Andrew Short Motocross Interview

June 23, 2010
Justin Dawes
Justin Dawes
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Red Bull Honda’s Andrew Short has been tearing up the Lucas Oils Pro AMA Motocross Championship as of late. Last weekend at Budds Creek, he won a moto and finished second overall, matching his final score at High Point. If not for a missed first moto in Texas due to electrical problems, Shorty could have been in the top three in points. Right now he is steady climbing through the ranks and currently sits in fifth. Short gave us a call before heading of to Budds Creek last week to talk about his outdoor season and all things racing.

Andrew Short rode to a 3-2 finish at High Point which was good enough for second overall.
Shorty won his first moto of 2010 last weekend at Budds Creek. He finished second overall for the day.

Andrew, how is your season going for you so far?

The outdoor season started out really rough for me. The first moto of the year I got taken out on Lap 1 and started from the back. The second moto went decent; I finished fifth. Texas went good and bad for me with a mechanical, but at High Point it all turned around for me. I went 3-2 for second overall. I’m excited to keep going.

What exactly happened before Moto 1 in Texas?

I don’t know that much about it; I do know it was an electrical problem. The team did everything they could just to get the bike out for the moto, but it didn’t happen. It’s kind of unfortunate, but that’s racing. I wasn’t aware of it until I went down for the moto. I was all dressed and ready, and I came out and they were still working on the bike. Apparently after the second practice they washed it and went to go fire it, and it would never fire up. That’s when the madness began. Something crazy had definitely happened, because they switched quite a few parts and just couldn’t get it going.

Well, you made up for it in High Point. How was it leading that second moto?

It was awesome to lead the moto. It’s been a long time, so it was kind of hard to hold it together mentally. It was a great experience; it was cool. Just like the last five laps kind of fell apart; I started making some mistakes and never really rebounded. It was still a really great ride for me.

Hondas Andrew Short missed the first moto due to engine troubles. He rebounded in the second moto most finishing sixth.
Andrew Short has put his Red Bull Honda on the podium for the past two weekends in a row.

So it’s been just over two months since you’ve been back to racing from your broken leg. Are you up to speed conditioning-wise?

Yeah, it’s been at least a couple of months. Conditioning-wise, I feel pretty good. I just need to open my eyes a little bit as the moto wears on and start taking some different lines. I need to not get sucked into taking the same lines every lap and keep pressing forward when I do make a mistake. There are a few little things here and there I need to work on. I think I’m in shape enough to go 30 minutes, and even if you’re not in shape at the beginning of the season, you’re racing yourself into shape. Fitness isn’t really a problem; it’s the mindset of racing and holding that level the whole time. I just need to use my brain and use my skills that I know I have to put myself in the best position possible when the checkered flag comes out.

Motocross or Supercross? Which do you prefer?

I don’t care! I love riding motorcycles whether it’s Supercross or motocross. I love riding trails here on our farm. I could go do 24 Hours of Glen Helen and have fun. I just love riding dirt bikes. I’m thankful for the opportunity I have and getting to race where I do and being with the team. The Honda is an awesome bike.

That’s really cool to hear that you enjoy riding so much. I know it really turns into a job at this level.

You know some things do turn into a job when you’re getting paid to race. You don’t always get to do what you want to do, but I realize when I’m to getting paid to race I can go ride at the local track or go trail riding when ever I want. I know that’s in front of me, and I have a great opportunity right now to race. I don’t want to waste that opportunity. So sometimes it’s not necessarily fun, but I enjoy most of it, no matter what.

The fans at High Point went wild for Andrew Shorts performance during both motos. Short went 3-2 for second overall.
The fans at High Point went crazy for Shorty’s second place ride in moto two and his second place overall for the day.

At High Point the crowd was going absolutely nuts for your performance. Did the crowd help keep you motivated during the race?

Ah, not really. I always try as hard as I can. That race is known for the fans. Like Southwick is known for the sand, and Glen Helen for the hills. High Point is the fans! They’re crazy! It used to be even gnarlier back in the day when they had the party for Memorial Weekend. All the college kids would come out, but it’s still the same people hanging over the fence. They’re loud and obnoxious, and you can hear them the whole moto. So it’s pretty cool to have those people be that loud, and you can feel their energy. It’s a pretty cool aspect to experience.