2010 AMA Flat Track Indianapolis Results

August 30, 2010
Matt Davidson
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Danger, adrenaline and competition are what fuel this moto enthusiast. Driven by a spirit for sportsmanship, our racing guru here at MotoUSA can be spotted at finish lines the world over as he delivers the latest battles from the two-wheeled realm.

Bryan Smith and Chris Carr
Bryan Smith (#42) took his first GNC Twins victory after holding-off Chris Carr (#4).

For the first time in his career Monster Energy Kawasaki’s Bryan Smith captured the Motorcycle-Superstore.com Twins Main event at the Indianapolis Mile. After a difficult 25-lap battle, Smith took the win over Lancaster Harley-Davidson/Dallas Fort Worth Honda‘s Chris Carr and Harley-Davidson Motor Company’s Kenny Coolbeth, who finished third, more than two seconds off the pace of Smith.
Carr snatched the early lead at the start of the main from Latus Harley-Davidson’s Joe Kopp, but riders were forced back to the starting line when Stevie Bonsey crashed in Turn 3. Carr once again shot to the front of the pack in the restart, this time ahead of Smith and Zanotti Racing’s Jake Johnson. Six laps into the contest Smith gained the lead position ahead of Carr with Matt Weidman rapidly approaching from behind. As the high line in the track started to recede, however, Weidman lost his edge and quickly fell to the back of the field.
Halfway through the race it was a two-rider battle at the front with Smith and Carr trading positions multiple times. As the event reached its final laps Smith took control. The race ended with Carr just a tenth-of-a-second behind Smith.
“I’ve been dreaming about this all year,” said Smith. “And it wasn’t a nightmare either. I was sure, as soon as we got to these tracks with long straightaways, the Kawasaki’s power would let us finally win one.”
Coolbeth was able to make his way through traffic up to third, but by then the leaders were more than a second ahead of him and there was no drafting available. He finished third behind Smith by 2.398 seconds.
“Once I got up to third I was pushing hard to catch Carr and Smith,” said Coolbeth. “I was hoping they’d get caught up in their own battle and slow each other down. But my bike started to lose power on about Lap 20 and that was it. I guess the factory Harley-Davidson and I both gave it all we had tonight. We’ve just got to stay determined and try to win some races now.”
Off the pace by more than three seconds was fourth-place finisher Johnson. King’s Kustoms rider Sammy Halbert took fifth, followed by Kopp who made a late race charge ahead of Moroney’s 1-800fasthog.com’s P.J. Jacobsen. Defending champ Jared Mees had to settle for eighth after dropping from fourth-place in the field. Weidman and Willie McCoy finished another eight seconds behind in ninth and tenth, respectively.
In the K&N Filter’s Dash for Cash event Carr dominated. Meanwhile, Kopp saw his point total take a hit when he failed to get his Ducati machine started. Halbert and Smith took second and third respectively in the four-lap contest. The top-three finishers earned special edition Nicky Hayden watches.

Chris Carr
Carr (#4) had the early lead after the original race was restarted and eventually finished second to Smith (#42) by 0.139 seconds.

2010 AMA Flat Track Indianapolis Results:
1. Bryan Smith (Kawasaki)
2. Chris Carr (Harley-Davidson)
3. Kenny Coolbeth (Harley-Davidson)
4. Jake Johnson (Harley-Davidson)
5. Sammy Halbert (Harley-Davidson)
6. Joe Kopp (Harley-Davidson)
7. PJ Jacobsen (Harley-Davidson)
8. Jared Mees (Harley-Davidson)
9. Matt Weidman (Harley-Davidson)
10. Willie McCoy (Harley-Davidson)
11. JR Schnabel (Harley-Davidson)
12. Larry Pegram (Ducati)
13. Luke Gough (Harley-Davidson)
14. Brandan Bergen (Harley-Davidson)
15. Rob Pearson (Harley-Davidson)
2010 AMA Grand National Twins Championship Points:
1. Sammy Halbert, 136
2. Jake Johnson, 131
3. Joe Kopp, 129
4. Kenny Coolbeth, 113
5. Jared Mees, 108
6. Chris Carr, 99
7. Bryan Smith, 86
8. Henry Wiles, 75
9. Matt Weidman, 56
10. Rob Pearson, 51

J.D. Beach
J.D. Beach completed his goal of winning the Peoria, Illinois TT and the Indianapolis Mile after taking an impressive victory ahead of Michael Toon and Jeffrey Carver. 

Pro Singles
J.D. Beach set out attempting to win both the Peoria, Illinois TT and the Indianapolis Mile, a goal Beach successfully completed on Sunday in Indiana. The road racer took an impressive victory in the Pro Singles division after leading the final 11 laps of the Motorcycle-Superstore.com Pro Singles main aboard his Red Bull Honda. Price Truck Line / Kennedy Wheels’ Michael Toon took second, with Van’s Yamaha’s Jeffrey Carver occupying the final podium position in third.

Carver’s lead in the Pro Singles Championship continues to increase ahead of Brad Baker, who finished sixth at Indy. Thirty-six points behind Carver in third is James Rispoli.
Stay tuned to MotoUSA.com for Round 13 of AMA Flat Track as the series makes its way to Springfield, Illinois on September 4th.

Pro Singles Indianapolis Results:
1. J.D. Beach (Honda)
2. Michael Toon (Honda)
3. Jeffrey Carver (Yamaha)
4. Mike Avila (Honda)

Pro Singles Podium
Pro Singles Podium at the Indianapolis Mile (left to right:) Michael Toon, J.D. Beach and Jeffrey Carver.

5. James Rispoli (Honda)
6. Brad Baker (Honda)
7. Mike LaBelle (Honda)
8. Zakk Palmer (Honda)
9. Corey Crawford (Honda)
10. Kurtis Lee (Honda)
11. Cody Johncox (Yamaha)
12. Jake Cunningham (Suzuki)
13. William Cato (Honda)
14. Tony Davila (Suzuki)
15. Jake Shoemaker (Suzuki)
2010 AMA Flat Track Pro Singles Championship Points:
1. Jeffery Carver, 227
2. Brad Baker, 196
3. James Rispoli, 160
4. Mike Avila, 143
5. JD Beach, 118
6. Mike LaBelle, 101
7. Mike Martin, 99
8. Chaz Springsteen, 81
9. Jake Shoemaker, 66
10. Michael Toon, 57

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