AGV Sport Moda Ladies Leather Jacket Review

Bryan Harley | August 3, 2010
By Angie & Bryan Harley

AGV Sport Womens Moda Perforated Leather Jacket
The AGV Sport Moda Ladies Perforated Leather Jacket is made of supple top grain leather, has soft armor in the elbows, shoulders and back and has thousands of tiny perforations to increase airflow on hot, summer rides.
AGV Sport Moda Leather Jacket

Should have seen the strange looks from my co-workers when I told them my next product review would be on a ladies motorcycle jacket. You’d have thought I just confessed to being a coming out-of-the-closet cross-dresser. No, I wasn’t wearing the AGV Sport Moda Ladies Perforated Leather Jacket, my lovely wife was. And from a strictly biased, male chauvinist opinion, she looks hot in it. It shows off her curves well, tight in the waist, snug up top and squared-off nicely in the shoulders without looking like she’s wearing shoulder pads. But since she’s the one who has been sporting it the last couple of months, I’ll let her provide a little insight about the jacket beyond how it looks on her.
The AGV Sport Women’s Moda Perforated Jacket has attractive, feminine styling without being over-the-top girlie. It’s versatile enough to wear for street and touring rides. I like the way it tapers in at the waist and the overall fit is snug and helps seal in body heat. The armor padding is comfortably placed and I didn’t notice them while riding but appreciate the safety they provide. I liked the fact that it doesn’t lift up in the back when leaning forward because the jacket has an extended flap that lays flat on the lower back. Sizing’s a touch small because the Moda in medium is a little smaller than comparable medium jackets.

The jacket has perforated panels that run the length of the front, run under the arms to the back, and on the sleeves. The largest front panel overlaps which cuts into the airflow, so I unzipped the forearm to increase air flow up the sleeve. It wasn’t too bad in the heat, but some zippered vents running up the side would have been a nice touch. It does provide good warmth during cooler evenings. I like the extra neoprene pad around the collar that insulates the back of the neck and supports my helmet at times.

It’s no mystery that girls like to carry a lot of stuff with them and the AGV Sport Moda Ladies Perforated Leather Jacket has plenty of pockets. There are two front hand warmer pockets that are a touch bigger than fist-sized, inside the jacket are horizontal and vertical pockets and the left inside pocket is deep enough for a pair of sunglasses, and it has a cool waterproof media pocket that’s perfect for my cell phone or iPod. AGV was even clever enough to include a little tab in the liner that holds my earphone wiring in place.

The jacket required a few rides before the leather started to soften up and conform to the shape of my body. The arms are pre-curved, which expedites the break-in process. Its soft grain top leather is thicker in areas like the elbows and shoulders which makes me feel protected against road rash. The padding in the shoulders, elbows and back adds to my sense of security and I like that I can pull out the CE-approved protectors if I want. The jacket has a full mesh liner that’s soft against my skin but isn’t removable for cleaning.

Small zip pulls help me get the jacket fastened with gloved hands. The zipper system works well and its quality stitching shows no signs of wear after months of use. I’ve been testing the black leather jacket with the fuchsia trim on the collar, sides, chest and sleeves. The splash of color breaks up the black and has 3M reflective piping that makes me more visible at night. The final feature that I like is its waist connection zipper in the back so I can attach my riding pants if I know I’m going for a long ride.

I love the jacket’s snug fit and attractive styling. It offers a decent amount of protection in its combination of durable leather and strategically placed padding. Even though its perforated, it could use a couple more zippable vents for really hot days. I definitely think it’s worth the $249 sticker price.

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AGV Sport Moda Ladies Perforated Leather Jacket – $249

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