My Funkin Race – Fan Report

June 22, 2010
By Chris Johnson

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Fan Report
Chris was riding against some serious competition like Nathan Woods and Kevin Rookstool.

The clouds had parted and the racers had arrived – it was time for the 2010 Funky Chicken Hare Scramble to begin. I awoke at 6 a.m. to the sweet sound of tech inspection. The grin I had been sporting all week had just gotten bigger. After my morning trek to the pits with my gas can and toolbox, I got geared up and made my way to the line. As I sat there, I noticed the gates filling up with big-name riders lined up in front of me, guys like Brian and Pat Garrahan, Nathan Woods, Dave Kamo, and Kevin Rookstool, just to name a few. I was getting super-pumped! As the green flag waved and the classes took off all I could think was, “Oh man, this is awesome!” Little did I know what the Big K ranch had in store.

When the green flag dropped my YZ didn’t fail to put me out front of the Open B class. I was pinned on the slippery side-hill start and glancing over to check the competition when I realized I was already at the first turn… I broke hard and turned down the hill to avoid the ribbon. By the time I got straightened out, I was in dead last. We exited off the grassy meadow into what the course designers called the “peninsula” and started pushing toward the front. The slick single track took us west to the first big pile up. A 90-degree corner and an expanded metal bridge spelled disaster for one unfortunate rider, as his bike became buried in a bar deep rut.

I pushed my way through three or four guys and made my way to the first downhill section. Up to this point, all the videos I had seen led me to believe that this track was going to be really wide open and fast, but what the video’s didn’t show was the 10-mph downhill that claimed more than a few front fenders or the section after the half-lap check

Fan Report
While his ride may have ended earlier than expected, it was an amazing race and Johnson couldn’t have asked for a better day of riding.

point that I can only explain as being a tree root mine field. Coming up the 100-mph hill for the first time was an amazing feeling. Fans were scattered around the road jump waiting to see carnage of any kind. I railed my YZ into the top of third gear and rocked it.

The next two laps were much better than the first! My lines got dialed and other than the four get-offs I had I was layin’ down some good miles. After my pit I started on the fourth lap and barely got out of the grass track when I yard-saled over a downed rider and snapped my clutch perch. My day might have been over, but I couldn’t have been happier. The weather held out, the field was stacked, my bike was dialed and I was railin’! I loaded up and watched the checkered flag fall on the last rider before I headed home.

Weekend total: Gas $75, Entry Fee $60. Paying to wreck my body for a DNF 14th, priceless.

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