Low and Mean’s Honda Fury 8 Degree Triple Tree

July 28, 2010
Courtesy of Low and Mean
Low and Mean Honda Fury 8 Degree Triple Tree
Want to give your Honda Fury even more of a chopper stance? Check out Low and Mean’s 8 Degree Billet Triple Trees which will increase your wheelbase by 2.5″ with cutting or welding the frame.

These 8 Degree Billet Triple Trees offered by Low and Mean are a direct replacement that will increase the wheelbase 2.5″ without cutting or welding the motorcycle. The Billet Triple Tree allows for less flex in the suspension, along with the supplied 3″ fork extensions the Honda motorcycle will cut through the wind and handle much better on the highway and look amazing through town or parked at your favorite spot.
An extreme amount of engineering went into the design of these Billet Triple trees to create the most rake and best handling. With superior quality and easy install this product is a must for the guy wanting to stand out at the bar or the next biker rally.

MSRP: $650

Frequently Asked Questions –

Do I have extend my control lines for the 8 Degree Billet Triple Trees?
You only have to extend the front brake line, the other cables are fine at stock length. We do offer complete cable kits if you want all your control

Low and Mean 8 Degree Triple Tree
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cables to match.

Can I install these extenders myself?
Yes, the install is average, but you will need a bike jack and some basic shop tools. On this item we suggest help from a skilled mechanic.

Do these Billet triple trees come chrome or polished?
The Trees come polished and they match excellent with the handlebars and headlight.

How do I clean this product?
Always use a soft cloth and soft cleaning solution like Windex, etc.

Can I still use my steering neck lock?
No, this function will not work with the new triple trees.

Does this kit come with everything I will need?
Yes, this kit comes with everything, besides an extended front brake line.

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