Hutchinson Tops IOM TT Practice Times

June 4, 2010
Bart Madson
By Bart Madson
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English rider Ian Hutchinson lapped fastest in practice with a time of 130.614mph.

Ian Hutchinson stuck his name atop the combined practice timesheets at the Isle of Man. The English rider turned a new personal best at the circuit, lapping 130.614mph aboard his Padgetts Honda Superbike. Also having a superb Friday showing, Michael Dunlop not only turned a personal best in Superbike, the Northern Irish rider set the pace in both Superstock and Supersport.

Hutchinson and HM Plant Honda’s John McGuinness remain the only men to cross the 130mph lap barrier, with Hutchinson doing so on multiple occasions (including twice on Friday) making him the presumptive favorite for tomorrow’s six-lap TT Superbike opener. While Hutchinson focused on the Superbike McGuinness spent Friday honing his Superstock and Supersport rides, though he remains second on the overall Superbike timing sheet.

Following the front pair, Kawasaki’s Conor Cummins is the next closest Superbike at 129.405, with the Manx rider followed by Suzuki rider Adrian Archibald, whose Friday 129.360 was a personal best at the Isle. Honda’s Guy Martin and 2008 IOMTT standout Cameron Donald (Suzuki) were fifth- and sixth-fastest. Michael Dunlop’s 128.792mph lap on the Superbike was also a personal best at the circuit where his father, Robert, and uncle, Joey, created so much of their roadracing legend. TT regulars Keith Amor (Honda), Bruce Anstey (Suzuki) and Michael Rutter (Honda) complete the Superbike top 10 for tomorrow’s race. American riders Jimmy Moore and Mark Miller were 20th and 32nd on the sheet at 123.426 and 121.563.

Isle of Man TT Superbike Practice Times:
1. Ian Hutchinson (Honda) 130.614mph
2. John McGuinness (Honda) 130.242mph
3. Conor Cummins (Kawasaki) 129.405mph
4. Adrian Archibald (Suzuki) 129.360mph
5. Guy Martin (Honda) 129.145mph
6. Cameron Donald (Suzuki) 128.974mph
7. Michael Dunlop (Honda) 128.792mph
8. Keith Amor (Honda) 128.691mph
9. Bruce Anstey (Suzuki) 128.682mph
10. Michael Rutter (Honda) 127.564mph
11. Gary Johnson (Suzuki) 127.431mph
12. Ian Lougher (Kawasaki) 127.024mph
13. Ryan Farquhar (Kawasaki) 126.813mph
14. Daniel Stewart (Honda) 126.409mph
15. Carl Rennie (Suzuki) 125.505mph
20. Jimmy Moore (Yamaha) 123.426mph
32. Mark Miller (BMW) 121.563mph
75. Maria Costello (BMW ) 112.204mph

Michael Dunlop set a personal best during practice for Superbike, also turning the fastest laps for Superstock and Supersport – 2010 Isle of Man TT

Michael Dunlop aboard his Superstock Honda was just 0.468mph off his best-ever lap, set on the same day as his personal best Superbike lap. Dunlop’s blistering time edged out the BMW-mounted Keith Amor, the Scotsman taking the Superstock win with the Beemer at last month’s North West 200. Kawasaki’s Ryan Farquhar is third in combined STK times, followed by Rutter and Martin. American’s Miller and Moore were 28th and 43rd on the timesheet.

Isle of Man TT Superstock Practice Times:
1. Michael Dunlop (Honda) 128.324mph
2. Keith Amor (BMW) 128.229mph
3. Ryan Farquhar (Kawasaki) 128.076mph
4. Michael Rutter (Honda) 127.564mph
5. Guy Martin (Honda) 127.503mph
6. Ian Hutchinson (Honda) 126.339mph
7. Ian Lougher (Kawasaki) 126.216mph
8. Cameron Donald (Suzuki) 126.012mph
9. Conor Cummins (Kawasaki) 125.812mph
10. John McGuinness (Honda) 125.704mph
11. Steve Mercer (Yamaha) 124.619mph
12. Mark Buckley (Kawasaki) 124.319mph
13. Adrian Archibald (Suzuki) 124.232mph
14. Ian Mackman (Suzuki) 124.157mph
15. Gary Johnson (Suzuki) 123.573mph
28. Mark Miller (BMW) 121.563mph
43. Jimmy Moore (Suzuki) 118.794mph
70. Maria Costello (BMW) 112.204mph

Michael Dunlop  fasetst in Supersport practice aboard his Yamaha R6 - 2010 Isle of Man TT
Michael Dunlop (9) was fastest in Supersport practice aboard his Yamaha R6 – the Northern Irish rider also tops in STK.
Michael Dunlop readys to get practice underway aboard the Yamaha R6 - 2010 Isle of Man TT

Michael Dunlop took the Yamaha R6 on a 126.395mph lap of the mountain course, good enough for fastest in the class and close to the lap record on a 600. Dunlop defends a Supersport TT victory from last season and looks to be the favorite for Monday’s first Supersport TT. Dunlop’s older brother, Willam, finished the day sixth-fastest at 123.621mph. In between, Hutchison was the only man close to the leader at 125.020mph, more than a second adrift of Dunlop. Amor is third-fastest at 124.797, followed by fellow Honda riders Martin and McGuinness. American Moore was 16th-fastest in the class for the East Coast Racing Yamaha.

Isle of Man TT Supersport Practice Times:
1. Michael Dunlop (Yamaha) 126.395mph
2. Ian Hutchinson (Honda) 125.020mph
3. Keith Amor (Honda) 124.797mph
4. Guy Martin (Honda) 123.902mph
5. John McGuinness (Honda) 123.750mph
6. William Dunlop (Yamaha) 123.621mph
7. Ryan Farquhar (Kawasaki) 122.818mph
8. Conor Cummins (Kawasaki) 122.554mph
9. Adrian Archibald (Yamaha) 122.300mph
10. Bruce Anstey (Suzuki) 122.072mph
11. Dan Kneen (Yamaha) 121.813mph
12. Gary Johnson (Yamaha) 120.682mph
13. Ian Lougher (Kawasaki) 120.663mph
14. Oliver Linsdell (Yamaha) 120.561mph
15. Cameron Donald (Suzuki) 120.531mph
16. Jimmy Moore (Yamaha) 120.414mph

Dave Molyneux and Patrick Farrance retained top position on the Sidecar combined practice timesheet, in spite of the Kawasaki duo pulling off in Friday practice for adjustments. The front-running duo was followed by Klaus Klaffenbock and Dan Sayle, utilizing Honda machinery. The two top teams figure to dice for the victory in tomorrow’s four-lap Sidecar TT. The Suzuki team of John Holden and Andy Winkle, third-fastest overall, figure to be strong podium contenders in the class along with the Honda team of Simon Neary and Paul Knapton.

Isle of Man TT Sidecar Practice Times:
1. Dave Molyneux/Patrick Farrance (Kawasaki) 115.464mph
2. Klaus Klaffenbock/Dan Sayle (Honda) 114.096mph
3. John Holden/Andy Winkle (Suzuki) 113.24mph
4. Simon Neary/Paul Knapton (Honda) 113.172mph
5. Conrad Harrison/Kerry Williams (Honda) 111.962mph
6. Tim Reeves/Dipash Chauhan (Suzuki) 110.758mph

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