2010 Loretta Lynn Amateur MX – Thursday

August 6, 2010
JC Hilderbrand
JC Hilderbrand
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Watch the highlights from Day 3 racing in the 2010 Loretta Lynn’s Amateur Championship Video – Thursday.

Humidity in Tennessee can be a killer, but for Thursday’s racing at the Loretta Lynn’s AMA Amateur National Championship, the rain showers that came down were a blessing. Racers and families have been melting under a sweltering heat wave for the first two days, but the precipitation cooled things down to a balmy 75 degrees. The only downside was that the final four motos had to be cancelled due to lightning. Those races will be made up at the start of Friday’s schedule.

51 Stock (7-8) Moto 2

Stilez Robertson holeshot the pack of angry hornets that is the 51 Stock class. He would lead for awhile before Lance Kobusch on the #99 Cobra worked past and inherited the lead. That was no problem for Robertson who finished first in Moto 1 and cruised happily to second place. Kobusch, on the other hand, had a reason for blazing into the lead. The youngster from Missouri notched 40th position in the first outing, so he had something to prove, despite the fact that a title is out of the question.


Race fans are getting all they can handle on the track in Hurricane Mills  TN.
Race fans pack the fence trying to get a glimpse of the Motorcycle-Superstore.com holeshot.

rantt Doolittle finished on the podium in third. Jackson Turpin missed the box by one position, but the Georgia rider is one of the most consistent so far with a 3-4 tally. He might be in the best position to challenge Robertson for the overall victory in the third and final moto. Guage Keith was fifth.

Ethan Mann broke up a Cobra sweep of the top-10 with his eighth place aboard a Polini machine. His finish was much more satisfying than the DNF of Moto 1.

51 Stock (7-8) Moto 2 Results:
1. Lance Kobusch (Cobra) 40-1
2. Stilez Robertson (Cobra) 1-2
3. Grantt Doolittle (Cobra) 9-3
4. Jackson Turpin (Cobra) 3-4
5. Gauge Keith (Cobra) 12-5
6. Grant Harlan (Cobra) 8-6
7. Jack Rogers (Cobra) 4-7
8. Ethan Mann (Polini) DNF-8
9. Parker Mashburn (Cobra) 2-9
10. Carson Mumford (Cobra) 20-10

250 B Stock Moto 2

Moto 1 winner, Kyle Peters, looked well on his way to another victory in the 250 B Stock class, but the Honda rider would have pressure later in the race that was too great. Jeremy Martin pushed forward from the runner-up spot and worked his Suzuki around the right side of the lead Honda. Justin Hill circulated in third but gave up the position to a hard-charging Jessy Nelson. Nelson make an aggressive inside pass on Hill and immediately put a gap on the Suzuki rider, but soon ran into trouble. A crash shortly after while in a three-way battle for the lead would ruin his race with a DNF.

The 250 A Pro Sport division is one of the hottest classes for aspiring professionals.
Every class is stacked with the best talent, but the 250 divisions have a wide spread of ages with youngsters just moving to big bikes and more experienced riders looking to turn professional.

Brad Frace quietly went about the business of putting down the fastest lap of the moto on his Kawasaki. The KX250F pilot from Weatherford, Texas worked his way from down in the pack to second place at the checkers. His 2-2 moto scores currently have him in the lead for the championship while Moto 1 winner, Peters, and Moto 2 winner, Martin, are both struggling with inconsistency.

250 B Stock Moto 2 Results:
1. Jeremy Martin (Suzuki) 9-1
2. Brad Frace (Kawasaki) 2-2
3. Dillan Epstein (Kawasaki) 6-3
4. Justin Hill (Suzuki) 7-4
5. Luke Renzland (Yamaha) 3-5
6. Kyle Peters (Honda) 1-6
7. Zack Williams (Suzuki) 11-7
8. Daniel Herrlein (Yamaha) 12-8
9. Eric Goodson (Kawasaki) 10-9
10. Jarett Pesci (KTM) 13-10

Women (14 Plus) Moto 2

Wednesday it looked like Jennifer Burton could do no wrong, but Thursday spelled disaster for the California Kawasaki rider. Burton started around 10th and worked her way to the tail end of the top-three before going down softly on a right-hander. The small tip-over was enough to cause injury and Burton was tweaked up enough to call it quits for the moto.

