2010 Loretta Lynn Amateur MX – Wednesday

August 5, 2010
JC Hilderbrand
JC Hilderbrand
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Wednesday’s racing at Loretta Lynn’s Dude Ranch kicked off the second day of competition for the biggest amateur national championship in the nation. First off the line was the 250 B Stock division and just after lunch the full lineup of classes had all completed their first motos. The day wrapped up with Senior 45 and masters 50 Plus. All riders, young and old, are feeling the effects of the weather with the heat index reaching nearly 111 degrees. Yes, that’s correct, it’s not a typo – 111. That’s ugly.

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Women (14 Plus) Moto 1

Jennifer Burton led the Women (14 Plus) class all the way to the finish, but she didn’t have it easy as the big #4 bike of Alexah Pearson kept her honest the entire moto. Pearson, riding a Yamaha, actually came into contact with the Kawasaki of Burton on one of the track’s bigger jumps. Despite the scary moment, both ladies kept it upright and continued to hammer the throttle, their iconic bibs flapping in the wind. Erika Cook is no stranger to heat and the Texan circulated in third, snaring the final podium spot for Yamaha.

These ladies are the future of women’s motocross. Read

Jennifer Burton won the opening Women  14 plus  moto.
Jennifer Burton held off Alexah Pearson to take the opening Women’s moto.

our feature on the professional circuit in Women’s Motocross: The Next Level.

Women (14 Plus) Moto 1 Results:
1. Jennifer Burton (Kawasaki) 1
2. Alexah Pearson (Yamaha) 2
3. Erika Cook (Yamaha) 3
4. Serratia Gonzalez (Honda) 4
5. Marrissa Markelon (Kawasaki) 5
6. Kirsten Raemisch (Yamaha) 6
7. Kasie Creson (Honda) 7
8. Brinsley Dyess (Kawasaki) 8
9. Brittney Endsley (Yamaha) 9
10. Brandee Payne (Honda) 10

Super Mini (12-15) Moto 1

Cooper Webb is a force to be reckoned with on his Honda CRF150R, claiming two Super Mini victories in as many days. The Red Rider chased down Jace Owen and Dakota Alix and left the Suzuki riders in his wake to claim the victory in Moto 1 of Super Mini (12-15).

Owen had his yellow machine at the front of the pack in the early stages but eventually succumbed to pressure from Alix. Then it was Webb’s turn who immediately set out after Alix. The Honda rider kept his 150R pinned around the outside of a long right-hander to draw even and then snuck up the inside in the following left to take the lead.

Adam Cianiarullo crashed out of the lead in yesterday’s Super Mini (13-16) after working his tail off, and then it was time for his mechanic to start sweating. A blown motor required an entire engine swap, but here’s the problem. An 85cc mill was accidentally spooned into his Kawasaki rather than the allotted 112cc engine, giving the rest of the class a distinct advantage. If that weren’t bad enough, the Team Green star crashed on the opening lap and remounted in dead last. He would finish eighth.

Super Mini (12-15) Moto 1 Results:
1. Cooper Webb (Honda) 1
2. Dakota Alix (Suzuki) 2
3. Jace Owen (Suzuki) 3
4. Daniel Baker (KTM) 4
5. Nick Gaines (Kawasaki) 5
6. Andrew Silverstein (Honda) 6
7. Titan Immel (Yamaha) 7
8. Adam Cianciarulo (Kawasaki) 8
9. Dakota Robins (KTM) 9
10. Alexis Garza (Kawasaki) 10

Jake Pinhancos contests one of the 65 classes aboard his KTM.
Wednesday featured several 65cc classes. Here Jake Pinhancos throws roost on is way to a victory in the 65 (10-11) Stock class.

65 (7-11) Modified Moto 2

Joey Crown put his KTM 65 into the lead early in the second moto of the 65 (7-11) Modified class and was looking to collect another checkered flag. Luke Purther, who finished second to Crown the first time out, had other plans and started chasing down the leader after a mediocre start. Towards the end of the race the two KTM riders battled tooth and nail on their zippy 2-strokes with Purther eventually making an inside move as the course wound back through the trees. There wasn’t much Crown could do in retaliation as his bike started having problems, first bogging badly and then eventually forcing him to stop and give it the once-over. He would eventually finish fourth while Derek Drake and Chase Sexton took the podium positions on a Kawasaki and Cobra, respectively.

Purther is now in solid command of the class with a 2-1 tally, but Crown is still in the running with his 1-4. The final moto on Friday at 1 p.m. will be the deciding factor.

