2010 Southwick AMA Motocross Preview

August 27, 2010
Justin Dawes
Justin Dawes
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Two weeks ago at Unadilla, one championship race heated up while another moved closer to its obvious conclusion. Now it’s time to shake things up a bit in New England. This weekend the Lucas Oil AMA Pro Motocross Championship jumps into the fastest sandbox in the United States. Moto-X 338 in Southwick, Massachusetts is the only sand track in the 12-race series and usually yields some unexpected results.

Ryan Dungey comes into Round 9 at Unadilla with Seven wins under his belt  and doesnt seem to be fazed by Stewarts return.
Ryan Dungey Could make history this weekend with a rookie sweep of 2010.

The 2010 450-class championship plate in the will be in Ryan Dungey’s hands this weekend if he continues his domination that began at Freestone. RD5 leads the field by 111 points, and an overall win will put him out of reach of Andrew Short and Brett Metcalfe. If he locks it up this weekend, Dungey will have accomplished something that Showtime, Bubba, or even the GOAT haven’t done in their careers. It will be the first time a rookie has won the Supercross and 450 National title. And some still don’t think this guy is legit because Stewart and Villopoto aren’t in the mix? Consistency and endurance are just as important in a champion as all-out speed, and Dungey isn’t slow.

As you might have read earlier on MotoUSA, Stewart is out for the rest of the season. His return to racing at Unadilla didn’t go like many had expected from the fastest man to ever twist the throttle on an MX bike. Problems with bike set-up and a long time away from the heat of competition kept Bubba from attaining the results he is capable of. So JS7 pulled off in the second moto, and decided to spend his time and energy preparing for his assault on the 2011 Supercross title. Now we’ll have to wait till January for the RD5/JS7 showdown.

Newly announced Mtocross des National team member Andrew Short once again put his good starts to use  grabbing a fourth place in Moto 1.
Andrew Short has the holeshot on lock this season. Will it be enough to keep Brett Metcalfe in the rearview?

Even if Dungey takes the title this weekend, there is still some championship drama. Short and Brett Metcalfe are just 14 points apart and every moto is going to count for them all the way to the end. Shorty still has the starts on lock, so Metty has his work cut out for him in the sand of Southwick. Expect to see both of them on the box at least once, if not twice, this Saturday.

Southwick has a way of bringing out some surprise performances and unusual results. Last year Matt Goerke won a moto, and is making his return to the mix this weekend. Although unlikely, don’t count him out for a podium finish. Another rider that could shake it up is the Junkyard Dog, John Dowd. Last year Dowd finished second in Moto 2 behind Georke and took third overall. Although he’s 20 years older than most of competitors, don’t count out New England’s prodigal son of Moto-X 338.

Going into Unadilla, the 250 championship was Christophe Pourcel’s to lose, and a massive digger in Moto 1 looked like it was a possibility. The Frenchman left the moto with a DNF cutting his lead to only 13 points. In Moto 2 he rallied and took the win after chasing down Trey Canard. He now has 16 points on the GEICO rider, and it looks like this thing is going to go down to the wire. Last year Southwick cost Pourcel the championship, doubling his drive to take the win this weekend.

Canard’s performance at Moto-X 338 can’t be based on past performances; he hasn’t turned a lap here due to injuries in 2008 and 2009. He’s got momentum, however, and has his sights set on a championship. Don’t expect the recently named Team USA member to take it easy on Pourcel this weekend; he’s going to lean on the current point leader hard. Ice-Trey has been known to show some muscle when the

Christophe Pourcel salvaged as many points as he could after his DNF in moto one by chasing down Trey Canard for the win in Moto 2.
The championship race got a whole lot closer at Unadilla. Will Canard continue to put the heat on Pourcel all the way to the end?

situation calls for it, and we might see more bar banging action from those two than Dean Wilson and Justin Barcia.
Speaking of Wilson and Barcia, the two tangled at Unadilla with the Kawasaki rider getting the short end of the stick. Wilson was clearly not impressed with the Wild Child’s passing methods, and Barcia was unapologetic. If these guys get near each other on the track, get out your cameras and keep you finger on the record button at home.

The weather is forecasted to be sunny with temps in the low- to mid-80s; it’s going to be another beautiful day for racing. Stay tuned to MotoUSA for all the racing action from Southwick, and if you haven’t made your picks in the fantasy league you’d better get on it!

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