AGV Sport Pella Perforated Jacket Review

Bryan Harley | June 25, 2010
AGV Sport Pella Perforated Leather Jacket
The AGV Sport Pella Perforated Leather Jacket has traditional styling, is comfortable out-of-the-box, and has super ventilation.

There are not many black leather jackets you can comfortably wear during the summer. Leather doesn’t breathe well and black absorbs heat. The AGV Sport Pella Perforated Leather Jacket breaks this misconception.

The top grain leather on the AGV jacket is thin, pliable and lightweight in comparison to most full leather jackets. Tiny round perforations front and back allow for excellent air flow. The sewn-in liner is also mesh and doesn’t inhibit the jacket’s breathability. The leather is soft, as is the liner, which makes the jacket immediately comfortable. The comfort level gets an assist from pre-curved arms. Open up the five-inch zippers running up the sleeves on super hot days to increase air flow even more.

The AGV Sport Pella Perforated Leather Jacket is solid leather where you need it most, on the top portions of the arms, including the elbows, and shoulders. Protection from road rash comes in the form of CE-approved shoulder and elbow protectors that are flexible and removable. There is also a memory foam back protector that adds an extra level of security without being bulky.

The jacket zips up the front and the system is easy to use and doesn’t come apart like on some other jackets I’ve recently worn. Small buttons close off the wrists. In the back is a waist connection zipper in case you want to connect it to your riding pants.

For storage, you’ve got two zip-up exterior hand warmer pockets. Inside there is a zippered storage pocket on the right breast and a deeper, vertical map-style pocket opposite it on the left side. One of its best features is a waterproof media

On top of Mt. Washington
We put the AGV Sport Pella Perforated Leather Jacket to the test during our ride up Mt. Washington in New Hampshire, a road that cuts through four different climate zones on the way to the summit.

pocket also on the right-hand side for a cell phone and iPod sewn into the liner. It has a plastic slot to run your earphone wiring through and a Velcro tab just below the collar to keep the wire from getting tangled up.

The jacket is tailored for a snug fit. Styling is nondescript, classic biker black. Brand labeling is very subtle, with the black AGV logo in between the shoulder blades and the words AGV Sport printed on the collar only noticeable if you look real close.

With the AGV Sport Pella Perforated Leather Jacket, think about going a size bigger. I ordered a 46 and I could use a little more length in the arms and if I’m on a bike with ergos that have a forward-lean, it rides up above my beltline a touch. Of course, the ventilation comes at the expense of water-proofing. I found out the hard way when I got caught out in a downpour at the Laconia Motorcycle Rally. A little piping to give the jacket some visibility at night would be beneficial.

I’m a die-hard fan of leather jackets. I also like traditional black styling. I appreciate AGV for making a jacket that meets these criteria and is wearable during hot summer months without roasting riders alive.

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AGV Sport Pella Perforated Leather Jacket
MSRP – $324

Bryan Harley

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