Blake Wharton (Honda) 8-3
4. Blake Baggett (Suzuki) 3-9
5. Dean Wilson (Kawasaki) 5-6
6. Broc Tickle (Yamaha) 9-5
7. Trey Canard (Honda) 14-4
8. Justin Barcia (Honda) 1-21
9. Martin Davalos (Yamaha) 11-7
10. Jake Weimer (Kawasaki) 7-11
11. William Hahn (Honda) 12-8
12. Tommy Searle (KTM) 6-15
13. Nico Izzi (Yamaha) 13-12
14. Darryn Durham (Honda) 16-10
15. Alex Martin (Honda) 15-13 

250 Motocross Championship Points:
1. Christophe Pourcel, 129
2. Tyla Rattray, 102
3. Dean Wilson, 100
4. Trey Canard, 93
5. Eli Tomac, 90
6. Broc Tickle, 89
7. Jake Weimer, 80
8. Justin Barcia, 79
9. Wil Hahn, 72
10. Tommy Searle, 60

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