2010 AMA Flat Track Peoria Results

August 23, 2010
Matt Davidson
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Henry Wiles clenched his sixth straight victory of the 2010 season at Peoria and led all 25 laps of the GNC main.
Henry Wiles clenched his sixth straight victory of the 2010 season at Peoria and led all 25 laps of the GNC main.

Monster Energy Kawasaki’s Henry Wiles put in a crushing performance in Round 11 of the 2010 AMA Pro K&N Filters Grand National Championship. The Michigan rider took his sixth straight victory of the season at the Peoria circuit, outpacing Rogers Lake Racing’s Jared Mees and Sammy Halbert to close in on Chris Carr’s record of eight wins in a row.
Wiles began his day well by posting the quickest time in qualifying and winning the fastest heat. In the Grand National Championship main he led all 25 laps of the contest, and took the win by more than 11 seconds ahead of Mees.
“Today was just one of the days that I think even if I would have gotten a little behind, I could have came through real quick,” said Wiles. “I think we had that much going on today.”
The #21 bike of Mees had a good start heading into the first turn, but it was Wiles who grabbed the holeshot ahead of the field.
“I got the perfect start and that always makes things easier,” Wiles said. “Fortunately the bike ran strong the whole time and there were no issues there mechanically. There were a few times, because the track was a little bit sketchy, the bike was stepping it out or tucking the front a little bit here and there. I kind of wanted to look back just to see how I was doing. I know I had more in reserve and I was just trying to ride a smart race. I wanted to know if someone was there and if I should wick it up a little bit. Fortunately I didn’t have to do that. We just rode a good race.”
Further behind were Johnny Lewis and Zanotti Racing’s Jake Johnson, who were having an excellent battle between themselves when Sammy Halbert made a sneak attack and shot past the two riders. Johnson and Lewis went on to finish fourth and fifth respectively, despite receiving tremendous pressure from Greg Crow Racing’s Shaun Russell late in the race.
Current championship leader Joe Kopp had to fight for seventh-place this round with Bettencourts’ Honda rider Kenney Coolbeth right on his rear wheel in eighth-place. Rounding out the top-10 were Dave Burks Motorsports Mick Kirkness and Carr, who finished ninth and tenth respectively.
In the four-lap Dash for Cash event Wiles had one lap that he didn’t lead thanks to Johnson, but after that the Kawasaki rider quickly took his place at the front and crossed the line by almost a second and a half ahead of Johnson. Mees took third in the event with Kopp and Russell rounding out the top-five finishers.
AMA Flat Track Peoria Results:
1. Henry Wiles (Kawasaki)

AMA Grand National Championship Podium at Peoria  from left to right : Jared Mees  Henry Wiles and Sammy Sweet.
AMA Grand National Championship Podium at Peoria (from left to right): Jared Mees, Henry Wiles and Sammy Halbert.

2. Jared Mees (Honda)
3. Sammy Halbert (Yamaha)
4. Jake Johnson (Honda)
5. Johnny Lewis (Suzuki)
6. Shaun Russell (Honda)
7. Joe Kopp (Honda)
8. Kenny Coolbeth (Honda)
9. Mick Kirkness (Suzuki)
10. Chris Carr (Honda)
11. Bryan Smith (Kawasaki)
12. Matt Weidman (Honda)
13. Luke Gough (Yamaha)
14. Chad Cose (Honda)
15. Ion Stear (Honda)

2010 AMA Flat Track Grand National Championship Points:
1. Joe Kopp, 208
2. Sammy Halbert, 191
3. Jake Johnson, 190
4. Henry Wiles, 188
5. Jared Mees, 187
6. Kenny Coolbeth, 163
7. Chris Carr, 111
8. Bryan Smith, 101
9. Johnny Lewis, 82
10. Rob Pearson, 77

In his return to flat track racing after recovering from road-racing  J.D. Beach captured the victory in Pro Singles at Peoria.
In his first return to flat track racing after recovering from road-racing, J.D. Beach captured the victory in Pro Singles at Peoria.

Pro Singles

In the Motorcycle-Superstore.com Pro Singles event JD Beach experienced a successful return to Flat Track after recovering from his road-racing injuries. The Red Bull Honda rider took over the lead from defending champion Brad Baker after the first lap. Refusing to call it quits, Baker fought his way back into the lead on Lap 10. In the end, however, Baker’s efforts proved too little as Beach once again passed him for the lead with just two laps remaining. Beach went on to take the race win ahead of Baker, followed by current points leader Jeffery Carver in third.

The next round of the Grand National Championship takes place at Indianapolis, IN on August 28th.

Pro Singles Peoria Results:
1. JD Beach (Honda)
2. Brad Baker (Honda)

Pro Singles Podium at Peoria  from left to right : Brad Baker  J.D. Beach and Jeffery Carver.
Pro Singles Podium at Peoria (from left to right): Jeffery Carver, J.D. Beach and Brad Baker.

3. Jeffery Carver (Yamaha)
4. Tyler O’Hara (Honda)
5. William Cato (Honda)
6. Kurtis Lee (Honda)
7. James Rispoli (Honda)
8. Andrew Smith (Honda)
9. Jake Shoemaker (Honda)
10. Mike Avila (Honda)
11. Mike Martin (Honda)
12. Ryan Foster (Honda)
13. Gerit Callies (Honda)
14. Adam Bushman (Honda)
15. Mike LaBelle (Honda)
2010 AMA Flat Track Pro Singles Championship Points:
1. Jeffery Carver, 211
2. Brad Baker, 183
3. James Rispoli, 146
4. Mike Avila, 128
5. Mike Martin, 99
6. JD Beach, 95
7. Mike LaBelle, 89
8. Chaz Springsteen, 81
9. Jake Shoemaker, 62
10. Gerit Callies, 48

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