Meanwhile, Alexah Pearson was running away out front on her Yamaha. She went unchallenged to the checkers and now has a 2-1 combined score heading into the final moto. Serratia Gonzalez was behind her with Marrissa Markelon

Jennifer Burton won the opening Women  14 plus  moto.
Alexah Pearson (4) didn’t have to chase down the leaders on Thursday. Instead she cruised to an easy victory in the Women (14 Plus) division.

charging her way up the final podium spot after a poor start. Brandee Payne took the Motorcycle-Superstore.com Holeshot Award on her Honda, but would drop to ninth at the end.

Women (14 Plus) Moto 2 Results:
1. Alexah Pearson (Yamaha) 2-1
2. Serratia Gonzalez (Honda) 4-2
3. Marrissa Markelon (Kawasaki) 5-3
4. Brinsley Dyess (Kawasaki) 8-4
5. Kirsten Raemisch (Yamaha) 6-5
6. Erika Cook (Yamaha) 3-6
7. Kasie Creson (Honda) 7-7
8. Sade Allender (Kawasaki) 12-8
9. Brandee Payne (Honda) 10-9
10. Amanda Brown (Honda) 42-10

85 (12-14) Modified Moto 2

This is the oldest class of 85cc riders, meaning these gentlemen are on the cusp of jumping to big bikes, and they know which hand makes the noise. The field took to the track without knowing they would be the last of the day. Jaisaac Sloan nailed the holeshot on his Suzuki and Tyler Kirschner was right behind on another yellow bike. Jordan Smith made it a Suzuki sweep in the podium positions but the yellow freight train didn’t last long before the red flag started waving.

The Tennessee skies were ominously dark with flashes of lightning, prompting race officials to pull riders off the track and out of harm’s way. It started dumping moments later and the rest of the afternoon motos were cancelled.

Other Thursday Results:

450 C – Moto 2 Results:
1. Cody Bristlin (Suzuki)
2. Sean Baxley (Yamaha)
3. Ricky Miller (Honda)

250 A/Pro Sport – Moto 2 Results:
1. Jason Anderson (Kawasaki)
2. Jacob Hayes (Kawasaki)
3. Ian Trettel (Suzuki)

Supermini 2 (13-16) – Moto 2 Results:
1. Jace Owen (Suzuki)
2. Dakota Alix (Kawasaki)
3. Cooper Webb (Honda)

450 B Modified – Moto 2 Results:
1. Chris Plouffe (Honda)
2. Bryce Stewart (Suzuki)
3. Dylan Cox (Kawasaki)

85 (9-11) Modified – Moto 2 Results:
1. Mark Worth (Kawasaki)
2. Austin Forkner (Suzuki)
3. Tristan Charbonneau (Yamaha)

Vet B/C 30 Plus – Moto 2 Results:
1. Stacey Virgin (Kawasaki)
2. Robert Novak (Honda)
3. Steven Nagy (Suzuki)

51 (4-6) AMA 1 Stock – Moto 2 Results:
1. Gaga Linville (Cobra)
2. Vance Stiers (Cobra)
3. Robert Hailer III (Cobra)

51 (4-6) Stock Multi-Speed – Moto 2 Results:
1. Dylan Varn (Honda)
2. Vincent Valente (Honda)
3. Cameron McInerney (Honda)

51 (4-6) Stock Shaft Drive – Moto 2 Results:
1. Gage Pfeiffer (Yamaha)
2. Deacon Kozel (Yamaha)
3. Ryan Pruett (Yamaha)

250 C Stock – Moto 2 Results:
1. Colby Mullins (Kawasaki)
2. Ryan Breece (Yamaha)
3. Jacob Grzebinski (Suzuki)

Schoolboy 2 (13-16) B/C – Moto 2 Results:
1. Jeremy Martin (Suzuki)
2. Jesse Wentland (Yamaha)
3. Joey Savagty (Suzuki)

250 A – Moto 2 Results:
1. Ian Trettel (Suzuki)
2. Gannon Audette (Suzuki)
3. Zackery Freeberg (Kawasaki)

65 (7-9) Stock – Moto 2 Results:
1. Jordan Bailey (KTM)
2. Brock Papi (KTM)
3. Lance Kobusch (KTM)

65 (10-11) Stock – Moto 2 Results:
1. Luke Purther (KTM)
2. Joey Crown (KTM)
3. Jake Pinhancos (KTM)

85 (9-11) Stock – Moto 2 Results:
1. Mark Worth (Kawasaki)
2. Austin Forkner (Suzuki)
3. Tristan Charbonneau (Kawasaki)