2010 AMA Motocross Red Bud Results

July 3, 2010
Matt Davidson
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The first half of the 2010 Outdoor Motocross Season went out with a bang to the roar of thousands of crazed Red Bud fans. “Red Bud!” was the battle cry all day, as the stars of the Lucas Oil Pro AMA Motocross Championship battled it out on the immaculate Michigan facility. Suzuki’s Ryan Dungey continued his winning ways with a perfect day, while a new winner stepped forward in the 250-class. A hotly-contested small-bore class saw Honda’s Trey Canard take the overall trophy, putting the brakes on the Pro Circuit steamroller.

Rockstar Makita Suzukis Ryan Dungey once again went 1-1 for the overall at RedBud.
Rockstar Makita Suzuki’s Ryan Dungey earned his fifth straight win of the season after some tough motos at Red Bud.

450 Class

Independence weekend kicked off at Red Bud with Red Bull Honda’s Andrew Short taking the holeshot for the fifth straight time in the 450s ahead of Troy Lee Designs/Lucas Oil Honda’s Ben Townley and Rockstar Makita Suzuki’s Ryan Dungey. After the first few turns it was Townley out front with Dungey and Short not too far behind. Going down in the opening lap was KTM’s Mike Alessi, who was running in the top-10 when he crashed. Finally getting a decent start was Pro Circuit Kawasaki’s Chad Reed, who without a doubt put in his best performance of the season so far.
After making the pass on JGRMX Yamaha’s Josh Grant, Reed moved up to fourth place behind Dungey and Short on Lap 4. Shortly afterwards, Short made a move on Dungey to overtake the championship leader for second place. Just a few laps later, Dungey came back to retake his second-place position from Short during the eighth lap, and immediately set his sights on Townley for the lead.
Meanwhile, Reed took advantage of Dungey’s pass on Short to begin applying pressure on the Honda rider for third.

Troy Lee Designs Ben Townley finished on the podium once again with a third place overall at RedBud.
TLD’s Ben Townley lead the majority of Moto 1 but went down, knocking him down to fourth.

In a shocking last few laps, Townley’s lead was lost in the soft, loamy sand at Red Bud when he went down in a turn. Dungey successfully made his way around Townley for the lead, but Reed was caught off-guard by Townley’s crash and went down as well. Dungey went on to take the win in Moto 1 followed by Reed, with Short being bumped into the final podium spot. After his fall, Townley quickly got up and managed to salvage a fourth-place result in Moto 1.

“I got held up with the race conditions; if you got off the race line it was really muddy, ” said Reed about his second place in the first moto. “It was frustrating to watch actually. I think Ryan was quite a bit faster than those guys, and think I had some on Ryan. So it was frustrating to watch him try to make passes and not be able to get it done, and likewise for me.”
Dungey snared the holeshot in Moto 2 with Short, Townley and Reed all up front again. After finishing sixth in Moto 1, Grant had a horrible start in the second race and was running 14th at the beginning of the event. In an aggressive move Short made a pass over Dungey, while Reed attacked the #101 bike of Townley for third. After only two laps out front, Short’s lead was brought to a quick end when Dungey catapulted past him on an inside line.
With the top-three riders extremely close, Townley made his way around Short to move up to second with Reed also making the pass on Short for third-place. While in second place Townley made a mistake, giving Reed the upperhand. Halfway into the race, Grant had advanced all the way to eighth from his bad start and was eyeing Alessi in seventh.

Monster Energy Kawasakis Chad Reed rebounded from his off weekend in Colorado with a second overall at RedBud.
Chad Reed snapped out of his funk to go 2-2 for the day. Reedy regained his second place points standing as well.

