2010 Isle of Man Senior TT Results

June 11, 2010
Bart Madson
By Bart Madson
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Ian Hutchinson made history at the 2010 Isle of Man  taking a clean sweep of the solo races and a perfect five-for-five week.
Ian Hutchinson made history at the 2010 Isle of Man, taking a clean sweep of the solo races with a perfect five-win week.

Ian Hutchinson made history by completing his Isle of Man TT week with a victory in the Senior TT finale. The win brings the Padgetts Honda rider’s tally this year to an unprecedented five, with Hutchinson the only rider in the 103-year history of the event to claim a five-TT haul. Hutchinson claimed victory in a four-lap re-start, after the original six-lap race was red flagged. Joining the Englishman on the final Senior TT rostrum were Irishman Ryan Farquhar and New Zealander Bruce Anstey.

The original six-lap start saw Hutchinson vying for victory with rivals John McGuinness (HM Plant Honda), Conor Cummins (McAdoo Kawasaki) and Guy Martin (Wilson Craig Honda) in the opening laps. Martin made a run toward the front but went down after the completion of two laps, with the popular English rider’s bike aflame. The red flag came out, along with first crews and medics. News later confirmed that Martin suffered bruised lungs and “minor fractures to his spine” (with two fatalities during yesterday’s Supersport race looming over the festivities).

Hutchinson didn’t waste any time on the four-lap restart. Jumping up front, the Honda man faced a challenge from the 15-time TT-winning McGuinness and the Manx local in Cummins. Both the potential spoilers fell out of contention, however, with McGuinness coming to a halt with bike troubles and Cummins crashing out.

The retirements gave Hutchy a near half-minute advantage over Keith Amor, who inherited second ahead of Farquhar and Anstey. Amor ran into problems as well, with his Honda failing him and causing a DNF. The huge advantage gave Hutchinson an open path to his historical finish. For Farquhar the second-place result is his first Superbike TT podium, with the third-place by seven-time TT winner Anstey his best TT finish of 2010.

Kawasaki’s Ian Lougher just missed his 29th career TT podium with a fourth-place finish, followed by Honda’s Michael Rutter. On the American front, Jimmy Moore finished a career-best 11th aboard his East Coast Racing Yamaha. The Oregon native had an extremely strong showing at this year’s TT, finishing second in the Privateers Championship to James McBride (with McBride finishing one position ahead in the Senior TT). Fellow countryman Mark Miller was 25th aboard the BMW S1000RR, though the American did take yesterday’s Zero TT electric race for the MotoCzysz squad.

Hutchinson’s clean TT sweep gives him an official 61-point gap over Michael Dunlop in the overall TT Championship. The Honda ace pocketed the Joey Dunlop Trophy, with an official 61-point gap over the Michael Dunlop (nephew of the trophy’s namesake).

Ian Hutchinson atop Isle of Man TT podium number five - 2010 Isle of Man Senior TT
Ian Hutchinson atop Isle of Man TT podium number five, the Senior TT, with the Englishman flanked by Ryan Farquhar (left) and Bruce Anstey (right).

2010 Isle of Man Senior TT Results:
1. Ian Hutchinson (Honda) 128.607
2. Ryan Farquhar (Kawasaki) 127.467
3. Bruce Anstey (Suzuki) 126.408mph
4. Ian Lougher (Kawasaki) 125.721mph
5. Michael Rutter (Honda) 125.455mph
6. Daniel Stewart (Honda) 124.797mph
7. Adrian Archibald (Suzuki) 124.675mph
8. Dan Kneen (Suzuki) 123.220mph
9. Davy Morgan (Suzuki) 122.894mph
10. James McBride (Yamaha) 122.625mph
11. Jimmy Moore (Yamaha) 122.558mph
12. Rico Penzkofer (BMW) 122.208mph
13. Ian Mackman (Suzuki) 122.134mph
14. Gary Johnson (Suzuki) 121.799mph
15. John Burrows (Suzuki) 121.771mph