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July 5, 2010
Justin Dawes
Justin Dawes
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Rockstar Makita Suzukis Ryan Dungey once again went 1-1 for the overall at RedBud.
Ryan Dungey once again took the overall win, but he had to fight tooth and nail for it.

Red Bud has always been known for wild fans, a bitchin’ track and great racing, and once again the Michigan round of the Lucas Oil AMA Pro Motocross Championship did not disappoint. The racing was close, the riding was spectacular and the rider’s seem to give a little more for the crazed fans. Let’s dig a little deeper into what went on this holiday motocross weekend.

The end result for Suzuki’s Ryan Dungey was the same as the previous four races, another first place trophy for the shelf. Although he took the overall with a perfect 1-1 moto score, he had to work for it this weekend. During Moto 1 RD5 had found himself chasing Ben Townley for the entire moto. A few attempts to make the pass never stuck, and it wasn’t until BT101 went down on the last lap that Dungey took over the lead. In Moto 2, Dungey had to contest with Andrew Short for a couple of laps, but then moved to the front for the remainder of the race. With another overall Dungey is a force that might be unstoppable at this point.

Monster Energy Kawasakis Chad Reed rebounded from his off weekend in Colorado with a second overall at RedBud.
Kawasaki’s Chad Reed finally showed the speed of a defending champion this weekend at Red Bud.

One rider that was up to challenge of stopping Dungey was Chad Reed. Reedy snapped out of his funk from last weekend and rode the wheels of his KX450F to finish second overall. While Dungey and Townley duked it out in the first moto, TwoTwo was right there putting the pressure on both of them. There were times when you could have thrown a blanket over the three racers as they sized each other up at break-neck speed on the Red Bud track. Reed was so close that when the leader Townley went down, he got caught up in the cartwheel and went down as well. The defending champ was able to remount quickly and finish second. Moto 2 saw Reed dicing it up with Townley and Short on his way to another second. Reed finally looked like himself, and the racing was all the better for it.

Mike Alessi once again struggled to finish in the top ten on his KTM 350 SX-F, finishing ninth overall with a 10-9 moto score. An uncharacteristic 26th place start had Alessi battling his way through the field on the one-lined course. Part way through the moto he seemed to be having some trouble with his front end, pointing at the forks several times when passing the KTM crew. The second moto didn’t go much better as he faded from a sixth-place start to ninth. We’ve seen flashes of speed from Alessi, but he seems to be having trouble putting it all together this season.

During moto two Justin Barcia rode like a man possessed on his way to a third place finish. Crazy scrubs like this helped him make up time on the leaders.
Justin Barcia was all over the place with wild whips and scrubs at Red Bud. Here it almost looks like he could have gone under Tyla Rattray.

In the Red Bud preview, I told you to watch for Justin Barcia to be the first 250-class rider to jump the famous Larocco’s leap. The Wild Child didn’t disappoint as he flung himself into the atmosphere on the second lap of practice. Re-entry was a problem however, as the GEICO rider came up a few feet short. He bounced about as half as high as the jump, going aver the bars and rag dolling pretty good. That ended his first practice and the only attempt for a small-bore rider to conquer the massive jump. Barcia bounced back, however, and grabbed fourth overall. In the process he put on quite a show for the fans, scrubbing every obstacle as he pinballed his way around Red Bed.

Pro Circuit’s Christophe Pourcel had a good look at Barcia’s wild style in the second moto. The Frenchman was worried that if he got close enough to make a pass, the crazy kid might take him out accidentally. With discretion being the better part of valor, Pourcel decided to play it smart and safe and hung back to finish fifth in the second moto. Combined with his first moto win, “Superman” held onto his point lead with a third overall.

Pourcel’s teammate, Jake Weimer has struggle this season with crashes and poor finishes. It looked like that would come to an end in Moto 1 as #12 was running as high as fourth. Then the black cloud that has been following him all season struck again. While going downhill Weimer’s rear brake faded causing him to run into the back of Broc Tickle. Once again the Pro Circuit rider found himself on the ground. He would remount and finish 11th for the moto.

Hondas Trey Canard finally got an overall win in the 2010 season at RedBud. Ice-Trey rode a hard fought battle with Dean Wilson for the overall.
Red Bud was Trey Canard’s first ever Pro Motocross overall win.

It’s a little hard to believe, but this weekend was Trey Canard’s first ever overall outdoor win. That’s right, the guy who has a Lites SX Championship and some amazing rides on a 450 in Supercross has never had an outdoor overall. Canard dug deep in the second moto and chased down the leader Dean Wilson. In an aggressive move Ice-Trey got by Wilson on Lap 10 and never looked back. In the end Canard was apologetic about the pass on Wilson but was happy for his first win.

“Unfortunately we hit, and think there’s a little bad blood now,” said Canard about the pass. “I was going for it. You know, I’ve been fighting for this win for three years. These outdoor haven’t been easy for me. I wanted to get it done, and I wanted to get it done today.”

“That’s some good old-school racing for ya,” said Wilson.

This weekend the series takes a break before heading into the second half of the season at Millville. Stay tuned for more racing action from the 2010 Outdoor Season on MotoUSA.

Courtesy of MX Pro Sports

MX Sports Pro Racing presents the Rockstar Energy RedBud Highlight Video from Saturday’s Rockstar Energy RedBud National at RedBud in Buchanan, Mich. The largest crowd of the season filled the massive facility with endless chants of “RedBuuuud” while the world’s fastest riders continued to lay it all on the line with the best racing on the planet over Independence Day weekend. Rockstar/Makita Suzuki’s Ryan Dungey once again showed the 2010 championship will go through him by grabbing his fifth consecutive 450 Class victory while fan favorite and perennial front runner Trey Canard finally broke through for his first career 250 Class win for GEICO Powersports Honda. Additionally, the Women’s Motocross Championship competed in its fourth round of the season as defending champion and Michigan native Ashley Fiolek put her Honda Red Bull Racing machine on top of the podium for the first time in 2010.
The video is narrated by NBC and SPEED television host Jason Weigandt and includes racing highlights from the 450, 250 and WMX classes.
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