Meanwhile, Dungey’s lead had expanded to over nine seconds in the last stretch of Moto 2 with Reed still hanging back in second.
After two hard-fought motos Dungey took another double victory in front of Reed, who put in his best performance of the season for second overall. After a tough first moto, Townley took third in Moto 2 and took third place overall while Short took fifth in the second moto and fourth overall. Extending his consistency in the ’10 season was Geico Powersports Honda’s Brett Metcalfe, who took fourth in Moto 2 and a fifth place overall result. Continuing to make the best of his bad start, Grant passed both Alessi and Kyle Regal in Moto 2 to finish sixth overall.

“It was a good to be up-front battling with Chad and Ryan and guys like that,” said Townley about his day. “That’s what I want to be doing, and hiting my stride right now is about what I thought I would be doing.”
450 Motocross Red Bud Results:
1. Ryan Dungey (Suzuki) 1-1
2. Chad Reed (Kawasaki) 2-2
3. Ben Townley (Honda) 4-3
4. Andrew Short (Honda) 3-5
5. Brett Metcalfe (Honda) 5-4
6. Josh Grant (Yamaha) 6-6

A 3-5 moto score put Red Bull Hondas Andrew short in fourth overall for the day at RedBud.
Honda’s Andrew Short went 3-5 to finish fourth at Red Bud. Short is now tied with Townley for fourth in the points.

7. Kyle Regal (Honda) 7-7
8. Ryan Sipes (Yamaha) 8-8
9. Mike Alessi (KTM) 10-9
10. Nicholas Wey (Kawasaki) 9-12
11. Daniel Reardon (Yamaha) 11-11
12. Ben Evans (Kawasaki) 13-16
13. Steven Clarke (Suzuki) 16-14
14. Matt Moss (Suzuki) 15-15
15. Kyle Cunningham (Yamaha) 39-10
450 Motocross Championship Points:
1. Ryan Dungey, 268
2. Chad Reed, 204
3. Brett Metcalfe, 201
4. Ben Townley, 189
5. Andrew Short, 189
6. Josh Grant, 182
7. Mike Alessi, 177
8. Kyle Regal, 122
9. Ryan Sipes, 114
10. Kyle Chisholm, 108
250 Class

A third place overall finish at RedBud allowed Christophe Pourcel to hold onto his point lead over his Pro Circuit teammates.
The Fast Frenchman, Christophe Pourcel, took a convincing win in Moto 1.

Taking the holeshot for the 250s under the hot Michigan sun was current championship leader Christophe Pourcel. Monster Energy Pro Circuit Kawasaki’s Tyla Rattray closely shadowed his teammate in second with the wild child Justin Barcia back in third behind the Pro Circuit duo. Barcia immediately began applying pressure to the back wheel of Rattray, with the Honda rider quickly making a pass on Rattray during the opening lap. Unable to make his pass stick, Rattray took an inside line to regain the lead just a few seconds later.
In the meantime, Pourcel’s lead over the competition began to increase as he started pulling away. As the Frenchman’s lead in the moto grew to more than 13 seconds his Pro Circuit Kawasaki teammate, Dean Wilson, came from seventh-place all the way up to fifth in the final laps.
While defending his sixth-place position from Broc Tickle, Jake Weimer suffered bitter disappointment in Moto 1 when he fell and was pushed him back to 12th.

Dean Wilson battled with Trey Canard in moto two for the win and the overall. Wilson ended up second after an aggressive pass by Canard.
Dean Wilson finshed third in Moto 1, and backed it up with a second in Moto 2.

The Frenchman took his third straight 250 win in what was a start-to-finish victory during Moto 1. Rattray held off the advances of Barcia for the majority of the race to take second. Wilson put in an impressive performance to earn third place ahead of Barcia and make it a 1-2-3 podium sweep for the Pro Circuit Kawasaki team. Battling constantly throughout Moto 1 were Geico Powersports Honda’s Blake Wharton and Tickle, who ended their first moto in sixth and seventh, respectively.

