2010 Pike’s Peak Hill Climb Results

June 29, 2010
Bart Madson
By Bart Madson
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The new Ducati Multistrada celebrated victory in its first international racing competition, as Greg Tracy claimed a Pike’s Peak International Hill Climb win. Racing in the 1205 CC class, the Ducati rider bested Walker Pew, who campaigned the historic race on the Buell XBSTT. Tracy’s Multistrada-equipped teammate, Alexander Smith, took third in the class, with Rob Smith a distant fourth riding a Buell S1 Lightning.

2010 Pikes Peak International Hill Climb saw the Ducati Multistrada 1200 take its first international racing victory.
Teammates Alexander Smith (55) and Greg Tracy (555) storm up to the summit of Pike’s Peak in the 88th running of the Pike’s Peak Hill Climb, with Tracy taking the win in the 1205 CC class.
The new Ducati Multistrada celebrated victory in its first international racing competition  as Greg Tracy claimed a Pikes Peak International Hill Climb win.

Tracy said in a Ducati press release announcing the win: “That was an exciting week I’ve got to say. I want to thank Ducati for the opportunity they’ve given me – I was even pitted in front of Rhys Millen’s Unlimited Class ride – that was pretty cool! The Spider Grips Falkner-Livingston Multistrada was an amazing ride. Everyone did an awesome job and that motorcycle is crazy fast- it hit 137mph at one point! The bike worked great on the dirt and the asphalt.”

Tracy went on to say: “When I was growing up, and all these factory teams would win races, I was sure they had these $100,000 engines and that was why they went so fast. I was wrong. This is my first year on a factory motorcycle and I’ll tell you that bike was box-stock. It had some carbon, and few tweaks and that was it.”

Tracy’s time of 11’46.550 was bettered on two-wheels only by Gary Trachy, who beat out Stuart Sinclair and Jeff Grace, who rode Aprilia and KTM machinery. A notable entry in the 750 CC class, off-road legend Malcolm Smith rode a Husaberg to 10th-place with his time of 13’58.733.

The Honda CRF450 took home two wins, with Leland Sinclair claiming top honors in the 450 CC Supermoto class and Joe Prussiano the winner in the regular 450 CC race. Kawasaki rider Davey Durelle snagged victory in the 250 CC group. The fastest overall time this year came in the Unlimited class, where Nobuhiro Tajima made it up the mountain in a Suzuki SX4 in 10’11.490. Tajima holds the current record for the course at 10’01.41, a mark set in 2007.

This year’s Pike’s Peak Hill Climb marks the 88th running of the race. The 12.42-mile course features 156 turns as it ascends nearly 5000 feet to the 14,110-foot summit of its namesake, Pike’s Peak. The route, once all gravel, has continually been upgraded to pavement. This year marks the second-to-last with gravel sections, as the final portions will be paved later this year and shortly after next year’s event.

Pike’s Peak 1205 CC Results:
1. Greg Tracy (Ducati) 11’46.550
2. Walker Pew (Buell) 12’35.551
3. Alexander Smith (Ducati) 12’53.381
4. Rob Smith (Buell) 14’22.000

Pike’s Peak 750 CC Results:
1 Gary Trachy (Ducati) 11’33.710
2 Stuart Sinclair (Aprilia) 11’57.575
3 Jeff Grace (KTM) 11’58.254
4 James McKay (Husaberg) 12’46.483
5 Rusty Wilson (Aprilia) 13’09.320
6. Chris Koxlien (KTM) 13’21.400
7. Dan Harmon (KTM) 13’38.871
8. David Montgomery (KTM) 13’43.034
9. Ryan Sweeney (Aprilia) 13’53.209
10. Malcolm Smith (Husaberg) 13’58.733

Pike’s Peak 450 CC Supermoto Results:
1. Leeland Sinclair (Honda) 12’24.186
2. Craig Gleason (Yamaha) 12’41.351
3. Rob Berendes (Honda) 13’10.908
4. Chris Thomas (Honda) 13’15.862
5. Greg Nichols (Yamaha) 13’16.989
6. Frank Potucek (Yamaha) 13’39.357
7. Tim Vesely (Honda) 13’49.511
8. Richard Sydney (Yamaha) 14’02.768
9. Clint Magoon (Yamaha) 14’02.939
10. Matt Whetton (KTM) 14’24.557

Pike’s Peak 450 CC Results:
1. Joe Prussiano (Honda) 12’15.883
2. Travis Newbold (Honda) 12’27.926
3. Darryl Lujan (Honda) 12’42.263
4. Mark Woodward (Kawasaki) 12’58.800
5. Eddie Tafoya (KTM) 13’01.260
6. Tom McCarthy (Honda) 13’11.000
7. Teague Sawyer (Honda) 13’11.256
8. Marty Stalnaker (Honda) 13’15.243
9. Doug Chestnutt (Yamaha) 13’27.558
10. Charlie Ford (Honda) 13’30.182

Pike’s Peak 250 CC Results:
1. Davey Durelle (Kawasaki) 12’27.239
2. Daniel Berendes (Honda) 12’56.270
3. Jeff Delio (Yamaha) 13’40.589
4. Joey Hamilton (Yamaha) 13’41.518
5. Lloyd McGregor (Suzuki) 13’50.076
6. Jim Buchner (Honda) 14’03.062
7. Brice Cooper (Honda) 14’28.057
8. Jimi Heyder (Suzuki) 14’29.485
9. Sharon Maitland (Honda) 14’29.813
10. Daniel Perry (Honda) 14’30.722