Automatic Transmission Standard on SS Trike

June 18, 2010
Courtesy of SS Trike

2010 SS Trike
The 2010 – 11 SS Trike will be offered exclusively with race-inspired transmission.

The SS Trike is the hottest 3 wheel innovation to enter the increasingly attractive trike market. The SS Trike comes standard with a 2 speed automatic with reverse.

It excites onlookers at first glance with its hot, low-slung chassis design and big-wheel punch.

The trike is built with a bullet-proof 2 speed automatic transmission with a lock up torque converter that is actually derived from automotive racing applications similar to the GM Powerglide system.

The best thing about the lock up torque converter is that at cruising speeds it eliminates the slippage that make for the torque multiplication in a torque converter. The advantage is better mileage and very little heat build up.

The components are light-weight and readily available, making this a perfect combination for power and affordability in a custom-look trike. The Olmax adapted design delivers smooth and consistent shifts with an undeniable Powerglide reliability.

Current options includes a higher and more forward positioned seat, a passenger backrest, windshield, enclosed trunk and trailer hitch.