“I had a good start on the first moto. I rode pretty good, and I won,” said the straightforward Pourcel.
In the second moto Wilson took the lead out of Turn 1 with Wharton, Rattray, Barcia and Geico Powersports Honda rider Trey Canard in pursuit. Wharton made an early mistake while in second and immediately dropped to sixth. Shortly after, Canard made quick work of Barcia for third-place while Pourcel struggled to make the pass on Wharton for sixth.
The man on the move, however, was Canard as he made the pass on Rattray for second during Lap 5. With the top-five

A crash in the late stages of moto two cost Tyla Rattray a podium finish at RedBud. Rattray held onto third place in the points.
Kawasaki’s Tyla Rattray hit the dirt in Moto 2, dropping him to 11th place. Rattray ended up 6th overall.

riders bunched together, Canard began his hunt for Wilson, and the two became involved in an intense fight for the lead. After the two exchanged the lead multiple times, Canard made the final pass on the Pro Circuit rider during Lap 11. Trying to catch Wilson in his moment of weakness, Rattray began fighting Wilson for second, but the battle was dramatically cut short when Rattray went down hard on Lap 12.

Canard took a well-deserved Moto 2 victory and the overall win at Red Bud. Wilson finished second with a 3-2 score. Third overall was Pourcel, who struggled slightly in Moto 2 with a fifth-place finish. Barcia and Wharton rounded out the top-five in Michigan with Rattray taking sixth overall after an upsetting Moto 2 in which he finished 11th.

“It feels good to get it,” said Canard about his first overall win outdoors. “Especially at Red Bud in front of all these great fans. I was just pumped.”
250 Motocross Red Bud Results:
1. Trey Canard (Honda) 4-1

Hondas Trey Canard finally got an overall win in the 2010 season at RedBud. Ice-Trey rode a hard fought battle with Dean Wilson for the overall.
Ice-Trey earned his first overall win of the ’10 season ahead of Kawasaki’s Dean WIlson and Christophe Pourcel.

2. Dean Wilson (Kawasaki) 3-2
3. Christophe Pourcel (Kawasaki) 1-5
4. Justin Barcia (Honda) 5-3
5. Blake Wharton (Honda) 6-4
6. Tyla Rattray (Kawasaki) 2-11
7. Broc Tickle (Yamaha) 7-6
8. Jake Weimer (Kawasaki) 11-7
9. Martin Davalos (Yamaha) 10-8
10. Eli Tomac (Honda) 12-9
11. Vince Friese (Yamaha) 14-13
12. Nico Izzi (Yamaha) 9-18
13. Cole Seely (Honda) 13-15
14. Darryn Durham (Honda) 8-20
15. Alex Martin (Honda) 20-10
250 Motocross Championship Points:
1. Christophe Pourcel, 260
2. Dean Wilson, 227
3. Tyla Rattray, 212
4. Trey Canard, 205
5. Broc Tickle, 180
6. Justin Barcia, 176
7. Eli Tomac, 156
8. Blake Wharton, 145
9. Martin Davalos, 132
10. Jake Weimer, 129

Courtesy of MX Pro Sports

MX Sports Pro Racing presents the Rockstar Energy RedBud Highlight Video from Saturday’s Rockstar Energy RedBud National at RedBud in Buchanan, Mich. The largest crowd of the season filled the massive facility with endless chants of “RedBuuuud” while the world’s fastest riders continued to lay it all on the line with the best racing on the planet over Independence Day weekend. Rockstar/Makita Suzuki’s Ryan Dungey once again showed the 2010 championship will go through him by grabbing his fifth consecutive 450 Class victory while fan favorite and perennial front runner Trey Canard finally broke through for his first career 250 Class win for GEICO Powersports Honda. Additionally, the Women’s Motocross Championship competed in its fourth round of the season as defending champion and Michigan native Ashley Fiolek put her Honda Red Bull Racing machine on top of the podium for the first time in 2010.
The video is narrated by NBC and SPEED television host Jason Weigandt and includes racing highlights from the 450, 250 and WMX classes.
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