65 (7-11) Modified Moto 2 Results
1. Luke Purther (KTM) 2-1
2. Derek Drake (Kawasaki) DNF-2
3. Chase Sexton (Cobra) 6-3
4. Joey Crown (KTM) 1-4
5. Cameron Cannon (KTM) 5-5
6. Jordan Bailey (KTM) 3-6
7. Austin Mckee (KTM) 4-7
8. Jacob Beaudoin (KTM) 8-8
9. Brock Papi (KTM) 16-9
10. David Milana (KTM) 9-10

250 B Modified Moto 1
Kyle Peters nailed the Motorcycle-Superstore.com holeshot award and used his early jump to lead much of the opening 250 B Modified moto. He would stretch his lead to nearly six seconds aboard his Honda CRF250R machine. Behind him was New Jersey rider Larry McVay Jr, but the Yamaha racer would fall outside the top-10.

Vet 35 Plus Start
As the races keep clicking off, the challenging layout and brutal heat are proving that a good start is key.

Justin Bogle worked his way through a difficult pack to catch the red #11 machine. Perfectly downsiding a step-down gave the Kawi rider enough drive to move into the first position and Peters had nothing for him. Oregon’s Justin Hill would work into the final podium position on his Suzuki RM-Z250, putting him in a solid spot as the week continues. Bryce Stewart and Landon Currier, both Suzuki riders, closed out the top-five.

250 B Modified Moto 1 Results:
1. Justin Bogle (Kawasaki) 1
2. Kyle Peters (Honda) 2
3. Justin Hill (Suzuki) 3
4. Bryce Stewart (Suzuki) 4
5. Landon Currier (Suzuki) 5
6. Jessy Nelson (Honda) 6
7. Tyler Bereman (Yamaha) 7
8. Kory Keylon (Kawasaki) 8
9. Jesse Wentland (Yamaha) 9
10. Zack Williams (Suzuki) 10

Other Wednesday Results

250 B Stock – Moto 1 Results:
1. Kyle Peters (Honda)
2. Brad Frace (Kawasaki)
3. Luke Renzland (Yamaha)

65 (7-9) Stock – Moto 1 Results:
1. Jordan Bailey (KTM)
2. Carter Halpain (KTM)
3. Brock Papi (KTM)

65 (10-11) Stock – Moto 1 Results:
1. Jake Pinhancos (KTM)
2. Joey Crown (KTM)
3. Austin McKee (KTM)

85 (12-14) Modified – Moto 1 Results:
1. Jordon Smith (Suzuki)
2. Steven Gretchen (Suzuki)
3. Jaisaac Sloan (Suzuki)

85 (9-11) Stock – Moto 1 Results:
1. Tristan Charbonneau (Yamaha)
2. Mark Worth (Kawasaki)
3. Austin Forkner (Suzuki)

Senior 40 Plus – Moto 1 Results:
1. Kevin Walker (Yamaha)
2. Doug Dubach (Yamaha)
3. Michael Treadwell (Kawasaki)

250 C Modified – Moto 1 Results:
1. Ryan Breece (Yamaha)
2. Broc Gourley (Kawasaki)
3. Colby Mullins (Kawasaki)

450 A – Moto 1 Results:
1. Jason Anderson (Kawasaki)
2. Austin Howell (Suzuki)
3. Preston Tilford (Yamaha)

College B/C (17-24) – Moto 1 Results:
1. Tyler Bereman (Yamaha)
2. Dylan Cox (Kawasaki)
3. Chris Plouffe (Honda)

Vet 35 Plus – Moto 2 Results:
1. Keith Johnson (Kawasaki)
2. Kevin Walker (Yamaha)
3. Michael Treadwell (Kawasaki)

85 (12-14) Stock – Moto 2 Results:
1. Christopher Alldredge (Yamaha)
2. Jordon Smith (Suzuki)
3. Chase Bell (Kawasaki)

450 B Stock – Moto 2 Results:
1. Justin Bogle (Kawasaki)
2. Joey Peters (Yamaha)
3. Austin Politelli (Yamaha)

450 A/Pro Sport – Moto 2 Results:
1. Gannon Audette (Suzuki)
2. Lowell Spangler (Kawasaki)
3. Robbie Reynard (Yamaha)

65 (7-11) Modified – Moto 2 Results:
1. Luke Purther (KTM)
2. Derek Drake (Kawasaki)
3. Chase Sexton (Cobra)

Girls (12-15) – Moto 2 Results:
1. Brandy Richards (Kawasaki)
2. Christina Older (Honda)
3. Amanda Maheu (Yamaha)

Junior 25 Plus – Moto 2 Results:
1. Robbie Reynard (Suzuki)
2. Brad Smith (Kawasaki)
3. Clark Stiles (Honda)

Schoolboy 1 (12-16) B/C – Moto 2 Results:
1. Colt Nichols (Yamaha)
2. Luke Renzland (Yamaha)
3. Matthew Bisceglia (Yamaha)

Senior 45 Plus – Moto 2 Results:
1. Doug Dubach (Yamaha)
2. Earl May (Kawasaki)
3. Barry McCarty (Kawasaki)

Masters 50 Plus – Moto 2 Results:
1. Matt Tedder Sr. (Kawasaki)
2. Craig Pickett (Honda)
3. Chuck Palmer (Suzuki)

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