2011 Harley-Davidson CVO Street Glide

July 27, 2010
Adam Waheed
By Adam Waheed
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The CVO Street Glide retails for  32 499.
The 2011 CVO Street Glide rolls on a new 19-inch Agitator front wheel and has new ventilated fairing lowers that house two speakers of the six speaker audio system.

For motorcyclists looking for a cross between a boulevard cruiser and a full-on touring bike H-D offers its 2011 CVO Street Glide. Approximately 3700 of these hot-rod style baggers will be made at a cost of $32,499.

Similarly to the Electra Glide, the Street Glide incorporates a wide fork-mounted ‘batwing’ fairing that shelters the rider from wind. Attached to the top of the fairing is a small 7-inch smoked wind deflector. The body panels, including the fairing, lowers, speaker housings, and fork protectors are all color-matched to the four available paint schemes. Furthermore, each colorway gets a unique wheel, fuel tank console, and inner fairing finish.

The Street Glide rolls on a one-inch larger, 19-inch diameter front wheel compared to last year’s 18-inch hoop. The wheel retains its 7-spoke Agitator design. Rear wheel diameter remains the same (18-inch). Both wheels feature the same contrast chrome treatment as the Electra Glide.

Of all of the CVO model’s it’s the Street Glide that offers the most attractive color choices. We’re torn between the Kryptonite and Black Diamond and the Black Diamond and Inferno Orange scheme and would be perfectly happy with either parked inside our garage.

Hop onto the Street Glide’s seat and the riding position feels nearly identical to the Electra Glide. While the seat doesn’t feature all the bells and whistles (rider backrest, heated seats) and is a slightly lesser grade in terms construction, it still feels every bit as comfortable during our short stints around Lake Tahoe. The layout of the cockpit and the instrumentation also resembles that of the Electra Glide, however the Street Glide now features an LED fuel gauge built into the fuel tank.

Equally as beautiful is this Black Diamond and  Inferno Orange colorway.
The CVO Street Glide offers a superb combination of power and touring comfort.

Twist the throttle and the Street Glide feels like it has some extra get-up-and-go due in part to its reduced weight compared to the two CVO touring bikes. The sweet sound emitted from the mufflers invites riders to tap into the output of the TC 110, Harley’s most powerful production engine. The transmission shifts between each cog flawlessly and the light action-clutch doesn’t wear out your left arm even when operated in stop-and-go traffic.

On the road the Street Glide offers a slightly more intimate riding experience compared to the Road Glide Ultra or Electra Glide. There is more wind in your face, but it’s never excessive. It also feels like you’re riding closer to the ground. When entering a corner it turns-in easily and feels planted at lean. The tires offer high levels of grip and deliver an adequate amount of road feel for a big cruiser. Available ground clearance is also surprising. The final plus is that it weights almost 90 pounds less than the Electra Glide which makes maneuvering at parking lot speeds more friendly. Its reduced rolling mass also pays dividends in terms of braking.

Like the rest of the touring bikes, the suspension does a marvelous job of sifting through road imperfections. As opposed to air adjustability as used on the other CVO touring models the Street Glide gets hydraulic shocks with the hand adjustable preload knob located behind the left hard case, though we never felt the need to make an adjustment from the stock settings.

Production will be limited to approximately 3700 units of the 2011 CVO Street Glide.
Offering touring capabilities and custom styling, the CVO Street Glide was our favorite custom Harley of 2011.

Storage-wise the Street Glide does away with a top case which helps give it a more urban look. This leaves two hard cases on either side of the motorcycle. Even though the bags do without the internal lighting and electronic locks as used on the more expensive CVO touring bikes, they still work well and might actually be preferable for those who like to keep electronic gizmos to a minimum.

Without question the Street Glide is our favorite CVO model of 2011. It wins in the subjectivity department as the most appealing and comes in the widest assortment of colors. It has a number of useful features like an iPod-compatible stereo and cruise control while doing away with some of the foo-foo electronics that could be considered overkill to some riders. Its combination of comfort, handling and power makes it the total Harley-Davidson CVO package.

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