Hutchinson Snares Isle of Man TT Hat Trick

June 7, 2010
Bart Madson
By Bart Madson
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Ian Hutchinson arrived at this year’s Isle of Man TT with three career victories. Now the Yorkshire rider has doubled the total in only three attempts, taking a clean sweep of the opening solo 2010 races. Hutchinson followed up a Saturday Superbike victory with a win in both Monday’s Supersport and Superstock contests.

Ian Hutchinson snagged win number two with a victory in the first Superstock race at the 2010 Isle of Man TT.
Ian Hutchinson snagged win number two with a victory in the first Supersport race at the 2010 Isle of Man TT.

Monster Energy Supersport Race 1

Hutchy first took on the six-lap Monster Energy Supersport Race 1, where the Englishman would be joined on the rostrum by Wilson Craig Honda’s Guy Martin and Yamaha’s Michael Dunlop. The top two traded position throughout the first laps of the race, with Martin opening atop the timing. Hutchinson, however, would consistently best his fellow countryman in the latter half of the 37.75-mile circuit.

The Padgett Honda ace opened up a more imposing lead after the race’s lone pit stop for fuel. Martin narrowed the gap, but Hutchinson kept the lead. On the final lap of the circuit, the popular Martin went for broke to run down the leader and nab that elusive first TT win. Barreling around the Mountain circuit Martin produced a Supersport record-breaking time of 126.555mph.

Yet it was another disappointing second for Martin, who still remains winless at the TT finishing a mere three seconds adrift of the winner. The star-crossed Martin doesn’t even enjoy the consolation prize of a new TT lap record, as fellow Honda man and fourth-place finisher, Keith Amor, laid down an amazing 126.909mph on his final pass. Amor’s final push wasn’t enough to dislodge Dunlop, who held third-place, though the bottom step on the rostrum didn’t meet the high expectations from being fastest in practice and a defending SS winner.

Yamaha riders Dan Kneen and William Dunlop took fifth and sixth, with John McGuinness still without a 2010 TT podium in seventh aboard the Padgetts Honda. Kawasaki riders Conor Cummins (McAdoo) and Ryan Farquhar (KMR) claimed eighth and ninth with Relentless Suzuki’s Cameron Donald rounding out the top 10.

Ian Hutchinson makes it two for two with a win in the 2010 Isle of Man TT Supersport Race 1.
Hutchinson narrowly edged out Guy Martin for the Supersport 1 victory.

2010 Isle of Man Supersport 1 Results:
1. Ian Hutchinson (Honda) 124.677mph
2. Guy Martin (Honda) 124.591mph
3. Michael Dunlop (Yamaha) 124.264mph
4. Keith Amor (Honda) 123.773mph
5. Dan Kneen (Yamaha) 123.314mph
6. William Dunlop (Yamaha) 123.066mph
7. John McGuinness (Honda) 122.861mph
8. Conor Cummins (Kawasaki) 122.685mph
9. Ryan Farquhar(Kawasaki) 122.507mph
10. Cameron Donald (Suzuki) 121.519mph
11. Gary Johnson (Yamaha) 121.370mph
12. Ian Lougher (Kawasaki) 120.760mph
13. Derek Brien (Yamaha) 120.631mph
14. James Hillier (Kawasaki) 120.054mph
15. Ben Wylie (Yamaha) 119.804mph

Royal London 360 Superstock

Hutchinson’s victory in the four-lap Superstock race was a come-behind effort, dueling with Kawasaki’s Ryan Farquhar. The Irishman would finish second for his first-ever TT podium, with fellow Kawasaki rider Conor Cummins in third.

Kawasakis Ryan Farquhar nearly took the victory in the Superstock race  but for Hutchinsons remarkable 130.741mph lap.
Kawasaki’s Ryan Farquhar nearly took the victory in the Superstock race, but for Hutchinson’s remarkable 130.741mph lap.

Farquhar took the early advantage in the Superstock race, breaking the lap record on his second lap with a 129.816mph. Hutchinson, after getting around Cummins and the BMW-equipped Keith Amor, settled in as Farquhar’s nemesis in second.

After the lone refueling stop, Michael Dunlop, an expected contender who was fastest in Superstock during qualifying, dropped out of contention when he needed a new rear tire. Hutchinson emerged from the pits enjoying a slim lead over Farquhar, but the ZX-10R rider promptly seized the lead once again.

While Farquhar opened up a gap heading into the final lap, Hutchinson saved his heroics to the end. The English rider began to claw away at the 5.5 second lead. At the finish Farquhar had bested his previous lap-record with a 129.883mph, but Hutchinson had gone one better with a devastating 130.741mph and the victory by a scant 1.32 seconds. Hutchinson’s improbable time is the first-ever recorded 130mph Superstock lap at the Isle.

Finishing just off the podium in fourth was McGuinness, while Martin got around Amor for fifth. Kawasaki’s Ian Lougher got around Michael Dunlop for seventh, with Honda’s Michael Rutter and Suzuki’s Adrian Archibald completed the STK top 10. Leading the American contingent, Jimmy Moore (Suzuki) finished 20th one spot ahead of countryman Mark Miller (BMW).

Hutchinson hoists win trophy number three  taking the checkers in the Superstock TT - 2010 Isle of Man TT
Hutchinson hoists win trophy number three, taking the checkers in the Superstock TT.

2010 Isle of Man Superstock TT Results:
1. Ian Hutchinson (Honda) 128.100mph
2. Ryan Farquhar (Kawasaki) 128.060mph
3. Conor Cummins (Kawasaki) 127.117mph
4. John McGuinness (Honda) 126.472mph
5. Guy Martin (Honda) 126.057mph
6. Keith Amor (BMW) 126.051mph
7. Ian Lougher (Kawasaki) 125.448mph
8. Michael Dunlop (Honda) 124.939mph
9. Michael Rutter (Honda) 124.819mph
10. Adrian Archibald (Suzuki) 124.525mph
11. Cameron Donald (Suzuki) 123.562mph
12. James Hillier (Kawasaki) 123.467mph
13. Gary Johnson (Suzuki) 123.244mph
14. James McBride (Yamaha) 123.159mph
15. Dan Kneen (Suzuki) 123.039mph
20. Jimmy Moore (Suzuki) 121.597mph
21. Mark Miller (BMW) 121.285mph